Sex Saga Part 1


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Somehow he managed to catch the bus for bhiwani. as the bus was full to its potential,
he stood in the rear of the bus. Raj was indeed very happy, after all he was
posted for the first time ever to an all Girl’s School in his 9 years of service.

6 feet height, athletic body, attractive face, he was a very charming & attractive figure.
even though he was 32 now, he was single & unmarried. it wasn’t so that nobody had
offered herself to him, married viz-a-viz unmarried, there was hardly any female who hasn’t
fallen for him even after a first look. Even in his last school, he had familiarized couple of his
female colleagues with his vivid lifestyle. nevertheless, the general image was that he is a
very serious and sincere person. but the hidden fact was that he was a virgin disciple not
just an ordinary lover. and he hadn’t had a chance to pursue virgins in last 6-7 years.

This was the very same reason why he was beaming inside out.
After all his wait was about to be over soon now.

his trance was abruptly broken by some activity at front.
A female had mistakenly brushed her bums against his front. he glanced at her.
She must have been around 26-27.

the lady responded “Sorry! it’s a bit crowded here”
“Its ok” said raj and moved a bit backwards

the lady seemed well educated and cultured. though she had that tanned skin but her
youth was on peak. even she couldn’t keep herself from getting attracted to raj.
she was, time and again, looking at him through the corners of her eyes.

suddenly the driver applied breaks and raj directly crashed against her.
she was about to fall but raj extender her hand across her body and holded
her firmly from front. call it a coincidence or luck, his hand caught her right boobs.

instantly he withdrew his hand back and offered apology
“Sorry” he said.

but only she knew what went thru her heart. “god! what a robust hand!” she thought
and a chill ran through her spine. just at this one touch she had drenched her panties.
she felt embarrassed, but couldn’t utter a word.
by that time raj had also realized that she was a virgin.
Such a sexy fit body cant be of a married lady. he couldn’t control, and asked her
“can i ask your name?”

after a thoughtful pause, she replied “My Name is rekha”
raj: “so? what’s your last stop?”
rekha: “further to bhiwani, there is a village named loharu.
I am the principal of the Girl’s School there.”

raj was shocked. of course that’s the same name conveyed to him of his principal. OOPS!
but after some thoughts, he didn’t share anything about himself.

what a weird coincidence. since the moment he held her, his sixth sense had smelled
an opportunity of fun-filled time pass for the whole way.

slowly the bus was getting further crowded. rekha turned around and stood facing raj.
a seat got available just then, but not sure why she decided against going for the seat.
she didn’t felt good about parting from raj. she offered her seat to an elderly lady
and continued standing there.

rekha: “where are you lost?”
raj: “nothing as such, was just wondering how come you haven’t married yet?”
she started blushing at this..” do you know that for sure?”
raj didn’t miss the opportunity: “just by looking at your sexy figure… as such
even i am not married, but am aware of the world around”
rekha: “what do you mean?”
raj: “never mind. drop it! but principal at such a young age! cant believe it!!”
rekha: “well.. possible! but i was a direct appointee about two years back.”

while they kept chatting like this, rekha suddenly got in mischief mood, she made an
excuse of feeling like puking and leaned her head on his well-built shoulders. he got
the nearby seat of a youngster emptied and made her sit there. anajli felt sad but
thankfully the seat beside her too became available soon and raj took it.
rekha just kept her head on his masculine chest.

raj knew the birdie has been caged. he also started lightly stroking her hairs.
rekha faked sleepiness and arranged herself in his lap. but this was too much for raj.
the hidden weapon beneath his trouser’s had started breathing. as rekha was faking
her sleep, she was well aware of the development happening right below her. in her
act of sleeping she brought her hand below her head. this allowed her the luxury of
having the direct feel of the growing manhood. her face was becoming red with all
the sensation she was going through. her controlled sex desires were getting aroused.

at such a marvelous moment she was feeling all tipsy and the cultural bounds were
starting to get loose. after all he was just an unknown stranger to her. and it was
only a matter of couple of hours…so what’s the fuss.

