My First Encounter



hi to all fans of Desi story section. i am pranav and this is my first post here. the story is a bit long…but u like this true
incident of my life. i am 26 years old and living in delhi.i am not so good in english, so i am using mixed hindi and english.
i always have a fantasy ki koi women treat m as a slave, use me as she wants..means i alwaz look for a cruel and dominating
mistress, but cant find any one in real.
i chat in yahoo delhi room and try to find these type of women, the person who normally chat in yahoo rooms might know me..
i use ids like pranhere, my_simpl_lickin_makucrazy, fm_insaan2insane_4sex. and send thes type of messages “slave of women
looking for a mistress of any age…age no bar..privacy assured and expected. this is my daily routein. in night i look for
these ladies..par kabhi koi nahi email id is
lot of thm chat with m, but i never got a chance to b a slave in real. it was two week back whn i was chatting n posting
these type of messages in delhi room 6. i got a pm frm one id…id k naam s i was not able to the person is male/female..
i got a message..
i say yes..may i know who r u?
shut up and answer m first..u hav any limits of submission..i say no, i can go up to any limit. soch lo..jaan bhi le sakti hu..
maine josh mai kah diya meri koi limit nahi h..u think of ures.. she said good ..ok giv m ure number..and dont ask any more
questions..i gav the number…uske baad she left..2 days passed and i dint get any call, maine socha jarur koi ladka hoga who
was just passing i forgotch about that person and start looking for some new. it was on last friday i got a call
from some unknown airtel no..i pick the phone…i hear a lady voice and she said. its me ure mistress..i was shocked, pehli
baar sayad mujhe slave banne ka chance milne wala tha..i said yes madam..boliye..she said, tommorow sharp 9.00 am india gate..
issse pehle mai kuch kehta ..she said no more questions and disconnect the phone..
mujhe dar lag raha tha ki kal kya hoga..even i dont know the lady name..her age..kuch bhi ahi janta tha.
whole night i could not sleep..maine decide kiya i wont go..par jab subah utha it was 7.30..i got ready or pata nahi kya hua ki
i decided to go..i reach there at 8.30.. as its not far from my house..n start walking here n there..bohat dar lag raha tha
..fati padi thi..its now hi mujhe koi call aayi or wo number jisse mujhe call aayi this its not reacheable..
10 baj gaye..n i was planning to go back ki fir kisi n mazaq kiya 10.05 i got a call frm some another unknown number..
ki u see some white accord with black jet glasses..maine idhar udhar dekha to kafi dur i find a accord car..i say yes..
she said come fast or under aa kar baith jao..n disconnect the phone..
mai samajh gaya the lady bohat dangerous din mai do alag alag numbers s she called m. i reach the car..the
front door open n i try to peep inside ki agar koi darawani hui to mai abhi bhi bhaag jao..but as start peeping inside
she hold my hand n push m inside..n locked the god..she is damm sexy..might b around 31-32 years of age..
wear a saree..or u can say a hot sexy indian married women dressed in a very sexy outfit.
she was talking on phone to someone ki raat ko aaj wo late aayegi as she has some meeting, so dont wait for her at home..
jaise hi she disconnect the phone..i ask hum kaha jaige..she give a hard slap on my face n said shut up..u r a slave..
or aaj m tumhe bataongi ki mistress kya hoti h..n dont ask any thingnow..usne meri aankhon par ek patti bandh dhi..
n she start driving..mujhe pata lag gaya tha ki mera aaj ka din kaisa rehna wala h..after half hour the car stops..
may b koi traffic signal tha.maine fir ek galti ki..i ask whats ure name?..again she slap m hard..n say dont u understand d
ont ask any questions..just i m ure madam.. naam s kya apni gaand marwaiga…my god i was shocked wo beautiful thi par uski
awaz nahi..mai chup ho gaya.
after a long drive the car stops n she just sitted as she is opening the main door.
the car went inside..she open the door..hold my hand..n take m inside..n open the cloth frm my eyes..i saw a big hall..
hal dekh kar hi lag raha the its a big bungalow or farm house..mai kis location m tha mujhe nahi pata..
she said its 11.30..i will leave u at 12.00 in the night..if u mak m happy n follow my order to u will get a lot of
things..or agar tumne mera din waste kiya to tum soch bhi nahi sakte kya hoga aaj k baad tum kabhi slave banna dream
m bhi nahi sochoge..i said i will do whtever u say..bus i dont want any mark on my face..chest or back..u understand..plz.
