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Hello ISS readers , this is Ajay 24 yeas oldfrom Kandivli,Mumbai. I have been a Gud fan of ISS and reading regularly. Many of the stories are surely fuctional. But believe me this story is a real one.

Two months ago, the flat in my neighbor was rented by a couple with a child. As They was new to the place sandhya regularly visited our place to meet my mom. One day when I returned from office she was sitting at home and chatting with my mom. My mon introduced me to her and told that they are our new neighbours . we shake our hands and said hello and shared just a smile and every thing was normal and at that time I didn’t had any such emotions for her.

Sandhya’s age is almost 29 with a guud figures. She stays alone at home as his husband visits home only on weekends. Her So she used to visit us regularly and we became gud friends. One day while forwarding a non veg SMS to my friends , I forwarded it to sandhya by mistake. The SMS was a porn joke with words like “land” and “chut” and all that. Whn I checkd my sent box and I saw it I was totally nervous. I felt totally ashamed and didt knew what to do now. Next day whn she came to our home I was not able to make an eye contact with her. She Called me when mom was in the kitchen and told forward that she liked the SMS which i sent yesterday evening. By listening this I was totally relaxed and we both had a big smile.

Then after that day I used to sent ner non-veg SMS regularly , and she also used to reply to the same.Few days later I got the courage to talk to her on such topic like how is your sexual life with your husband and all that. And now she used to share all her feelings with me and used to call me regularly and talk to me 3 to 4 hours. I got a hint that some thing is wrong. One day she enquired me about my girlfriend , I told her that I didn’t had any girlfriend. She was very happy to lsten this. This continued and our friend ship turned in to love , though she was married she used to share all her feeling with me as if I am his husband.

One day whn I was returing form a long journey, she told me to come to her flat instead of was 10:00 pm I rang her bell and entered her flat her child was slept. She offered me food. After that we started watching TV while watching she proposed me and started kissing me on my lips. I was waiting for this moment and I wanted her to initiate first. I started smooching her and we both continued sucking each other tongue for 10 mins , she hugged me like a true lover and even I wanted to bury my self into her. While she hugged me I can feel her boobs on my chest it was very soft. I don’t know about sizes of brest but thet were big enough.

The relation between both of us was more of love than sex. After hugging each other and while kissing her I removed her pallu and started playing with her boobs they were big enough. I knewed that she is not going to stop me, I started unhooking her blouse. Now her boobs we free in front of me there was no bra. I was in heaven as it was the first time I have seen a naked breast that too such big round and stiff.i started sucking that melons madly while sucking the right one I was busy in pressing the left boob and started sucking hert body form neck till her stomach. She then removed my shirt and started sucking my chest. By this time my 7” penis was erect and it was like a hot rod.
It was clearly visible from my pants. She started to play with it from above of the pants. Sonn she removed my pants and underwear and holded my penis in her hand. It’s a great felling when a lady holds your penis. She started to kiss my penis on top. Now I removed her saree completely and her panties too. And fingered in her pussy , it was a great feeling, I continued the same and she was moaning with pleasure. She too gave my penis a big suck and made it very hot.

Now it was time to go furher. She was waiting for me to fuck her. I guided my penis to pussy which was totally wet by now and started pushing. By 3 to 4 strokes it was completely in. I was in the 7 th heaven as it was my first feeking to fuck any girl soon I came out and got the great pleasure and lied on her naked body for 5 mins. Sandhya was very much satisfied and told me that after her first child she was fucked for the first time. I too understand her want for sex. Soon I was erect again and started sucking her pussy and started fucking her for the second time. We both enjoyed each other whole night and I fucked her 5 times that night. She promised me that she will not reveal this to any body and asked me to made available for her as she needed. I was happy as I am getting what I wanted and continued our relation ship.

I belive after my experience that is a lady has any desire then it should be fullfilled other wise she uses other ways her desire for sex. thus i advice girls and aunties to feel free to contact me on mail id :
i believe that this are the best way to fullfill our desires without revealing our identity as though desire for sex is present in every body but still on our society fullfilling this is a crime.

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