but the bus stopped at kaithal and a tea break was announced. damn!
raj had also realized that she is wide awake but he too was acting innocent
and her kept his hands on her waste and started to attempt to wake her up. after
couple of light shakes rekha faked surprise and act fully got into her senses: “oh sorry!”

raj: “ahh common! there is nothing to be sorry about. but there is a small concern”
rekha: “and that is?”
raj: “that you have made me a bit uncomfortable. and now i must visit the mens-room.
I’ll get some eatables and water for you while returning.” and he got down from the bus.

rekha was so surprised at herself. agreed that he was such a man, but how could she dare
so much! she was wishing that the journey should never come to an end and she could
continue to have the heavenly experience. definitely this has never happened before in
her life. never-ever!

at the other end, raj was preparing to continue romancing the moments. he purchased
some “pills” from the nearby medical shop and mixed it in the cold-drink. it was dark now so
he left his fly open so that it was easier for rekha to have the better feel. raj was
wondering in heart that if rekha is the same person whom he has to join in school then he has
hit the jackpot. from the looks of rekha he was now sure that if he made any advancements
she wont stop him. but if she got the information that i have to join her in school then she
probably wont go ahead with me. hence it is important that he goes all the way before she
knows anything. he must fuck her and fuck her good!

but he was also feeling otherwise. what if he hasn’t read her too well and she reacted to his
advancements then it’ll become tough for him. he’ll not be in a condition to face her in school
then. so he affirmed that it is important that she takes the first step.

the break was over, and the bus started. he hopped along lost in his thoughts and entered the bus.

rekha: “what took you so long… i thought you wouldn’t return at all”
raj: “not at all. just went to take some fruits and cold drinks for you”
he said while offering her the adulterated cold drink bottle.
rekha: “sorry sir! i don’t drink beverages”
raj felt a pang in his heart

raj: “you should take it, you were feeling sick hence i brought it.. this will make you feel better”
rekha: “thanks! but i wont be able to drink it. infact i have never taken one.
yeah, I’ll gladly take these fruits”
she said with a perfect smile

raj disappointingly withdrew the bottle back to his bag.
he said: “well, here.. have a banana”
looking at it reminded something to rekha and she burst into laughter. it was hardly 3 inch long
raj: “what?…”
rekha: (still laughing) “nothing”
as she was staring at the fruit.. he somewhat did get the idea… but played along
raj: “please! tell me what’s so funny… hey! bye the way you look so pretty like this”
rekha: “what do you mean… don’t i look pretty otherwise…”
raj: (oops!) “no no, i didn’t mean that”
rekha: “never mind! anyway i burst into laughter looking at your fruit!”

raj instantly looked at his crotch. for a sec he feared his tool broke free as his zip was open.
but it wasn’t so. and then looking at the size of the banana he surely got it.
raj: (with a cunning but assuring smile) “i don’t harvest them. what can i do,
these are the only ones available here”

but rekha was still laughing uncontrollably. she just couldn’t take hold of it.
it was the other “fruit” that was doing rounds in her mind.
as such she had always taken care of her behavior but after getting introduced to the
handsome hunk, she was not in her own!
rekha: “raj, what do you do?”
raj: “why bother for the trivial which time will unfold on their own.
you tell me, why haven’t you married yet?”
rekha paused for couple of moments: “as such it is a personal matter. but i guess its OK
to share with you. actually my younger sister had ran away with someone about six years
back. thats it! since then nothing went the right path. papa had already demised and then
mom also committed suicide (her eyes had become moist bye now..
and couple of moments later she couldn’t control herself)
i have absolutely no idea what was my fault… why me?… what did i do to deserve this.
(sigh!) well! but now i have decided to live all by myself”

this had moved raj. he wasn’t sure how to respond.
but then politely offered: “Sorry rekha!
… i had asked jut out of curiosity…” he couldn’t face her properly

rekha settled herself comfortably to his shoulders. she was still sobbing…
but was in better control of herself.. though a bit lost

raj was still unsure as how to move along…
he said: “so? aren’t you going to ask me the same?”