she said ok…this is the only limit i will think off.. n went inside..
now the real game starts…its was after 5 min she cam back..with a tight fitted mini skirt n top..
i ask is anyone in the house,,,she said its her farmhouse..n she sent her guard n servant on leave today.
she came close to m hold my hairs tightly n whispered in my eyes aaj teri jaan nikal dungi aise marungi teri ki
khada hone k layak nahi rahega…n start slapping m on my face..mujhe room m bohat sara saman jaise rassi..belt, hunter,
dog belt dikhe mai samajh gaya tha kya hone wala h..
she ordered m put ure clothes down..i put my pant n shirt off..n stand..she said kutee samajh nahi aata pure utar.
i said ok madam..i m nude now..she said lund acha h tera..par khada hone k layak nahi rahega..mai dar gaya..she again
said tu khada hone layak nahi rahenga..she came close n slap on my ass..she spit on her feet..n say lick my feets..
as i m slave..i start licking her feet..she said lick my spit..i say ok..i continuosly goes on licking her toes her finger.
i put my hands up into her skirt n try t touch her thighs..i felt a leather belt cracking my kaha h bus wo kar..
i was licking her feet..n she was enjoying,,suddenly she bent a little n put the dog belt in my neck..n said kutte jab tak
m na kahu.. khada mat hona..i say ok..she tied the belt to one corner n sit on a chair in front of m. n teasing m with her
leg pressing my balls hard..
she spit on my face..n put her finger in my mouth n say suck was good..she was kepping it in n out..hold my hair
tight .as i felt pain n open my mouth she again spit in my mouth..n give m a deep kiss on my lips..she kisses m for more than
15 minutes..she was chewing my lips hardly……
now she got up, her warm hands were on my ass n i was enzoying her touch,..she put her middle finger in my ass..n thn two..
after tht wo hua jo maina nahi socha tha..she beat my ass very badly with the leather belt..i was crying in pain but she
dint stop..she was beating m..tears r in my eyes..but she was a very cruel lady..she sit down kiss my lips and said
abhi s phat gayi abhi to tujhe pata nahi tere sath kya kya hoga..
she held the dog belt in her hand and said now walk with like my dod in my garden.i said garden m koi aas pass wala dekh lega..
she said diware bohat uchi one will see us..i said one hand she has rope n in one hand has a very thin stick..we
r walking in garden..beech beech mai she beat my ass with tht thin stick..n whn she hit my ass with tht stick i cry in pain..
tears r coming frm my eyes..par use daya nahi aa rahi thi,,she keep on beating m..halh hour pass in the same way..
now she took m to the corner wall n say piss like a dog..isse pehle m kuch kehta she held my one leg n pull it up..
n say chal moot jaldi..or fir s wohi stick cracking my ass..i m in pain par kuch nahi kar sakta tha as i alwaz dream 4 this.
it was 1 pm now..she ordered m go inside like a dog..i m coming..after 5 minutes she came ..she was having a wild smile on her face.
n said hope u like ure madam..i say yes madam..this is the only thing which i can say..isse jyada m kuch nahi keh sakta tha..
agar m waha s jana bhi cahta to nahi ja sakta tha..she has kept my clothes somewhere..
she said stand up now..mujhese khada nahi hua ja raha legs were shivering..mere knees par she put tht stick hard n said
sidhe khade ho jao.. she came close to m n start kissing m frm one hand she held my hairs tight n frm other hand playing with
my cock. not just playing she was hurting m very badly..i was in heavy pain n i said madam please thoda dhire mujhe dard
ho raha h..she slap m bastard u r my slave i will treat u as i come on play with m..seduce m as u like..
i wint t her back side..n start caressing her shoulders, she gave a light moan unn..i start kissing her neck frm back side..
kissing her back..biting her ears.she was shouting in one hand was on her boobs…n one was on above the skirt..
i was pressing her vagina above the skirt..i was softly playing with her boobs..she try to push m in front as she wasnts t kiss m ..
but i hold her hard n continue me in my back cock was cracking in to her ass..n she was shouting..come on…do more.
