The Rear Window


My story is very improbable. And even I never expected that it will take shape the way it has, and so soon. I am basically from Chennai, but am currently working in Kolkata. Kolkata, for a city is no one’s dream. It’s large but unclean, good infrastructure but not maintained at all. I came here in Feb this year and have been ‘tasting’ Kolkata for the past few months now. I recently took up a flat in an area called Rashbehari. I had heard that it’s a plush and posh locality, but my expectations were shattered. The area is definitely good when compared to the other dingy streets of Kolkata, but nothing great. The flat belongs to my dad’s 2nd cousin and hence I got a lot of furnishing along with the house. A large bed, a dining table, almirahs etc. But amongst all this I never knew that I got something else as well. A great neighbour. Shutashrubha. Quite a name! I always got stuck pronouncing it. Her full name is Shutashrubha Dey, and the Dey part was never my worry. Her husband was a timid fellow. Very timid! Although he works in some semi govt firm as a Manager, I doubt he would have raised his voice ever at office. He speaks so mildly, it sounds like a whisper. And I eventually end up saying “Sorry..?” every time like Javed Jaffrey. But the guy is very knowledgeable. You can discuss many a topics with him. Except for one. Sex! You say that word, and he goes “Issshhh….”. Wonder if he was copying Madhuri Dixit of Devdas (or was it Aishwarya of Devdas?). Never mind. The fact that I’ve already used two examples of movies is that I am quite a movie buff. And the best part is that I am a loner. I can watch movies alone. All alone!
So when I moved in to this house, the Deys were quite helpful. Their parents stay in some Durgapur (which is some 6 hrs by train I guess). So their’s is a nuclear family, with a bomb in place!!! Ha Ha. Yes guys Shru…ta…shru…bha…. Fuck It, I call her Soo, is quite a feast for your eyes. I made out that bong girls are that way. Glowing, radiant skin, fair complexion (mostly), and of course a great build. They are very upright on their spine. They walk erect like ostriches!

All this observation because I travel by Metro. Its quite convenient, and that too for bachelors like me… its verrry convenient. You can treat your eyes I mean. Get in through the middle door of any compartment (middle rows are reserved for ladies) and keep banging unknowingly into girls, babes, ladies, aunties or grannies (depending on your taste). I sound like a true Madrasi pervert na? You are right! I am… But I am a very reserved guy when it comes to talking or interacting with women. My halo comes up over my head immediately! I become a saint. And I am an Iyer, so my complexion is also good, and I look more like your chocolate guy. The type, girls drool on!
Srinjon (that’s Mr.Dey) and Soo both work for the same organisation. And as expected, Soo is at a better position that him. Quite obviously, she would have got paid for her looks. If his boss was like me, she would have been earning double. With a lot of midnight allowances!!! Ok, so Soo and Srinjon and me, all have the same common Metro station, Park Street. So one day Srinjon casually invited me to join them while travelling to work, and could I refuse? My one eye was on Soo and I said “Yes, why not Srinjon? Its always good to have company”. The journey is like 15 mins and you actually might get bored travelling alone every day. So, the first day we travelled together, we were generally chatting about Kolkata, and comparing it to Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. The talks slowly but gradually drifted towards night life in Kolkata, and to my surprise, Soo took over. She started speaking from her heart. She was trying to push the point that “Hey, we Bong girls know how to party too!” And me coming from a Zero night life city like Chennai, was pretty impressed by her graphic expalanation of pubs and hangouts here. Just then, one girl passed us, wearing a piercing on her brows. I was a bit shocked to see that, that too in Kolkata! I looked at Srinjon and who was almost trying to hide his face in his shoulder bag. “Shy eh?” I commented naughtily and nudged his shoulder with my elbow. Soo smiled. She said, “Inki life mein to shayad inki maa aur mere alaawa aur koi ladki hi nahi hai.” I came into my naughty form. And believe it works on girls! I said “Aisa tum sochti ho, apna Srinjon itna bhi seedha nahi hai”. That’s it, the lady burst into laughter. And she laughed and laughed and laughed. And she has this very giggly laugh, where she pauses every now and then. Hi…Hi…Hi…….. Hi… Hi…Hi….. And all 3 of us, reached office laughing and pulling each other’s, especially Srinjon’s leg. That day is still very fresh in my memory. Mainly for the fact that I came to know that Soo is the lioness and Mr.Dey is the Bakra at home.

