Makaan Malik ki Biwi ko Zabardast Choda


Makaan malik ki biwi ko zabardast choda

By: Sammer

Hi friends Let me narrate my story. When I was searching a bachelor accommodation in bardoli near surat few years back, I could find a house on 2nd floor. This was an old constructed house having 3 bed rooms. All the three rooms open in the open air and there was only one toilet and a small bathroom. For washing clothes, one has to wash clothes under the sky and there was no roof on this top floor. This house was occupied by the landlord and his wife. And they agreed to rent out one room to me. Very soon, I have become just like their family member. The landlord used to say that I was just like their son as they do not have any issue. I used to call them uncle-ji & aunti-ji They used to offer me food or tea but I was not accepting due to hesitation.The landlord was a gentle man in his fifties, short height and very thin. He was having his sweet shop on the ground floor. His wife was around 45 years old, very fair, taller than her husband. She must be 5’6”, very fair complexion but she was very fat and must be weighing around 85 kg. I think her figure could be 44-34-42.The landlord used to leave at around 7 Am and I used to leave around 10 AM. I was working from Monday to Friday whereas sweetshop keeper used to work all seven days. But land lord used to come up for breakfast and lunch.One day when I was taking bath I notice that aunt was peeping into bathroom. I ignored this said nothing. But something started cooking into my mind. Next day I deliberately kept the door little opened and started removing my clothes. I knew that she was watching me. I removed my last clothe and started taking bath. I took lot of shampoo in my hand and started rubbing against my cock. It was fully erected and I was moving its foreskin back and forth. I became out of control and masturbated in front of her thirsty eyes. When I came out, the aunt was not there.On Saturday around noon time,

I saw from the window of my room that aunt was washing clothes sitting outside the bathroom under the sun. That time she was wearing a white blouse and white petticoat and she was completely wet. Her big melons were almost exposed due to low cut blouse and because it was totally wet. She was aware that I was watching her but she was pretending if she was ignorant my presence. She then opened purposely two blouse buttons and started washing again. I became very horny. I could not control and stopped reading newspaper. I removed my kurta and baniyan and started watching her very carefully. She was smiling singing and washing clothes. She used to watch me for a second and ignore me deliberately as if she was not aware of me. Then she suddenly stood up and made a knot of her wet and open hair. To my surprise she opened the complete blouse and sat down and started taking bath there only. She was marvelous, very white and a big pair of boobs with nice dark nipples. They were juicy melon of 44 d. I started rubbing my cock. She was rubbing her body mainly on boobs and reading my face. She stood up again and unrobed her petticoat. Oh my! What a voluptuous lady she was! Very huge breasts, very big buttocks and swollen pubic area. It was beautiful love triangle but hairy. She also put shampoo on it and started fingering in. She was moaning, enjoying it and at the same time noticing my reaction. I knew she was ready and hot and I could do whatever I wanted but I was very shy then. I could not dare to go to close to her. I was just rubbing my cock very hard. Then she wrapped a towel around and shouted, “sammer ! Ek minute aa na”. I went out side in my pyjama only asked her, “Han auntiji kya hua?” She was watching my tent pole bulging in my pyjama but only said, “Meri kamar me lachka agaya hai, tu jara ye kapade sukha de. Mujhse yeh balti nahi udhegi.”I told her to go and relax I would do that

Job. After doing this job I went to her room asked her, “Ab dard to nahi hai’. I knew that both of us were doing drama.
Aunt : Han dard to bahut hai, tu zara tail ki maalish kar de to aram mil jayega.
I : Theek hai auntiji , kahan rakha hai tail?
Aunt : Rasoi me se liya. Aur sun, zara main darwaza bund kar de, kabhi koi aa jaye.
I locked the main door and brought oil from kitchen and asked her, “kahan lagaun?” According to her advice I sat down on floor and she lied down on the floor on stomach. She put her face in my lap and put her hand around my waist and told me to apply oil on her back.
I : aise kaise lagaun. Toliya to hatana padega.
Aunt : Thoda sa neeche kar de.
I responded to her request. She was enjoying massage and at the same time she was rubbing my cock with her chin and nose. She was caressing my hips also. I got fully aroused. I asked her with naughty smile, “Auntiji agar aap seedhi let jay to main aage bhi tel laga doon.” The she obeyed me. I again said, “Aunti, aese to mera pyzama chikna ho jayega.”
Aunt : to ise utar de na, sharmata kyo hai.
I removed my pyjama and I was now only in my underwear. And it was bulging out. She smiled and lied down on the floor. I applied oil on her boobs and massaged her gently. It was my first experience with any woman. I had to use my both hands to fondle her one boob as it were so big. I was feeling as if I were in heaven. I was fully enjoying her fondling and she was also enjoying.
Aunt : Mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai. Tujhe bhi aa raha hoga?
I : Han auntiji, maine itne bade mamme to picture me bhi nahi dekhe?
Aunt : Tune kissi ladki to nanga nahi dekha kya?
I : bas aaj aap ko hi dekha tha pahli baar.
Aunt : To tu mujhe chhup chhup ke kar dekhta hai. Ab jab tune mujhe dekh hi liya to hata de yeh toliya aur poore shareer ki maalish kar de.
I got thrilled and I removed her towel and started massaging her but mainly her boobs and her hairy cunt.
Aunt : Tujhe meri choot kaisi lagi.
I : Bahut sexy hai. Lekin baal bahut hain.
Aunt ; Tujhe pasan nahi to saaf kar de meri jhante.