.i was biting her ears..n she was in seven sky..her breaths are hetting heavier..
i did this for 15 -20 minutes…n move t the corner of the wall..n very wildly i start squeezing her boobs..u made heavy
weight on her pussy.i turned her to front cross her legs to my waist..put her skirt up..or corner s use laga kar ..i start
kissing her wildly..n giving her very hard srokes on her pussy with her panty between my cock n het chur..we were kisiing edig her nails it my back it start bleeding.. i forgot every pain n start kissing her n even i m too hard on her
lips..tht thy start bleeding..but she dint stop m.. as she was enjoying..suddenly she stroked seems as has her orgasm..
she pushed m back n beat m on my cock how dare u to do this without my permission..she was looking hornier at this time..
she again come forward or bina kisi reason k start beating m..she said use kisi male ko pain dene m maja aata h..she enjoya
a lot by doing this..she ordered m to make her nude..i made her nude..n now the sex godess is nude in front of m..she might
b 32-22-32..n she is around 5?9?…use nude dekhte hi mera lund 90 degree k angle mai aa gaya..she said mak it down..
otherwise u hav t pay heavy for this..but aise kaise ho sakta tha. lund niche nahi ho raha tha or wo mujhe mare ja rahi thi
ki isi niche kar..its a unbearable torture 4m..
but some how i managed…15 -30 min k baad use daya aa gayi n she stoped..she ordered m to sit down between her legs.
n put my lips on her pussy..n ordered cahe kuch bhi ho jai jab tk mai na kahi u will not move ure lips..or agar tumne aisa
kiya to mai apna promise bhul jaongi or mere nails k mark tumhare face par honge..mujhe samajah nahi aa raha tha ki ab kya hoga.
i was just simple licking her choot..deep..deepp..n deeper..n she was shouting..or chato..or chaat bhsodi k..aaj tujhe mai bhi
kutta bana kar chodundi.. mai yai sun kar dar gaya..but keep on suckinhg her….she was moaning suck m deepppppp..umm..aah…
or chat…she hold my head n pushing m deep.. i continuously suck her choor for 15 min…she start breathing fast..n move her
nap vigurous..hold my hair tightly.. i got t know she is going to orgasm n she plan to cum in my mouth..tht happen a very hot
salty liquid came in my mouth with too much force.. although i like the taste n i drink the whole..but i want t move my head
as it become difficult for m to breath..but
she has no mercy 4 me..she ordered m to lick more..n clean every drop..
i was licking her..soon i realise small drops in my mouth..the odour is bed..she held my hairs tightly..maine wahi s kaha whts this..
mu voive mummered..she held her legs cross t my head n held my hair tight..she said its my pee ..drink it…maine kaha no way..
agar muh hataya to to face par marks…i hav no option..but i closed my lips..n she start peeing with full thrust..she made her grip a
little lose.. n her pee flowing al over my ears..i was feeling very its the worst till now..she seems a
bit relaxed.. clear satisfaction was seen on her face..but she looks more wild n hornier..she said u r a good slave..
i went t washroom n clean my face..n do a deep gargle which mak m feel relaxed..
again i was in tht room with her..she was sitting on chair with a hunter in her hand..she beat m on my chest four hunters..n say u
know why u got thid on chest? i ask..why? bcoz u closed ure lips whn i was peeing..thts ure fault..for tht i gav arranged another
session for u..i say no ..plz.. n a another hunter on my chest..i hav no option…get on ure knees..she ordered..i was again in
between her legs..this time she made her toes placed on my ball.. n made a condition if i do somewrong this time she increase
the pressure on my balls…n i m responsible 4 that..again she using my lips for her pleasure..i am licking her n she was
enjoying..making love sound.hmmm..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…yaaaaaa..more deeper……. this continued for another half
she make my lips free..n increase pressure on my balls…i shout with pain..n my mouth opens a wide.. she ordered m to m make
it open ..n placed her chut a few cms away frm my mouth..n start peeing.. tht hot liquid reaches my throat n stop there bcoz at
any cost i m not going t drink tht..n start flowing from my mouth to chest..bus she was still peeing..she said this time u better
but u hav to learned more..its 3.00 in the noon..she said its time for lunch.. we had lunch..but she cant gav m water t drink.
.the food was too spicy..i ask her for water..she said i say u na still u hav to learn more.. mere pure gale mai itching ho rahi thi.