rekha, as if brought back to life, sprung into action. with a bright glow in her eyes and some
eagerness in her voice, she asked “what, even you… i mean you also… why?…
why didn’t you marry someone?”

raj: “i have a physical problem”
rekha: (she forgot her own problems) “what problems?”
raj was in full mood now: “cant tell you madam…”
rekha: “why cant you share with me.. (with fake anger on her cute face) aren’t we friends now?”
raj: (he wasn’t to leave her) “i have problem in erection”
rekha knew well what he is saying.. but how can that be true? she had already felt him
breathing evil in full swing.
but how could she accept that? so she preferred to remain silent.

raj: “hadn’t i told you its private?”
rekha: (blushing) “i don’t understand all this. i am feeling sleepy now. can i sleep in your lap?”
raj: “ya ya! why not” hell ya, why the fuck not. and he let her settle in his lap,
just inches from his crotch.

rekha happily lied down. she kept her hand below her head (using it as a pillow) and started
rocking it to-and-fro. at this she felt that his member started coming to life.
the demon was waking up. rekha was wondering why did raj lie to her?
at the same time raj to faked sleepiness and kept his hand on her shoulder.
slowly and slowly he started to let his hands slip freely to her well endowed chests.
breasts? fuck man.. boobies!!! hell ya… bOObs man! bOObs!!!

he was enjoying it as much as she was. he was getting bold and started moving his other hand at
her “ooooooooooooooo” but suddenly then rekha sat back
and snapped “liar! why did you lie to me?”
her voice wasn’t complaining.. but inviting… for fuck-fest!

raj remained unmoved and replied while keeping his eyes closed “what did i lie to you?”
rekha: “that you have erection problem”
raj: “who said i lied? i don’t get erection”
rekha: “i have checked it” (she was now whispering)
raj: “what have you checked?”

rekha was about to reply in same frenzy but the bus abruptly stopped.
conductor informed everyone that the bus have developed some snag.
and people will have to make some other arrangements.

in any normal circumstance this is enough to make any single lady to drown in uncomfortably and stress
but rekha was excited: “how will i go now?”
raj: “what am i here for? come, lets get our luggage..”

they stepped down and stood around the road. anajali wasn’t able to control her excitement.
she was getting anxious that even after all this what is he waiting for? one after another, everyone
left leaving them alone. but neither raj nor rekha were in any hurry. both were not able to take
initiative no matter how much both wanted to. now even the driver and conductor had left the
place. the area was totally deserted now.

rekha couldn’t hold any longer: “what do we do now?”
raj: “what should we do?”
rekha: “what.. you were only saying that you are here.. and now you only are asking me?”
raj didn’t want to miss this but still: “OK! if we see any vehicle passing by, we’ll take a lift”

rekha: “i am extremely tired. should we rest for some time in the bus? i am now feeling thirsty too”.
both were now sitting in the bus. and then suddenly raj remembered the colddrink.
it was still useful for the occasion.

he asked: “there is only one solution for the thirst, as per me”
rekha: “what”
raj: “the cold drink, well! not so cold anymore though”
rekha: “hmm.. yeah! that can be of some relief. please give it to me…. thanks raj’s hands were working magic on her bosoms. one by one he was fondling
her too damn devilishly. rekha had lost control. she was now babelling:
“oh love.. please make love to me.. ”
she continued.. “i cant wait.. i just cant leave without you honey”

thunders were roaring inside the deserted bus. one by one raj took off all her clothes.
he was now mesmerized by the raw beauty. angel of sex had got down on earth from heaven.
endowed bosoms.. well shaped hard and erect… flat sexiting torso… creamy thighs..
clean shaved pussy.

the swollen lips were so mesmerizing and inviting. he caught both her boobs in his rough
hands and took in the pussy lips in his mouth. rekha just jumped off.. her breaths defied
all the laws. they were breathing fire. she was burning in desires. at first she felt an
awkward sensation while getting her cunt sucked but slowly the sensation took over
and she was now jerking her butts in myths to give him much better access.

