Jyothika Meri Jaan Chudakad Number One


hello to all the readers of Indian sex stories ,i love the website and am a regular reader. The story i am going to tell is fictions.
i love south Indian actress jyothika , she is the cutest and the most beautiful actress in the world, i have seen her in real life she is really gorgeous with 5 ‘7? height and i think 40? d boobs and 42? ass , she is of pink complexion and spotless skin .

i have seen her rare video capture for the debonaire magazine where she gave her fans a surprise of a life time with her nanga jism all spread for the camera in different poses , u should search on the web for it.

Lets begin with the story. jyothika ek din apni raja movie ke premiere party se wapas a rahi thi , wearing a black transparent sari well below navel with back less blouse with deeeeeeeep neckline hiding merely her nipples and she had dark make up done . pakki randi lag rahi thi , she was bit drunk as well ,she was bit out of senses isi liye her driver took her from the party venue to the car he grabbed her by her fleshy waist , aur uska lund khada ho gaya her one hand was on his shoulder because of which uska ek boob driver se sat gaya tha , driver jyothika ko daboch raha tha dar dar key in fear of what if she comes back to senses.

But there was no chance for the voluptous bitch to come to senses soo soon , the moment driver sensed this he just gave her a french kiss full on her jucy lips (she was looking very tempting with that horny smile on her face ). Driver toh kab se jyothika ko chodna chahata tha magar himmat nahi thi , lekin aaj toh jyothika ki gadarayi jawani uski black trasnparent sari se chalak rahi thi aur woh hosh mein nahi thi , uske kamar ke fleshy bal , perfect navel aur blouse phadtey uskey motey motey mammey , wah driver ne socha aaj toh meri life ban gayi aur woh sochney laga ki kaisey aur kaha isko chodu.They moved towards jyothika’s house the driver was desparately horny and jyothika was lying on the back seat of a car murmuring something.The driver mustered strength and stopped the car below a fly over , he went to the back seat , jyothika was lying down with her sari annan fannan revealing her fleshy kamar, heaving boobs and her milky white thunder thigs, bas yeh dekh driver pagal ho gaya us par vasna ka bhoot sawar ho gaya , usney socha naukri gayi bhad mein , aur woh jyothika ki chikni gori gori moti legs ko chatney laga , jyothika started making noise unhhh, arranhhh ouuuchhhe, then she gigled and the driver went mad he started licking and kissing jyothika who was looking sooo cute and horny form toe to head, she was wet with his saliva .Driver ne tabiyat se uske badan ki boti boti chus li aur noch dali , she became pink with all the nocha nachi.

suddenly the driver heard noise he looked out there were 4 rickshaw pullers looking at whats going on . they identified jyothika , they were sooo happy to see women of their dreams who they lech on on the screen half naked in front of them. They said to the driver , bhai yeh jyothika film heroine hai na , the driver said yes , they all smiled and was staring at her like pack of hungry wolves . The driver liked what was happening and he thought why not let them join me fucking this cute chubby bitch , he said ha bhai yeh jyothika film heroin hai aur sasuri kutia garama gayi hai , mein apna lund se isko thanda karunga . Woh boley ek se bhale char and they all laughed , they pulled jyothika out of the car , started abusing her ” rand teri toh aaj chute phaad dalengey” driver said der mat karo nochna shuru karo and they started pulling her sair , one pulled her pallu down and there she was almost half naked from top with blouse just a formality 2 rickshaw pullers started tearing the blouse from front holding it from both the sides the driver took out his camera phone started making mms , the other 2 richshaw pullers stripped her of her sari and one was pulling her petticoat up and the other was bitting her fleshy milky thighs . Jyothika seemed to come to senses by know but it was too late she screamed and shouted but there was no use. All 4 rickshaw wallas were enjoying jyothikas plump body.Ek aadmi uskey nipples ko muh mein lee kar chaba raha tha , waiting for it to start milking , 2 uski tangon ke beech mein gusey hue the aur uski choot aur gaand ke ched ko noch rahey they ,choos rahey they aur unke muh se chus chak chus chathkare marne ki awaj a rahi thi , the fourth guy started masterbating with the driver . One of them slapped her and she fell , other went to her face and showed her smelly dirty dick in her beautiful mouth and said ” chup kutia aaj toh tujhe hum randi bana kar hi chodeyngey” , jyothika was crying like a baby , siskian mar mar key she could not speak much because she was shouting and murmuring them to leave her however they gave a damn and were kissing her pulling her towards each other and enjoying the heavenly body she has, she was treated as a rag doll.

The man who had his dick in her mouth started fucking her cute lovely face and he soon released all of his yellowish cum in her pretty hot mouth , jyothika could not handle the load that the rickshaw wallah released and the cum started coming out of her mouth corners , suddenly she choked and some of the cum came out of her nose , the man took out his dick and they were all laughing . jyothika started taking the cum out of her mouth , she was spitting it but it was sooo thick that she could not and it was dripping from her mouth , she looked sooo inviting lying on the road fully naked with only make up and jewellry and her black high heels . The others saw what happened and came near her , they surrounded her and started pinching her she started to scream ,pls mujhe choddo janne do , then the driver said ” kya keh rahi hain madam , aapko chod de , chalo jo aapki icha. Yeh boltey hi driver went straight for her pussy and started fucking her with his tongue , he said ” sali badi rasili hai , jahan muh maro ras hi ras , guda hi guda hai and he started chewing jyothika’s thick pussy lips like a mad man.

She moaned oooooonnhhh, ouuuuccchhheee, oiiiimaaaa. All 4 rickshaw wala started masterbating surrounding jyothika and said ab ek ek kar key hum sab tujhe apna lace chakhayengey aur jiska lace tuney nikala , ya zamin par girney diya woh tujhe sabse pehley chodeyga .
And by the time jyothika realised what they said , she came , she could not believe what is happening , she was actually cuming in his drivers mouth and she closed her eyes and bit her juicy lips and while releasing her cum she held her drivers head with her thighs tightly between her legs and gasped oooohhhh aaaannnnhhh yesssssssssssss.Now it was time to gulp the thick cum all the 4 bastards will take out of there dirty big black cocks in jyothika’s sexy cute lovely mouth , they could not wait to release cum in her mouth and in her plump pussy……………to be continued.

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