.but she is not giving m water..aise hi 4 baj gaye..she said u need water..
better u learn some more before tht..i had no other option so shake my head..this time she is standing with her legs wide open..
she sais inke bech mai aakat let jao..i do the same…with my mout wide open..n she again pee in my mouth…n this i hav t drink
par its my good luck as she standing to mere mouth m bohat kam gaya..this time she said..better this time…with her
pee in my mouth she start kissing m..uska pee uske mouth m bhi chala gaya..but she enjoyed..we were hugging each other
tightly n heat again on its flow..she gav m water to drink.. n say ab batao tum mujhe pehle chodoge ya mai tumhe..
i said jo aap kaho..
kuch der she was silent n said ..ok ..u first..par conditions meri hi rahengi..i said ok…
we went to bed room…i find a good round bed having good cushions n matresses…or waha wo sara saman tha jisse wo mujhe torture
kar sake..wo do the normal kissing so that she can torture m..we do normal kissing..n we r on 69 position..sucking each other ..
she o s good in sucking..i m enjoying now..par y khushi jyada der ki nahi thi..she tied my hand with rope on bed..usne fir s mujhe
torture karna shuru kar diya..jab bhi wo torturre karti she has a wild smile onher face..this time she play with her nails..biting
m with teeths.. her sharp edge nails r unbearable..hadh to tab ho gayi whn she cut on my thight..n put red chilly n lemon on tht..
i started crying..jitna m rota utna wo hasti..par this i alwaz dream so i enjoying this also.. now she starts sucking my dick..i
ntitially i start enjoying whn she sucks m deep..but later she started playing with it giv m a lot of pain
she was treating my lund as a rubber..n do wht ever she wants t do..
now she sit on my mouth..with her ass up n say me to lick her ass..i did tht also..kuch der wo mere sath leti rahi..nochti rahi marti
rahi..par wo thaki nahi..again she bring the stick n start beating m around my genitals..but this time a bit slower..its 5 in
the evening..mera sharir thak chuka tha..stil i hav t serve 4 seven more hours.. she made my hands free…n bring a pack of condom..
i realise its my time to torn her now..she but condom on my lund..n said jitne wild ho sakte ho ..ho jao..half hour i dont say anything.
i put a pillow down her ass..n now in a position to fuck her..i also want t give her a lot of pain in halh hour..thts why..enter
full in a single hard stroke…
she started crying u bastard…cant u b slow..i shut her mouth with my hand and again giv her a heavy stroke..she was crying..
no w i start fucking her in full motion.her legs arer up in the sky n i m fucking her hard..wo tadap rahi thi..plz b slow..mai mar
jaongi..u bastard fuck m ..but a bit slower..but who cares now..i made her in a dogie style..she was expecting i fuck her pussy
from back side..i hold her mouth tightly n enter in to her ass..which she screams fat jaigi sale..madarchod nikal..still i hav
10 more minutes to fuck her i fuck her good in again i m in misiionary position..n start pounding her hardly..she said
ab dekh mai kya karti hu..n on my back she dig her nails.. i start crying..i put my cock out..n remove my condom..n put in her mouth,,,
n say her to suck her…she sucks m lik a bitch..n i was about t come… n i explode in her mouth..which sh drank..but i dint remove her.
.i again start giving her hard strokes in her mouth..she want t remove but i held her tightly n i piss in her mouth full..
n leave her head..she got up ..or mere lund par jor s mara…madarchod teri himmat kaise hui mootne ki…i was in deep pain lying on
floor.. maine kaha tumne hi to kaha tha half hour i can do any thing t u.. isse pehle mai kuch samajhta usne mere dono hath par
bandh diye..or kaha ab dekh tera mai kya karti hu.. usne mujhe ulta letne ko kaha…or meri kamar par belt padne lagi..ek to usne
nails s kaat diya tha..uper s belt.. isse bhi uska mann nahi bhara to red chilli or nimboo..
ab wo thak gayi thi we took rest for halh hour..uske baad kya hua..i will let u know in the next episode if u like this..
to plz send m a reply..any dominating lady..who feel m good as her slave..plz contact m at
i can go to any limit..friends maine kahani ko achi banane kai liye isme koi uh aah ki awazw nahi rakhi ..its a totaly
true experience of life.. or jana kaha dosto kahani abhi baaki h…..agle 5 ghante to or hila dene wale the..i still
dream t b a slave..i just only slave..

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