Days passed and we grew close. We shared a lot of personal matters. My apartment is a 2BHK, and I stay put in one room majorly, where my cot and A/C is. The second room is more or less empty. Just that the maid cleans it everyday, otherwise I hardly use it. Now, on one day, I realised that the Deys’ bedroom, faces that room. So actually my window and theirs is separated only by about 15 feet, with nothing in between!!! That was the first day I got a thought of actually peeping into people’s house. I took a good look at the entire apartment. All floors, top to bottom. I found one girl drying clothes on the 3rd floor (2 floors above me). But nothing majorly interesting. The interesting part came to me as a gift. One day I stepped out of my bedroom at about 10pm and wanted to fetch some water from the fridge. So naturally, the lights in the rest of the house were off. I put the kitchen light on and opened the fridge. I could suddenly hear Soo’s voice. She has a very shrill voice. Something that you can hear even if you are deaf. I turned back (the lights were still off) and I saw Soo walk into the bedroom with Srinjon and they were smiling on something and discussing.

Oh, one more thing. Bengalis typically have a habit of keeping their windows and curtains open all the time. This is not only in my flat, but I’ve observed it elsewhere too. They just work with lights. Switch off the lights to change, then switch it on. That is the usual practice. The same thing happened that day too. I saw Soo pushing Srinjon out of the room and I guess told him that she wanted to change. I wonder why she did that to her own hubby? And then she put off the lights. Since my house was completely dark, she could not see anything in my house. But I could get a panoramic view of a Nuclear Bong. Hey that’s a nice name, Nuclear Bong. The lights in the apartment adjacent to Soo’s flat were on, so still her room was not completely dark. I could see her silhouette when changing clothes. I saw her body and I lost my senses. Man, she is hotttt. She had a perfect curvaceous body. She should be 5’8” and that’s quite a lot! Her hair is permed, and she wears good amount of makeup to office. So even that day, she was all decked up. I think she had just come back from work. God knows! Semi Govt firm, aur itna kaam? Leave that aside. She pulled off her Kurta and had her gown ready on the bed. But for some reason she stopped. I took a gulp, thinking she might have spotted me. To my horror, she started walking towards the window. She peeped out of the window and her eyes starting scanning the locality. I was smiling on the fact that, one she had not spotted me, and second, why the hell do Bengalis not draw the curtains?? Its simpler you see. Privacy to do what you want, rather than switching off lights and being insecure that no ones’s watching you. But in this case, one pervert was!!! Moi! I stood still and tried hard to notice her every move. She went back near her bed and the light started falling on her lovely body again. That’s when I made out that she was only in her Bra and Panties. My god! My shaft would have knocked off some utensils in the kitchen. It was so hard and swinging like crazy. To my despair, she was wearing some dark undergarments, and my view was impaired. I was screaming in my mind, “Put the goddamn lights on now!!!” Suddenly a dim light went on. I could see much clearly now. It was a night lamp I guess, and I thanked Edison a hundred times in my mind. He had actually unknowingly enlightened my life in that moment. I saw that Soo was in her nightie. A simple, cotton nightie. Ya. With Srinjon around, I expected no lacy stuff. She took her formal clothes and dumped it in a bin. And then she moved across the room. Suddenly she was out of sight. I immediately rushed out of the kitchen and went into my 2nd room. I could see her now. Right in front of me. And the best part? She could not see even a glimpse of me, even if she pressed her eyes against her window. Soo then opened the latch and stepped out of the room. End of Slide Show!!! Bloody hell. It was actually a K.L.P.D. in the true sense of it. I then thought of mixing a drink and sitting in the room itself, waiting for the show to resume. But in vain. I could hear the TV going on, so I made out that atleast nothing is going to happen for the next half an hour.

