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When I got an appointment as a teacher in a distant school situated about 200 km from my hometown, I was happy but my parents were worried about my boarding and lodging. I cannot come home everyday, since I may have to find accommodation for stay and make food by myself. My culinary skills were very limited. At the age of 23, an attractive girl to go to an unknown place and staying alone had many risks which my parents were aware and tried to tell me to decline the offer.

Ani, my mother used to call me and said dont go, just refuse and stay back, something better will turn up. But with a sense of adventure I did not want to leave the opportunity. There will be some lady teachers in the school who will help. The place is a real village without a trace of the urban civilization and the people were very frank and outspoken and very helpful. There were only two lady teachers and they were staying with their husbands and families and hence the possibility of my staying with them was ruled out.

They all found out a small portion of a large house very suitable for my stay. The rent was also cheap and the conveniences were also much. I moved in without any second thoughts. The land lord is said to be staying in the other portion of the house. They had a nice attached bathroom, a small kitchen with pantry and a bedroom and a drawing room. They gave me adequate furniture for my use. In school all the staff were very nice and cooperative, I prepared my own food and everything went on smoothly.

At the end of the month I went to meet the landlord to pay him the rent, I was surprised. A young man in modern clothes and a laptop computer with many files and text books spread all across the table was working and hearing my sound looked up at me. I gave my usual respects. After the initial customary talks he asked whether I can meet him conveniently later. I nodded my head and came out.

I came to know that Madhu, did his MBA and was working with an MNC, but when he lost his father, he left his job and came home to manage their home business and he did his export business from home. He was always busy and kept late nights without any external help. My respect for that man increased.

One day he sent for me and asked me whether I can spare some time to help him work his office. I told him I am busy at the school during day time and I can be free only in the evenings and again I may have to cook my own food and hence I am busy in the late evenings. Dont worry about other things come down as soon as you return from school you can have your tea and supper with me here.

I have some work for you for doing which I will pay you separately. I said I will have to think about it please give me some time. He was quite dignified while talking and I had to give my consent. I knew book keeping and computing and with this knowledge if I can earn something I thought it will be to my advantage. In the morning on my way to the school I went to him and told him that I will come in the evening.

He expressed his happiness. When I went to his office he showed me his books and files and asked me to keep them up to date. I said ok and went through the books and files. His accounts were in area and his papers were lying all over the table and needed proper filing. I got busy tidying his things. I saw he was watching me closely and made occasional comments to help me to search things.

I had tea and snacks with him and we went on working. He was busy with his computer thumbing mails sending out inquiries and replying. Somebody brought supper in a tray and he asked me to finish the food. He went out for half an hour and came back after bathing. We ate the supper of chappathis and curries etc.

Time was 10 pm and I told him that I will go and come back the next day. He nodded and came up to the door to see me off. Afterall I had to go to the other side of the building to enter my residence. I was thinking of him all the while. He was young,charming and rich. He may not be more than 25 or 26.

He could have married and got his business managed by a manager. People have their own ways of doing things, I thought. Next day as usual I went to the school and in the evening I directly went to my apartment and took bath, changed and then reported to Madhu.

He was apparently pleased. He said he went through my work and was very much satisfied. I noticed his look was more piercing and asked some personal questions about my background and education etc. Next day I almost completed his accounts and filing of papers. His table looked clean. I stalked all the files in the filing cabinet and labeled them for easy identification. On the third day he asked me to take his laptop and reply some of the mails received and take out print out of the replied for our office files.

He went out and returned freshly bathed and clad in kurtha pujama. he came and stood near me looking at the monitor and reading my replies to the customers. Suddenly I realized he was looking at my ample boobs thru the cleavage. I adjusted the dupata in such a way that he may not get a free view.

Suddenly he looked up and asked me since the following day was Saturday and there was no school, what I proposed to do for the weekend. I was taken aback, said meekly that I had not planned for anything. I have to sit and read lot of books I brought.

He said I have a suggestion, why not go for an outing to our farm house. It is a nice location and we may order for food which will be served there. The house is also good and well furnished and we may do some office work also. I said it is ok, We shall start early morning and return by evening. Get one set of clothes and other toiletries. He brought his new car.

We packed our bags and some boxes in the rear and we set out to the farm house.It took nearly 2 hours to reach the farm house in some hilly track. It was a village road and very few people only were seen in the road. Farm house is a nice cozy cottage with wide veranda and nice rooms. We went in and a servant brought all our bags and boxes. He asked his servant to bring hot tea and breakfast immediately.

He took me around and showed me the farm house. It was a nice cottage built among a cluster of trees, with cool breeze blowing. There was only one bed room with attached bath and another room to be used as a guest room, kitchen, pantry etc. There were some village women working in the kitchen.He had a big office room and a computer, tables, chairs, and an anti room where a cot was laid.

Breakfast was brought and we ate it in no time. He was watching me eating hot idlis. He was in a bermuda and a slack shirt and I was in a cotton saree and matching blouse. He laid all the office materials on the table and started his work earnestly. I sat in a chair and was going through the files. Time was just 10 am and the nice breeze induced sleep.