raj threw away his trousers and took out the 8 inch long demon which was
fucking 4 inch thick and shoved it in her mouth. but rekha wasn’t in control she pleaded
“please fuck me. i cant take it anymore”.
raj also thought that now its a long relation and way to go so oral can wait.

he folded her legs and adjusted them on his shoulders. now he positioned his dick and slowly
started exerting pressure on her virgin territory. but they were hell tight. raj used her
juices mixed with his saliva and tried again. rekha cried in pain. the monster was in and rekha
was as good as dead. she was drenched in immense pain she tried to move backwards but her
head was placed against the windows.

she pleaded “please baby, take them out. we’ll try some other time”

but raj paid no attention as if he didn’t even heard her. raj took his stance
and pushed in… he was half in now. rekha just managed to muffle her screams. they
maintained the posture for some relaxing moments. now the fever was back on. she was
back in frenzy. she crossed all her limits.

she was deep in sexual pleasures and was babelling again “oh god! my cunt… so much fun..
what a pleasure.. i was so thirsty for you dick since so long… fuck.. fuck me baby..
no no don’t pull it out… more more.. harder harder.. fuck baby.. fuck .. fuck me…”

raj was also lost..
it was as if god had heard his prayers. he was in heaven… paradise.
thrust after thrust… he was all on with renewed energy… with a jerk rekha closed in.
her whole body went dead for a moment. she then lifted herself and held raj firmly.
she was coming uncontrolled. this was making things further easy for raj, he was
now pumping in harder. but now rekha was all warned out. she was not able to bear it anymore.
she started pleading “please take it out. i cant take it anymore” raj stopped for few moments.

he started devouring her breasts and smooching her lips fiercely in between. rekha was
again turned on by this and started moving in rhythm. this time raj turned her
around on her stomach. her butts were on the corner of the seat and the glimpses of
her winsome cunt were making a hell of a scene.

rekha had her knees on floor and was facing the window. when raj trusted himself
inside her in this posture, he felt a different world all together. it was much more fun this way.
each moment was pleasuring him of paradise. after about some 20 minutes both came together
and raj fell on her back lifeless.
few moments later they sat up, but now rekha wasn’t able to establish eye contact.
the frenzy was over and she was in her senses now. she dressed back in hurry and
sat on a seat and looked out of the window. raj knew very well what to do
now. he went to her and sat beside.
“i love you rekha”

rekha shoved herself in his chest and started sobbing. not sure if these were results
of guilt or happiness.

they didn’t realize how the time flew and it became morning in each others arms.
the clock ticked 5am. they were about 20 minute off to bhiwani and rekha had to
go till loharu. well, raj too had the same destiny but rekha wasn’t aware of
it. she was disheartened with the thought that these moments will not last long.

she was feeling awkward talking about the same person who introduced her to the
“wooman” inside and who’s chest was so consoling to her sobs. she was completely
avoiding him.

at the end, raj had to ask “should we move now?”
rekha: “you’ll go till what place?”
raj: “with you.. where else?”
rekha: “no, i mean this isn’t possible”
raj: “why not?”
rekha: “am going to a village. and am single. it wont look decent.”
“people wont take it lightly. and then i have an image there”
raj joked: “ya i have seen your image through-out the whole night yesterday”

rekha squirmed thoroughly. and she silently boarded the bus that came along.
rekha made another attempt: “please tell me where do you live, what do you do.
do you have a contact number?”
raj was still in mood: “i live in your heart honey and love you now.
my contact number is same as yours”
rekha: “so you don’t want to tell me. at least tell me where are you going to?”

bus has now reached bhiwani. they stepped down . bus to loharu was ready,
rekha took a seat in it. she looked at raj one last time with much
anticipation and sadness. her eyes were moist and she was restless. helpless too.

she was in for shock when raj came along and sat beside her. rekha by now
had realized her mistake. this man, whom she trusted with herself, is neither telling
her anything nor leaving her alone. his this move to come along seemed stupid to

she suddenly started having bad feelings.