I sat with my Rum and Coke and finished a quarter. But still no sign. It was 11 almost. I could not wait any longer, so I cursed the gods and went back to my room. “Goodnight Soo!” I said, in a low and depressed voice and crawled back to my bed. One more trait. Bengalis eat and sleep quite late. If this was Chennai, my parents would have had dinner by 8, finished their favourite soaps on TV and would be on bed by 9:30. I generally sleep by about 11pm. And it was that time tonight too. I was trying hard to sleep. Turned to one side, then another, but couldn’t get any sleep. Her bare body was in front of my eyes. I kept dazing at the ceiling for some time, and then closed my eyes and started counting till 100. Kiddish! But you have a good chance of falling asleep trying this age old method. I might have slept for 30 odd mins, when I was bit by a mosquito. It woke me up. I cursed the bloody mosquito will all the swear words and vent my frustration for that night. Then out of grave curiosity I wanted to peep through the glory window again. Expecting a miracle to happen. I again waited in the adjacent room for 15 more mins waiting for the girl of my dreams (literally). But the heavens didn’t anything worthy in store for me that day.

That night passed with great difficulty and the next day we were together in the Metro again. I was looking at her with pleading eyes, which wanted to say, “Why do you watch so much of TV?” We reached office and then my regular schedule took the rest of my day. I came back home that day at about 9. My dinner was ready. I have a cook, who prepares food for me. I chomped off the rotis and ghughni (Bengali Chhole), and went back to my bedroom. But hey, how could I not peep into the glorious window, which though short-lived, but gave me a wonderful experience. I went to the other room and was stunned to look at the sight in front of my eyes. She was changing again! What timing?!! And this time, she had left the little Edison light on. I was lucky enough. So then she pulled off her tight top. Her tee was so small, it almost looked like a tank top. And her boobs, like most bongs were shapely and firm. More like Ayesha Takia. Soo stopped midway, as she had forgot to remove her large earrings, which might hurt if you a rip a tee off your body. That meant that she had her Tee over her boobs and below her armpits. I could see her purple bra clearly. I actually slumped to my knees like a filmi hero looking at this sight. I had never seen such a beauty from so close in her undergarments.

She removed her earrings and carefully kept them in her vanity. She then realised her incomplete tee job. She thumped her forehead with her palm, indicating “What a moron I am!” and then removed her tee shirt. But I on the other hand was thanking my stars that her earrings came in between! She then pulled down her tight trousers, and there you have…the ninth wonder of the world. She…was…awesome…! Her shoulder long hair was falling on her boobs when she was skipping and trying to balance herself while removing that right leg of her trouser. She fumbled and held the headrest of her bed to gain support. This gave her boobs a nice jiggle, and I watched it all with dropping jaws. I unknowingly went closer to window to have a close look, and then something happened that was definitely not called for. A car which was turning away from our basement, put it headlights on! Bastard!!! The entire focus was on me, and to my bad luck, Soo looked up! She immediately saw me with an open mouth. Ha Ha. I would have looked so stupid. But I was not worried. I immediately put my hands to window pane and pulled out whatever I could find. So there I was, caught peeping into a girl’s bedroom with a can of Insect repellent in my hand!!! Soo had recognised me by this time. And I had no option but to raise my hand with the can and give her a sheepish smile with a nod of my head. I knew, this could mean the end of the world for me. Getting caught in this fashion was completely new to me . I just gave a lip movement signalling “Hi!” and pointed to the can indicating that “I was just ‘Hit’ting some mosquitoes around.” I was imagining a slipper in her hand which would have flew towards me like a meteor. Right on my face! Fatak!

