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Hi, ISS readers, I am new to this site and after reading all the stories posted here, I thought to post my story too. This is a real life incident that happened before 3 months.

Let me describe about myself first, I am Farhan from Gujranwala (Pakistan), good looking and average built boy and I doing my G degree. My email id is, It all started before 4 year when my neighbor’s marriage, the new bride came into our neighbor. Her name is Samia (name changed) who was educated and very nice, when I saw her I want to kiss her, she is looking very charming & her color is whitish, now this time her figure is 36, 32, 38. She is bomb at her hips, her breast is tight & well shaped, she has 2 children one is 3 year & 2nd is 1year old. Her husband is working in a multinational company. She often visits our home & sometime we chat each other.

One day a call on my mobile, it was unknown number, when I pick the call a lady on other side, & said where are you sara’s papa, I said what???? When I heard sara’s name I understand who is on the other side that was samia…. I told her I m farhan then she said o sorry my mobile LCD is damaged & I call by idea to my husband & it going to you, but how your number is in my mobile, I said, I don’t know how my number is in your mobile but your number is in my mobile by your, she smiled & said ok then save it, I m happy and save her number in my mobile.
After that I often send text on her mobile & she too, some time I send a adult jokes & she reply me with smiles & funny jokes.

One day I am at my home’s roof & she was her home’s roof, she was washing the cloths. She wear shalwar kamez & had no doppata, her boobs visible when she bends & that time she was looking very hot, when she saw me & noticed that I am enjoying to see her, she came our home side & said “kiya hal hai, r apni breast towel se cover kerte howe boli, sorry main doppata ni liya howa, maine kaha koi baat nahi waise b piyari lag rahi hoo bhabhi, she give me sexy smile.”

One day nobody in our home & door bell rang, I open the door & samia came into my home, she said that sugar was finished & plz give me some sugar for mixing in milk for my little child, I said hmm u have not sugar & I have not milk, so I give you sugar & you give me milk. She smiled & said noghty boy. I caught her arm & pull myself she said no, what are you doing, I said I want to kiss you, she push me and said why you want kiss me, I said I like your beauty, she push me and I fall on sofa, when I fall I caght her arm and she also fall on me, she was on me that time, she smiled and kiss on my cheek and said you want kiss me but I kissed you. Then I kiss her on lips. She said no, not this time, I said then when, nobody in my home, and we have a better opportunity, she think something and said; ok now wait for sometime I am coming after my baby slept and she went.

After 30 minutes she came again and said thanks for sugar, I said no thanks; I want exchange so give me milk. She smiled & I hugged her, I kiss on her cheek & then lips, soon our tongues fighting each other, she upward her kameez & said “juldi kero le lo apna milk, what a couple of boobs, I kissed her boobs & then sucking hard, she was moaning & enjoying, 5 minutes we kissed each other, then I rubbing her pussy, she said “nahi, abi nahin, ye next time, maine kaha abi kerna hai, oss ne kaha bohat zidi ho tum, jo b kerna hai juldi keroo, iss se pehlay k mera baby jag jayee.
maine oos ki shalwar nichay ki r oos ki pussy ko 10 minute tak masalta raha, oss ne kaha ab aise terpatay raho gay ya kuch kerna b hai, juldi kaam khatam keroo, oos ne mera trouser nichay kiya r mere penis ko pakar ker kehti hai waooo, so cute & healthy, my penis is 6.5 inch long, maine apnay penis ko lotion lagaya r oos ko bed per leta ker oos k oper cher gya, oos ki pussy b bohat cute thi, aise lag rahi thi jaise abi virgin ho, maine apnay penis ko oos ki pussy k opera chi tarah se ragra r wo enjoy ker rahi thi, tab osne mere panis ko pakar ker apne hole k oper kiya, r mai ahista ahista ander daal diya r oos ne thandi aahh bhari, os k hips b bohat kamal k lag rahay thay, maine ooos ko kaha k ab pechay se b dalon tou oss ne kaha nahin, mera mood off ho gya tou oos ne mujhe kiss kerte howe kaha ok baba next time pechay se kerwaon gi lakin abi nahin, plz bura na manao, maine kaha ok r oos ki pussy ko achi tarah se fuck kiya, humne ye sab 1 hour tak kiya r iss doran maine oos ko b farig kiya r khud 2 dafa farig howa.

Sab kuch kerne k baad oos ne kaha tum tou bohat mazay detay ho, lakin aise mazay kabi kabi hone chahiye, r secret b rehne chahiye, r jatay howe oss ne kaha k farhan bohat tersi hoee nazron se mujhe dekhte thay tum, maine kaha aaj tum ko sab kuch de hi doon. She kissed me on lips & went to her home.
So any adult in Pakistan, specially near by Gujranwala want to friendship with me & chatting me on net, then add my id

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