what if he is stalking her. what if now he attempts to blackmails her. a chill ran
through her. she stood and took another seat away from him.

raj could read her feelings. he got down of the bus and left without a word.
gone! just like that.

somehow, rekha felt relaxed now.
but she was disheartened that she wont meat her macho again.
she didn’t realize it was loharu already.
she went to school with all those discomforts and turned off feelings. she was pondering
about raj only when in her cabin, when suddenly raj spawned at her door
“may i come in ma’am?”

rekha was shocked beyond belief.
all her uncomfortable was back to her and she feared the worst. she ordered all staff to leave
the room.
rekha: (in low pitch) “what have you come here for? please forgive me and leave me alone”

raj: “relax ma’am. I have come here to report for duty. I have been ordered to join
the school as the new science teacher. kindly allow me to complete the formalities
and oblige.”
rekha jumped off her seat: “what the f…?”

she was now in for a pleasant surprise. she can’t believe her ears. she didnt trust him
but then after looking at the joining orders she got the whole story. she held her nerves
and called in the registrar and left them to complete the formalities.

she informed raj: “Mr Raj, you’ll be the in charge of class 10th but you’ll have
to take the periods from class 6th onwards. also we don’t have a maths teacher at the
moment, so could you please take in the maths classes for 8th and 10th as well”

raj: “thanks ma’am, but i have a small problem.”
rekha: (looked at raj with raised eyebrows.. another problem?) “yes, i am listening…”

raj: “i am single.. i mean I’ll be staying alone only.
if you could arrange for my stay in the village..”

rekha stopped him in between and said
“i’ll tell the peon about it. let’s see what can we do about it.”
shansher: (with a wink) “thanks ma’am”

rekha just couldn’t stop her smile.
raj picked his register for class 10th.. and walked out… raj had hardly reached till the class that a girl came running after him,
she said “Good Morning Sir!”
the girl looked big enough to be in class 10th. He looked at her, full, from top to
bottom. what an untouched beauty. Alas! heavy round boobs, round softer buttocks,
juicey pink pink lips. It was apparent that god had taken special interest in her.

her voice too was equally sweet “sir. Ma’am is calling you.”
raj: “ok. let’s go”
“sir, would you take our classes too?”
“which class are you in girl? what is your name?”
“I am vani and am studying in class 8?

“what? eighth!!!” damn! if this is the case of a class eighth girl, what awaits me in
higher classes “yes beta! I’ll teach science to your class”

i turned to office and started walking. vani kept looking back at me time and again
when i reached in office, rekha was sitting alone.

i just took the cue “yes senior ma’am”
rekha was serious “sorry raj… i mean raj ji. I had misunderstood you
in bhiwani. but why didn’t you tell me?”
raj: “if i had said that how could have i made you mine?”

the whole night went by her eyes in a flash. she also had realized why raj
never took the initiative. she said in a very sweet voice “raj dear, we will
behave this way in school. i have asked to manage your stay. i will try to get you
accommodated somewhere near my house only.”

raj: “why not in your own house?”
rekha: “i am also staying in rented place only dear. though two rooms are empty
beside my room but this a village hence that wont be decent. people will talk about
raj: “ma’am, pyar kiya to darna kya?”
rekha: “shhh… please! anyway i had asked for you to discuss few necessary things.”
raj: “ok! tell me?”
rekha: “you must have noticed there is no male teacher or student here”
raj: “why? aint i here?”
rekha: “ohh ho! you have just come. listen to me na…”
raj: “ok! carry on”

rekha: “girls sometime become more disobedient in such environments compared to
boys.if you showed even a bit leniency they might even cross the limits of
shamelessness. hence it is very important to keep them in check even punish if
needed. the villagers trust us. no matter what the discipline must be maintained.
the girls here are pretty elder. in 10+2 one girl is just 5 yeras younger to me”

raj’s heart was jumping with leaps and bounds. but he controlled his emotions
he replied “ok! I’ll handle”
rekha “please don’t say like this”
raj: “ok anju! sorry ma’am”
rekha couldn’t stop but smile
“just take a round of the school. let me know if you need me…”

raj along with rekha left for the round.
they saw in a class, 2 girls were made “murga” (a traditional punishment given to
undisciplined students in Indian school, where you hold you ears and sit on your
toes) both the butts were high enough. they saw raj and felt embarrassed.