But things were not to be that way. Soo actually returned my Hi with a polite “Hi”. That was it! I lost it completely. I, in no way expected a girl in a city like Kolkata to respond being spied with a “Hi”. I mustered some confidence and put up my other hand and signalled that she was looking very pretty. She moved closer to the window and stroke a naughty pose. Like a nudge, that fashion models do just before turning from the tip of the ramp. A loose shake of the shoulders, and crossing of the legs like a spider, and that smirk on your face. I was in a dream world. I cleared my throat just to make sure that I was awake and not dreaming. She saw that gave a million dollar smile. I was just not able to make out what was happening to me. Things were happening so fast and my every act was extempore. I shook my head in disbelief. (This was more to show her my halo, remember. Just to make her believe that I am a seedha-saada guy.) I walked back a few paces so as to completely move away from any light falling on me. I was again in the darker part of the room. I kept staring at her. She by now had wore that stupid cotton nightie and went to unlatch the door. For no reason which can be logical, she turned back towards my window, just to ensure if I was still watching. But she could not see me. And I could see her nod her head possibly thinking “Silly boy!”
How could a girl pass such signals to a guy who she doesn’t know much, and whom she caught spying? Well, almost caught spying! It did not take me long to utter only one word “Srinjon!” I could imagine her being distraught, sex hungry and appalled by her husband’s poor performance on bed. Well. This was just my imagination. The story could have been different. But I was more keen on declaring myself a hero and as the main cause of her acts.
The next day in Metro, she didn’t utter a word. She behaved completely normal and greeted me with the same smiles as earlier. I was confused. But not for long. We were stepping out of Park Street station, and because of heavy crowd we had to stand one behind other in the escalator. So Srinjoy first. Two steps below him was Soo, and just a step behind was me. She just bent over and looking at an opportunity, uttered “So, the guy from Chennai is interested in Bong girls of his locality?” I was taken by surprise. I didn’t know how to react. Whether to laugh it off, saying “Ya” or to pass an intelligent, naughty comment on her question. I was to say “You people are beautiful”, but it went “You…” Ahem (cleared my throat) “…are beautiful”. She passed a wonderous smile. As if I was the first guy in her life to have said this to her.
She replied with an amazed, yet polite “Thank you”. I welcomed her, but then it immediately struck me that I had actually complemented her directly. I was a little red-cheeked on this. She continued, “I am sure you would have enjoyed what you saw yesterday.” I was zapped! Speechless, I continued on the escalator and out of the station. The entire walk to our offices, I would just look at her from the side of my eye, and then turn my head to her and smile. She said again “You seem to be nervous about something”. I could see her opening up. But guys, don’t forget the Halo on my head when I’m talking to ladies. I nodded in refusal, and kept walking. I reached office and then, the whole first half of the day, I could not concentrate on work. Her thoughts were hitting my head like shots of Vodka.
It was around 3pm, when I was having lunch in the cafeteria (I have late lunches) watching TV, when Srinjon’s number flashed on my cell. I am a very sceptical guy. Immediately my thought process went that she would have discussed yesterday’s happenings and this guy was calling me to warn me of such things. But then it was Srinjon! The timid fellow, who doesn’t even raise his voice against cabbies. “Hello” he said in a typical Bengali tone. “I was thinking…we were thinking of going for a movie tonight. Kambakht Ishq dekha hai?” I replied with a no. “Would you like to join us? We can have some fun together.” I was no one to refuse. I immediately obliged and we planned the 9:45 pm show. We went to the mall on EM bypass. I think it is called Hiland Park. The movie was nothing great, but I enjoyed their company. The movie got over at 12:40, and by the time we were on the way back, it was 1 am. They have a Hyundai i10 and we had a fun ride till the worst happened. Tyre punctured! We were in middle of the bypass, with minimal traffic and dim light on the road. When I asked about the Stepney, he told that unfortunately it was not inflated. So we had no other choice but getting some help.