He told me that he has wireless internet in the computer and if I am interested I may proceed to browse. When I went and switched on the system, I found a highly erotic picture displayed as a screen saver. I was taken aback and turned my head to look at him. He asked me what is the matter.

I simply said nothing and turned to search for the sites I had in mind. Madhu got up and came near me and said that we are full liberty to do what ever we want, please do not be formal, just relax and enjoy life. I nodded my head and turned to the system. The screensaver changed and another erotic picture appeared of a lady giving blow job.

I have never seen such scenes in my life and such display of sex made me hot and horny. when I clicked another picture of a big cock appeared with the face of a woman who had sucked it. The next picture was of a fucking scene. A boy and a girl totally nude were about to insert his cock into her cunt. Dont you know any other erotic site? he asked and came and stood near me.

I had a fear that my wetness had seeped down into my saree and if I get up it will be seen by him. He pulled a chair and sat near me and started operating the key board. His hand was touching my boobs and I had no space to move backwards.

He applied more pressure on my boob and I thought it was intentional. The scene on the monitor was a video scene of fucking. The sound of moaning was loud and I was afraid whether anybody may not watch. He said dont worry nobody will come unless we call them. We sat and watched the fucking scene. I noticed a bulge in her bermuda and he did nothing to hide it. My wetness increase to a flow.

Suddenly I realized that smooch has been planted on my cheek. With his both hands he pulled me closer to him smiling. I could not help I was being dragged closer to him. He placed one of his hands on my boob and was trying to pull me for a kiss. I was in total helpless condition. With a glorious fucking going on in the computer monitor

I could not help succumbing to his advances. unhooking my blouse and bra he brought out my boobs within no time and lowered his face and was licking and sucking my erect nipples. Not that I am an untouched virgin, but the man who was my boss and whom I admired for his work and handsomeness, sucking my nipples made me very hot.

He squeezed both of my boobs and sucked my nipples alternatively. Kissing me frantically on my cheeks his hungry lips were seeking my lips. My lips were also wanted to be kissed and sucked. But I never thought it will happen so soon and in a strange surroundings. He got up with his cock causing a bulge, he took my hand and pulled me to his bedroom.

Slowly he undressed me and I did not resist. I was in my petty coat and bra. He removed my petty coat and only my panty all wet only remained. My bra was dangling exposing my boobs completely. He removed his bermuda and his big cock was there in full erect condition.

He made lie down in the bed and lying near me he ran his hands all over me including my shaven pussy. Kissing me throughout the body he kissed my pussy and opened the pussy lips with his fingers and nudged at my clit. Wetness was there all over.

He licked the whole area with all greediness. Voluntarily I opened up my legs to give him more access. With my hands I took hold of his cock. He asked whether I am ready to suck it. I said yes. He gave his cock into my mouth. I took three fourths of it into my mouth and rotated my tongue around it.

Madhu was slowly fucking me in my mouth which I too enjoyed. Finally he shot his cum into my mouth in powerful spurts which choked me. He got up and allowing time to get composed, he went to the cunt and was trying to insert his cock in my cunt. I very much wanted his cock inside me since I was not satiated.

Entry of his cock into my cunt was difficult and he made gentle force to push it in in three or four attempts. It was painful and pleasurable simultaneously. He allowed his cock fully inserted to remain inside my cunt and relaxed. He was smiling at my face and I too meekly attempted to smile. He started to fuck in slow strokes and then pulled the whole thing out and then push the whole thing inside.

Each time he went in I gave out a moan and this operation gradually gained speed and I was in seventh heaven. He lowered is face and sucked my nipples which enhanced my pleasure. His care about my pleasure was great that he asked me frequently whether I am enjoying his fuck. I reply in affirmative.

Finally I knew my orgasm was getting gathered from my whole body and it came like a thunder shower. I lost all my composure, hugged him tightly and entwined my legs around him. From his facial expression I knew he too was nearing his orgasm. It came in waves and I was riding at the top of the surf. His each stroke lifted me up and I gave out a moan loud enough to be heard outside..

His spurt was so powerful that I could sense it inside me. When he finished we both were tired. While washing inside the bathroom I could get streaks of blood in my hand mixed with all fluids. He embraced me and kissed me fondly and I reciprocated with gratitude. He then proposed to me to marry him. I happily agreed.

I should have told him to talk to my parents and other elder relatives in the family. It was already noon and I had to bathe afresh and change into new clothes.He too changed into new clothes and came out and shouted for his servant who was out in the fields. he ordered for best food to be brought from the hotel, although the ladies had prepared nice food for both of us.

I went to the kitchen and saw the food prepared was nice and told him to take food prepared in the kitchen. It was all home made with good ghee and the fragrance was nice. In the afternoon we had one more round but very length round.

He told me that from the very first day of my meeting him he was giving shape of such an outing and it was his fortune that he got a wife who understands his business and his sexual needs. I told my parents over phone and they said they will come the following day to finalize the wedding arrangements.

Madhu offered to bear the entire cost of marriage and our marriage was conducted in grand scale. If you want to give any kind of feedback or need my help you can mail me on : “” .

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