With My Teacher’s Wife


Hello readers. This is my first story for u. i am Krishna from Tamil Nadu. So if u likes it, do let me know. It was year 2003. I was in my 2nd year of Eng. My college was in Erode. I had a teacher called Vinoth Sir who taught us VLSI. His house was near our college and students used to visit his place for doubts.But that wasn’t the only reason.

Sir was the dullest character around and on the contrary he had the best woman as his wife. She was not very beautiful but there was something in her that attracted all. She had a medium built, a pair of good looking breasts, round ass and the some extra pounds of fat around her navel and hip. She had a huge navel hole and every time I saw her I had a strange tickle down my spine. I always wanted her close but never knew I would get her someday.

It happened on Diwali eve. Sir had gone with his son to do some shopping. Since transport was not that good he was late returning home. It was evening and there were crackers and lights all around. I was on my way to hostel when I saw Sir’s wife sitting lonely on the stairs. She was waiting for her family 2 return. I didn’t know that he has not returned and has left his wife for me to enjoy. I went inside and asked her about sir. “your sir has not returned and has left me all alone” was all a sweet voice uttered.

I started showing my concern. She called me inside for tea. When I went in she said “people here are mean minded and so I didn’t want to talk 2 u outside”. I already started having shivers. We were lonely in that house and she was standing there dressed in red saree and black sleeveless blouse. My eyes fell on her navel and everything else went for a toss. I was desperate. My ears and eyes were burning and I was dying for her. I asked her name. Swetha is what she said.

She made tea and we started sipping on it. She was speaking about her family life and all but I hardly listened. I softly kept my hands on her. She was shocked and stood up. She didn’t say a word but kept strain at me. The silence was making the air horny. We were strain at each other and I knew that it was the right time. I was sitting on the sofa and she was standing in front.

I wrapped my arms around her hip and brought her close to me. I removed the saree and exposed her navel. It was as big as a one rupee coin and equally fleshy. I planted a kiss on it and looked at her. She was silent and was breathing very heavily. I understood that she was hungry too. I pulled down the anchal and now she was standing before me with her tight blouse trying to hide her melons and her nude belly, all at my mercy.

I stood up pounced on her. I was holding her tight against the wall and started kissing her. Her eyes, her neck, her cleavage, her melons and her belly. Suddenly I felt her hand holding my hair and pulling me up to her lips. I kissed her lips and she opened her mouth to take my tongue. We started kissing like crazy. She was holding my hair so tight that it was paining. My hands moved all over her body but our lips didn’t part. It was almost 10 mins of vigorous kissing after which she pushed me on the sofa.

As I licked my lips I got the taste of blood. She had kissed me like an animal. This made me more violent. I pulled her beside me and with one go I tore apart her blouse. Her black bra got exposed. I slipped my hand inside her bra and started squeezing her melons mercilessly. She was moaning ahhh haaaa haa”. I started pumping her breasts even harder.

Suddenly she opened her bra and threw it on the floor. She caught my head and pulled it to her breasts. I took her melon in my mouth and started eaten it. The softness and the flesh were killing me. I almost took the whole huge melon at once and got suffocated. She was holding my head firmly to her breasts and was screaming, partially due to satisfaction and partly due to the love bites that I was planting on her breasts.

She now took off my shirt and stared kissing my chest and nibbled my nipples. I was going mad. She then took my jeans and threw it near the door. I was lying with my jockey on the sofa and she was there in front as a hungry bitch. She gave a few nibbles on my organ over my jockey. My rod was throbbing inside and was dying to come out. She understood and granted the wish like an angel.

She pulled down my jockey and started stroking my organ with force. I saw her tongue wetting her lips. And then she opened her mouth in the shape of an O and took my rod inside her mouth in a flash. She moved up and down and took it deep till her throat. Her saliva was making my rod shine and she was eaten it hungrily with closed eyes. It was almost 15 mins and I knew I was coming.

I jerked heavily and splashed my first load in her mouth. She drank it whole and looked at me with a smile. Her lips were filled with my cum. She was still stroking my rod softly. “I pushed her on the floor and pulled her clothes off. Her panty was already wet and it took me only seconds to throw it off. I parted her legs and said “Azhagana Indha Sorgam Ippo Enakku Kidachirukku”. I plunged onto her love hole in a flash and started licking it. She moaned out loud “Aaahhhh… .” her words were making me more violent. I felt as if she was my newly married wife.

I licked, nibbled, kissed her choot till her whole body trembled and along with her screams she let out a jet of her love juice. I drank it and looked up at her face. She was lying at my mercy. I took her legs and placed it on my shoulders and kept my long erect rod at her entrance. She was gasping and as soon as I entered her she screamed “aaaaahh.”

I completely went mad. I caught her melons with two hands and started tearing her. Within mins my rod was hitting her end walls and she was shivering and throwing herself on the floor with my moves. I went on and on as if never to end. I fucked her harder and harder. Our bodies were thudding on the floor and almost after 20 mins of constant to and fro she screamed and had her orgasm. I was coming too. I pressed her melons harder and bite her neck and with one huge tremor I squeezed all my hot sperm inside her.

After shedding all my load I collapsed on her. She gently hugged me and we slept in that position for few mins. When I got back my senses I rolled over to her side and looked at her. There she was, my first woman sleeping nude and satisfied with the best smile on her face. She gave me my best Diwali. I kissed her for the last time, cleaned myself, gathered my clothes and left for my hostel. We did make love lot of times after that till I completed my Eng. Now I work in Chennai. How u enjoy my Stories, I am waiting for your comments to krishna_tnerode@yahoo.co.in

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