Srinjon said that his friend was a mechanic and his shop was near Kasba somewhere. I knew least about the areas in Kolkata and I nodded as if I followed. Srinjon said that he will find some help, but since it was late, he asked me to take a cab and take his wife home. I told him that he could be stranded alone, but he said that he will get it repaired, and most importantly the road was not safe for ladies in the late hours. After a lot of talks and persuasion, he called his mechanic friend and he confirmed that he would come there in an hour. Srinjon then said something in Bengali to Soo and kissed her on her forehead. I was imagining him saying “Jaao, tumhare liye yehi theek hai. Maine tumhe zindagi mein koi khushiyaan nahi di, but he will keep you happy.” Oh I am so filmy. Ignore that. Srinjon then got us a cab and he guided the cabbie to our house. We asked him to take care and keep calling and we left from that place. In about 5 mins, Ms.Bomb turned to me and gave me a blank naughty look. I was plain confused. She then had a smirk on her face and asked “Are you not getting ideas?” I went “What kind of ideas?” I could guess where she was coming to, but the Halo guys. I maintained my cool, although the temperature in my pants shot to 108F almost. She continued “Itne bhi bhole mat bano”. Then I shrugged my shoulders and gave her an expression that I still couldn’t get it. We were all alone for the couple of hours atleast and had no inhibitions. Atleast I didn’t.
She did something that I never expected of a bharathiya naari. She pulled my head violently towards her chest and placed my face on her boobs. I was on seventh heaven. I just could not believe myself and just felt the tenderness of her boobs. They were soft and round and like little cushions fixed on her. I pulled out my head immediately and pointed towards the cab guy who might just turn back any moment and enjoy the entire episode. She agreed and we then just continued to stare at each other. Top… to bottom. Or maybe I am wrong. I was staring at her Top, and she was staring at my Bottom!!! My rod was errrrect and was trying to pop out of my khakis that I was wearing. She just smiled looking at it and gave an expression “Well, that’s interesting?!!”
By now, I had quit thinking about all matters of logic and good behaviour and was completely sure on what she wanted. Of-course, I also knew what I wanted! So the rest of the cab journey went with us doing the blue sketch of the things to happen. She rolled her fingers over her ear to tuck her flowing hair and was looking out of the window. She looked so pretty at that moment. And sexy too! In some time, we reached home. I paid off the cabbie, and we both walked towards the staircase. Suddenly her phone rang and she started speaking in Bengali again. I could make out it was Srinjon and asked her to tell him that we had reached safely. She did and gave me a thank you smile. She hung up and then told me that Srinjon’s friend was there already, and they would get the car ready by morning. Srinjon will also be staying back at his friend’s place as it was too late. I wanted to re-confirm what I just heard. Srinjon…was not….coming home???????? I had an expression of achievement on my face and Soo was good at reading that. She shook her head confirming the news and gave me a hug. I was speechless for a moment. I just stood like a statue. Then after about 10 secs I realised and put my arms around her waist. We both were in that position for about 30 secs. Swinging our hips a bit, as if this was bound to happen and that she was celebrating her infidelity.

I asked the clich?d Hollywood-ish dialogue, “Your place or mine?” And she laughed. “How does it matter?” Now I was in full form and had no inhibitions. I said “Just wanted to check where you wanted to wake up tomorrow morning” She gave me a “Hauw!!!” and punched me slowly with the bottom of her fist on my chest. I gave her a smile and invited her to my house. Luckily my maid had set up the house the same morning and was looking decent to say the least. I have put up some nice hand paintings in the living area and those were well complemented with yellow lighting. She was impressed by my choice of furniture and sense of colours and design. I thanked her and flung the keys on the table. I said “So here we are! Hope you liked the mating place…oops meeting place” She was overwhelmed but my openness, and tapped on my shoulders and said “So you already made your plans, huh?”
I asked her if she would like to freshen up, but she refused and continued glancing around my house. She also went into my 2nd room and stood there for a moment. I stepped in with a bottle of chilled water and asked her what she as looking at, even though I knew the answer. “So you had a Vantage Point that day.” “I stooped closer to her and whispered, “You made it look that way”. She turned around and gave me a peck on my lips and put her arms slowly around my shoulders. She stared into my eyes, then stared towards my lips and gave another peck. Then another peck, and finally we ended up smooching. She extended her tongue and explored my mouth’s geographies. I returned the favour and we were lip-locked for quite a while. This was my first experience of passionate kissing. She went on and on, and I slowly got the idea of the style that she loved. She liked sucking my tongue and then moving her head away and then licking my lips with hers in one motion, while moving her head upwards. I did that a couple of times, and she gasped heavily. As if I had made her cum. But seriously, I had no idea of how a woman would achieve her climax and how would she express it. I was just hoping that she doesn’t get annoyed with an amateur like me.
I put my right hand around her waist, pulled her and guided her to my room. I had put the AC on when we entered the house, so when we stepped in, there was this pleasant difference in temperature, and she seemed to love it. She gave a gasp and drew air in her and said “This is lovely” “You have kept your house well”.