they tried to ease there butts but then the madam slashed the stick at such pace
on the butt that they couldn’t control and fell down in pain. one girl’s salwar was
torn from the side of the thigh. raj suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline as if he
wanted to push his dick into the butt crack through that hole itself. the thought
itself turned him on and the dick started twisting

he asked rekha “why are they being punished? the ma’am inside came out and said “the bitches were fighting each other.
they wont do any work though-out the day but only dance there butts around.”

raj got one hell of a shock. he just stood there dumbfounded at her
response. he looked at rekha but she had moved on.

later she told him “she is from the village only. she is the wife of village sarpanch.
she is like this only. don’t worry the other teachers are way better”

after the round raj came back to his office. it was already lunch time and
tea was ready. rekha introduced raj to all the staff, but he was restless to
meet the girls. he finished his tea promptly and with an excuse to see the school
came out for another round.

roaming around he reached class 10th. as it was the lunch period there were only
two girls present. they were try to memorize something. one particular girls was
damn sexy. as if youth has just reached her. round face , luscious lips.. she was
the perfect sex goddess. Aphrodite! hell ya!!!

when she saw raj forget greeting instead she started inquiring..
“hey you…? why are you here?”
raj smiled “what is your name?”
she got offended: “why? you want to marry me? i have seen many urban hero’s
like you. huh? should i call madam or what?”
raj hadn’t expected anything like this. even then he kept his composure and
smiled “yeah sure! wait even i will come along”

listening to this she turned red with anger and started to walk towards principal
room. suddenly vani and her friend reached there. the second girl saw raj
and said “good morning sir!”

“sss… sir? who sir?” asked the girl.
“sir!” vani replied “didi, he is our new teacher! he will teach us science.”

after hearing this she turned colorless, as if she’ll faint any moment.
she couldn’t even dare to look at raj and started trembling.
she was crying. raj was smiling “what is your name?”

she replied “sss.. sorry sir!”
“sorry sir! wow what a name. good good!” raj started kidding now…
the bell rang just then and raj left for office laughing. Disha had no idea what to do now. unknowingly she had reacted very unpleasantly and in uncultured way.

she was a very intelligent girl but yet was childishly petulant. all the village romeos were her fan. but she
never let them get anywhere near. boys always passed comment when passing by but her younger petite
figure was wholly responsible for that. she was very fair. her breasts so firm that they didn’t need any
blouse or bra. romeos used to joke that if anyone would see her naked he’ll die of heart attack instantly.

when she would walk, every part of her body would reflect the motion individually. it was as such that
the butt was in love with her dresses that whenever she’ll stand up the butt holes would suck her dress
in. what to say… don’t you think they never said wrong about her. Sigh! it was apparently felt across the
guy z that the world will siege to exist after her. and the best part, she had turned 18 just last week.

disha had let all her frustration flow out on sir. and she was now feeling so damn embarrassed about all of it.

“what will happen now? would sir will ever forgive her?”
neha brought her back from her uncomfortable trance “what’s wrong with you baby? you didn’t do that
deliberately. Don’t worry sir will understand this. now come lets go back”
disha replied with a disillusioned heart “ok!”

neha “tell me one thing, isn’t our sir is very handsome, like some filmy hero? what a body? just like Salman.
I had felt so bad when you were mistreating him. Sigh! i felt as if my heart was compelling me to forget all
world around and just run into his arms. really disha! i felt such a strong desire to brace him”
disha “get lost you shameless girl. he is our sir…”
neha “but i didn’t know then na… that he is our sir.. i had thought all this when he had entered the class”
disha “listen… don’t chat about all this nonsense when you are with me.. ok? all the men are same”
neha “hmm.. should i ask this to sir?”
disha “neha! you know i wasn’t talking about sir”
neha “so you agree that he is so handsomely cute…”
disha “you are too much.” and she hit her on the head with her notebook

disha’s attention was time and again floating towards sir. how can i gain his forgiveness.
what if he didn’t forgive me?