I went inside my room and brought my shaving kit and shaved her pussy. She examined her cunt by hand.
Aunt : Are wah ! Aisa lag raha hai jaise main solah saal ki ho gayi hoon. Sammer, zara mujhe ek baar apna lund to dikha.
I removed my underwear and she started playing with it.
Aunt : Kitna jawan lund hai tera. 5 inch ka to hoga?
I : Nahi, khara hone ke baad yeh bus 8 inch ka hot hai. Uncle ka bhi itna hoga?
Aunt : Us buddhe ka to chhota sa hai aur patla bhi. Us se bara to Ravi ka hi hai.
(Ravi was servant in their shop).
I : To kya aapne Ravi ka dekha hai?
Aunt : Han, do char baar chudwaya hai us se. Par tera lund to kamal ka hai.
I : To aap chuso na ise?
Aunt : Kya? Lund koi chusne ki cheez hai kya?
I : kya aapne kabhi lund nahin chusa?
Aunt : 50 saal ki ho gayi hoon maine to kabhi suna bhi nahi. Han janwaro ko jaroor idhar udhar muhn marte dekha hai.
I : To aapko 69 position ka bhi pata nahi hoga? Aapne kabhi blue film bhi nahi dekhi kya?
Aunt : Woh kya hota hai?
Oh my , she was raw lady from some village but what she was doing in this city. In order to teach her I lied down on her voluptuous body putting my face on her cunt and my cock on her face. She declined to suck it. I told her that I was going to lick her cunt but I would stop if she did not reciprocate. I ran my fingers on her pubic area, I opened her cunt lips with my tongue rubbed her pussy and clitoris and started licking vigorously – pushing my tounge inside her pussy hole, sucked her pussy lips. She had started enjoying and moaning. Then I stopped and asked her to suck my tool if she wants more fun. She immediately started sucking it and I also resumed. We were in perfect position 69. Soon she came into my mouth only and I drank her entire cunt juice. Then I warned her that I can come any moment. She did not listen to me and kept sucking my cock like lollypop. She was looking like mad and sex starved. I came in her mouth and to my surprise she drank every drop of it. My cock became limp and I stood up. Aunt asked why I stopped. I told her if she wanted more she has to make it erect again.

She took my cock and slowly moved the foreskin backwards – and started stroking and sucking again. When it was erected again, I moved little closer to her so that my cock was between her boobs. I advised her to hold the melons tightly wrapping my cock and started pumping up and down. I was enjoying the boob-fucking with this sex goddess. I rested my hands on her shoulders. She was watching it and was looking for opportunity to take in her mouth again. She sometimes opened her mouth so that my cock could enter her mouth. I was fucking her between her breasts and mouth at the same time.
Aunt : Kitna maza aa raha hai.
I : Par ab main teri choot chodna chahta hoon.
Aunt : To kisne roka hai, chod do meri choot.
Then I put my cock in her loose cunt that was very warm and wet. In the first stroke itself, it was all in. I started pumping vigorously.
Aunt : Ohh zor se jhatkey de. Aur zor se. Aur zor se. Zor se chod meri choot aur zor say. Ahhhhhh itna maza meri chhot ko kabhi nahi aaya. Mere mammo ko put de. Masal de. Bheench ke phor de in gubarron ko. Phar de meri choot ko. Iske phatte chakh de. Ahhhhhhh maarte ja maarte ja meri choot ko. Bahut piyasi ho rahi thi yeh, jab se tera lund dekha hai bathroom mein. Apni auntiji ko randi bana diya tune. Ab chod meri choot. Matherchod, chod chod chod aur zor se chod. Harami ki pille muth mat mara kar, bas mujhe choda kar. Karte ja, ruk mat bas lora pelo meri phuddi mein.Listening to these sex noises of high volume, I started fucking her more hardly. My cock was going in and out in her pussy. After few minutes I took out my cock from her cunt and asked her ride on me. I lied down and she sat down over me and adjusted my cock in her cunt and started jumping up and down and making her usual noise Ahhhhh,. My hands were on her big hips and I was sucking her huge melons. After a long time we came together. My cock and balls were totally wet with our combined sex juices.It was my nice experience in Surat and then I never thought to leave Surat. Now I am settled in Surat. Any lady of any age may contact me at for new experience and pleasure.

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