I gave her an answer out of the encyclopaedia. “I will keep you well tonight”. I bit my tongue, not for being overly bold, but for the grammar that I used. Silly sentence, but she liked it. I sprung onto the large bed of mine and asked candidly “Why don’t you join me in this joy ride. The train will stop whenever and wherever you want. So you can take time and explore your fantasies.” She uttered something so abrupt that I couldn’t believe what I heard, “Fuck You! Fuck You Man! You are good.” She sounded like a Vegas whore who has tried 34 men and was judging me that I was good. I burst into laughter and said “You haven’t even opened the wrapper” “Come lick me, I am better than you think”. She jumped on to me and started behaving like wild cat. “So you are huh? I will find that out, you chocolate boy” My prick couldn’t take any longer. It was pressing against my khakis and was paining. I put my hand on it and adjusted it. She asked immediately “So you have got something to show me that would be appealing”

I hadn’t had such a hard on in my life. I was not able to bear the pleasure and the pain. I rushed to the loo and pulled out my dong. My nerves were bulging out and my pricky was looking like a bodybuilder’s well toned bisceps. I had forgot to latch the door and Soo walked in with naughty smile on her face. She came from behind me and grabbed by dick in her soft hands. “Your brother can be fined for riding without a license”. I kissed her from above my shoulders turning back and said “Will I get a free license please?” She replied “You ass, can’t you see the license all in me?”

She was good at using swear words. But she never sounded like a whore. I asked her to give me a moment, but she refused childishly. She grabbed by prick again and started moving my foreskin back and forth. I was slumping and trying to gain my balance somehow. Man, a girl was giving me a shag in my own bathroom. Her boobs were pressing against my back and her hands were so soft that I came in a few strokes. I splashed the cum on the commode seat which was kept open. She muttered “Control, baby”. I said “You are not letting me to”.

She was my mistress for the night. She was giving me orders. She then challenged me if I could satisfy her completely. I said I could fuck the glory out her. She gave me “Huh, let’s see” and walked into the bedroom. I walked in after her and hugged her lying on the bed. I put my legs around her thighs and crushed them hard. She moaned and smooched me again. I rubbed my legs on her thighs, up and down, back and forth, and she kept moaning. I kept kissing and licking her. Then I slowly reached her ear and bit her mildly. She moaned with a shudder! I asked her if she was okay and she said that no one had did that to her ever. I gave her a naughty smile and asked “What do you mean by no one? How many have you tried?” She sheepishly replied that she was in a serious relationship before marriage and there were 2 guys in her life apart from me, one being her husband.

I gave her a look of astonishment but continued kissing her on her ears. She came just by that! But the only funny part was that she used to coo in her shrill voice before cumming. An “Ooooooohhhhh….ssssssss” It was quite funny and sounded weird. I controlled my laughter and thought that I should respect her enjoyment. If people can sneeze in different funny ways, why can’t women cum the way they want? I then placed my face over her boobs and said “Ohhh this is heaven!” She said “It is all yours for the night, handsome.” I slowly licked her boobs and bit her flesh with my front teeth. She moaned and pressed my face against her bust. She was so full, and her bust was just short of being called giant. I kissed and sucked her tits slowly pulling down her wide shouldered tee. She seemed to be enjoying it. But hell, I was in heaven.