just then the history teacher entered the class.. the sarpanch’s wife… her name was pyari.
pyari “common girls.. take out your notebooks and show me the homework”
one by one the girls showed her their homework. everyone was afraid of her. so no one used to leave
her work incomplete.

divya had forgotten her notebook home. only god could save her now… pyari (staring with her fiery eyes): where is your notebook bitch?”
divya “sorry ma’am, i forgot it at home”
pyari “move to the back of the class and bend like ‘murgi’”
divya couldn’t dare to argue anymore… she moved to the back of the class and sat in ‘murgi’ posture”

pyari turned her attention to other girls.
when divya could bear the pain anymore she gathered herself together and said with a lot of effort “Ma’am I’ll just go running and bring it back within minutes”
pyari: (staring with anger) “ohh.. so you’ll now get it in few minutes. wait i’ll just attend to you”

listening to this divya panicked. she felt as if she missed her heartbeats in between. pyari came
to her and asked her to stand. then she pinched her nipples very hard. divya was drowning in pain.
“bitch… whore… you deliberately leave the notebook at home so that you can later have an excuse
to go and meet your lover. tell me.. who the mother-fucker takes care of your…”
just then the peon asked her permission to enter the class. and then she said “principal ma’am had
requested that if anyone has any room available for rent then she can go and meet her. the new
teacher needs it”
pyari “when our whole haweli is available for free why do the teacher needs to stay at rent.
go and inform him. I’ll ask servants to arrange for it and get his luggage there. better, I’ll just
now come with you…”

pyari was around 40 years old lady. extremely un-cultured. but her husband was the village sarpanch.
it wasnt so that no one knew of her corny behaviour with the girls but as she was the only big
landlord of the village.. nobody had the courage to stop her or even say her anything. even her
daughter was on her own steps. sarita. she was in class 9. but wasnt tender rather a fully grown
lady after fucking so many boys.

after pyari left neha said to disha “yaar, your uncle’s house is also empty only. why dont you inform
the principal to let him stay there”
disha “yeah..but..”
neha “but what.. such a handsome sir.. how would he live with such bastards. you know this lady is
so cunning. if you didnt tell them now he will surely get traped with her.”
disha “you also na.. cant think of anything else except all these craps.
but i’ll also have to ask permission from uncle na..?”
neha “i’ll take care of that. come lets search for sir.. come lets go fast…
you’ll get your forgiveness too…”

disha started with her but she wasnt able to believe that sir can forgive her too. and who knows
whether uncle will agree to this. if he said no then what will i do.. what an embarrasment this will
cause.. but neha was walking briskly and was also pulling her along. they reached straight to class
8, where raj was teaching.

raj saw them and came out smiling “yeah, so what exactly is your name.”
raj wasnt going to let her go so easily.
disha tried so hard but still couldnt utter a single word. she could barely manage to blink her lips.
she was standing there with her face down. and yet she was looking so damn gorgeous.

neha “sir. she want to tell you that you can stay at her home.”
hearing this vani came out “yes sir! you please stay at our home only.”
raj aske thoughtfully “and how are you both related?”
vani “sir, i am disha did’s cousin. i am her uncle’s daughter”
raj “so?”
vani got confused and stopped.
so neha explained “sir, actually disha stays with her uncle. and vani is the only daughter of her
parents. and disha is staying with them since childhood”
raj “ok ok.. that’s why i was wondering both look so similar. ok gals, i will come to your
house after the school”

disha “but..sss… sir”
raj: “but what?”
disha “i’ll need to take permission from uncle”
vani couldnt control herself “no sir, you come to us today only. i’ll myself tell papa”
raj patted vani lovingly “no beta! first get your parents approval. if they allow then i’ll
stay at your place only. promice”
Vani: ok, thank you sir.

the class was almost over so raj directly went to office.
rekha was there alone lost in some thoughts.

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