Our foreplay continued for some time before I put my hand on her crotch. She moaned and clutched my shoulder with her right hand and said “Oooohh… I might come”. She came in a moment and we lay for a while. After some time, she jumped back on her knees and said “Enough is enough!” and she stripped my frenchie. I was so turned on by her wild behaviour that my dick refused to go soft during the entire act. She yelled “Wooow” and held my dick. “That is soooo huge”. I was shocked. I never counted my dick as being huuuuge atleast. I knew that it was above normal, but not a gigantic pole. I candidly asked her if she was actually surprised or was just trying to please me. She yelled back “You know, this is the biggest instrument I have seen even in my dreams. Fuck! This will rip my cunt apart.”
I didn’t say anything and bent forward towards her crotch and slid my 2 fingers in her pussy. She moaned loudly. I didn’t stop and started finger-fucking her. She was slowly gyrating to match my rhythm. Then I slid 3 and I realised, this is a super cunt and can take more. I made a fist and slowly slid it entirely in her cunt. Boss, there is something wrong. I had seen these kind of insertions only on the net, but she was taking MY ENTIRE FIST with ease. Suddenly I felt a splat on my fist. She came again! Boy was she enjoying or what! She whispered “I want the real thing now” “I asked “What?” and she said “Push your dick deep in me. Rip it apart!”

I placed the tip of my fully erect brother on her cunt and slowly slid it in. No problem. It went in like a hot knife through butter! Her hole was so big, that my 8 incher looked pigmy in it. I told her, “How do you like my…uh… instrument?” She replied “This is big….uh….really big. I have never imagined that you would have a barrel in you. But sweetheart, don’t be so slow and gentle. I am not getting a feel of the thrust that you thing can generate. You have a giant, plug my hole and fuck me hard.” At first I was very gentle in my movements, but slowly she put both her hands on my butt and started stroking me herself. Man, she was powerful! I could not resist, even with moderate strength. I could see her fluffy bisceps tighten up every time she thrusted. I was enjoying that scene. She was enormously dominant. She thrusted me as if I was a dildo in her hands. And she was yelling those magical words “Faster, Harder, Stronger”. I was imagining myself participating in the Olympics “Spiritius, Altius, Fortius” I gave it all that I had. I stopped thinking of her as a tender cucumber, and humped her like a man. The thump was so strong, it was clanging our bodies with a “Thup” every time. And she was smiling in ecstasy. I was wondering that what kind of stamina would females have to take that kind of humping!!! It was sex and power worship for me at the same time.

We fucked each other for a long long time before I came in her (each other, yeah that’s true. Most of the time, I was getting fucked by a 5’8” 130 lbs Bong superwoman!!). When we were drained out, she lied in my arms and said “Thank you”. I said “But I thought Godzilla was still hungry. You raped my genes out!!!”

She smiled and apologised “I am sorry if I got carried away and went wild. Actually I was enjoying this session so much, that I wanted the world in it! You were so good. I am sure you would have had a few encounters before this, else you couldn’t do it so well.” I gently patted on her cheeks and smiled and said “Lady, you fucked a virgin out of his head”. She said “Don’t make feel as if I am a strong and muscular lady. I love your embrace in all its tenderness. Actually Srinjon…” I smiled as if I knew all she was about to say. She continued “Srinjon is so timid, that he shies away even if I caress him unaware. He runs away saying “Isshhh…kee korchish tui…” “And he wants the lights completely off when we make love, so that I don’t stare at his naked body. He is quick and to-the-point. And by no means he has anything close to what you have got, in size… Thank you once again for making me feel like a woman. I was missing this. And hey, I could see you clearly on that day staring at me from the window.”
I told her that she was extremely beautiful and that she worked like an artist while pleasing her partner. She said that she would do everything to please me, if I did this to her when she wanted.” When she wanted!!!? Hitler’s back…!!!

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