Two Sikh Students & Their Mom – Part I


Hi, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I born in a middle class Bangladeshi family and serving in a public organization I’m married and having two kids. I spent a lustful life indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. So I want to share the stories of those incidents with others. I assure u that every tale will give u a full satisfaction.In the year 1981, I was then 19, my B Sc exam was over and I have leisure of 3 months before publishing of the result. The readers who read me regularly know about my visiting of grandpa’s house. Returned from there I bored for eating and sleeping lazily.

I had enough time, so I again decided to do tuition. The logic was it would be a source of spending time as well as earning money. As I was good student, it didn’t not take more time to manage a tuition. Among many offers I will tell about which the particular tuition which I decided to do that one of my friends informed me. The two daughters Anika and Monika were my students. Their mother was divorced and a staff nurse of the public hospital by profession and then lived in the third floor of the hospital’s family quarter.

When she was divorced with those two lass, they were only 3 and 2 years kids. Their mother didn’t get married again for growing up them. When I got the responsibilities to teach them Anika was then in class eight and Monika in class seven. The two sisters were fully opposite by their body color, figure, nature, height, weight and merit.

Anika was pudgy by 4’-3” and 37-35-40, blackish color, not fair complexion with flat nose and dull in merit otherwise Monika was tall 5’-2”, slim figure 30-24-34, whitish color, fair complexion with stiff nose and meritorious. How the two opposite figures borne from the same ovary, god knows. I started my tuition and for my nature of behavior their mother who’s I called maasi (aunty) did not take more time to receive me cordially and soon I got permission to go from bathroom to bedroom.

I was permitted to take any special food sitting in the kitchen. On the other hand Anika advanced step by step and made an easy relation with me. I taught them at 4 pm to 6 pm. As maasi was a nurse, she performed shifting duty for 8 hours simultaneously week basis. The duty schedules ware 8 pm to 4 am, 4 am to 12 pm and 12 pm to 8 pm. So every two weeks interval one week I didn’t meet maasi, that time her duty schedule was 12 pm to 8 pm.

About two months past, primarily she began to banter a little with me in the week that massi absented at home and then gradually increased that, Monika silently observed. One day Anika gave me a book to mark answers of some questions. I innocently brought it home and at night when I opened it to do the job; I saw a sheet of folding paper inside the pages. I thought, questions were written on it but it was a love letter.

She proposed me to love her and requested to buy her a bra of size 36. Next day I returned the book and acted innocent that I knew nothing about the letter. Next two days was my off day. After two days, I reached and rang the doorbell. Anika opened the door and as I entered she whispered, “where is the answer of my letter?” I smiled and acted innocently, “letter, which letter, whose letter, I don’t know anything about any letter, what are you saying about?”

She didn’t tell anything more because it was not safe to delay there as her mom was at home then. I sat on the table which was a little one for two students and a teacher, the table was adjacent with the wall at its one length and I sat at the other length, Monika sat my right and Anika left width. Often my legs touched with their legs and it was a continuous incident, when it happened Anika smiled at me but Monika was very serious. In that day I felt Anika’s toe on my left foot,

I thought it was accidentally like other days, but I felt some pressure on my toe. I looked at Anika’s eye, she was smiling and biting her lower lip. My experience told me that she soon pulled off her attire in front of me. The thought made my manhood erected. In the next day the same happened again and she smiled me mysteriously, I didn’t let realize her how professional player I was!

I just observed the aggression of my student. Massi took rest in her bedroom when she stayed home and a very often she met me if there was not special something.Gradually Anika increased her seducing and I became innocent that I am an angel. But she didn’t break her seducing. She gave me another love letter when she came to open the door and whispered, “this time I want your answer”. I smiled but told nothing.

At the reading table, Monika went to bathroom and at that chance Anika pulled my hand and kissed on it and smiled at me. I backed my hand sooner that her mother would see that. At the same time she regularly footed me. I realized that she would not relieve me from her crave easily, so I handover me to her. Next week her mother didn’t at home for her duty, Anika repeatedly kissed on my hand in absence of Monika. Everyday my penis dripped pre-cum as Anika’s activity made it erected.

Next day when I sat on my chair, she inserted my left leg between her two legs and pressed with her thighs. She forwarded her waist and let her pussy touch with my knee. I was so horny that I couldn’t control me and hiding Monika I downed my left hand and grabbed her right thigh, she just smiled at me. In the meantime one day I found a guest in their quarter and knew that their maternal uncle with his daughter visited their house.

Their cousin named Laksmi came to meet me, she was then 11 and 4’-10”, fair complexion, Monika like figure and guava size teats. Laksmi was very mischievous which I knew in the very next day. In the next day when I went their house, maasi was not at home, I sat on my chair and the two sisters sat also, in the meantime

I heard giggling of Laksmi but couldn’t understand why she was giggling but at the end of my teaching when I wanted to leave the chair I couldn’t. Some glue was applied there and my lungi pasted up with the chair and this was done by Laksmi. Anika was going to scold her but I stopped and controlled the situation. After all from the next day she never did that type of banter with me.

Two days passed, Laksmi became very free with me and chitchatted when I taught my students. She was very sexy to look at and every time when she came to me stood beside me holding my chair’s rest and her teat touched my head. Very often she pricked on my body and grabbed my neck with her arm. My evil thought poked me to touch the nice teats of Laksmi but didn’t get the way of doing that.

A great idea came to my head, load shading was the regular fact and maasi performed afternoon duty. I told my students that the next day I should have to finish an urgent job so I would teach them at the evening, they agreed. The next day I reached there at the dusk and began to teach them. Meanwhile the electricity failed and the room became dark. In that chance Anika grabbed my hand and pulled to her breast, at first I felt the size and softness of Anika’s breast, it was nicely soft and big.

In the meantime, Monika got a candle and lit it, the darkness dissolved. But I had another idea, so I proposed, “it is too difficult to study in this insufficient light, let’s play something”. Laksmi then and then agreed and asked, “what game do we play?” I proposed “let’s play thief and police”. All agreed gladly except Monika, she usually calm and quite as I observed. I expressed the rule of the game, “firstly we would arrange a lottery, who wins she is the police and her eye should be tied with a piece of cloth,

Other three will hide themselves at their suitable place that the police can’t find her, if finds she will be the police, the game will continue until electricity comes.” We arranged the lottery by writing a zero in the one piece of paper and extra three blank pieces were mixed with it then each of us took one piece, Laksmi got the ‘zero’ piece. We hid ourselves and Laksmi found Monika. Next time I hid myself at an open place that I would get the chance to be the police.

Anika tied my eyes but I could hardly see bending my head backwards through the lower portion of the cloth. I easily saw that Anika hid in the bedroom, Monika in the bathroom and Laksmi in the kitchen. I opened my eyes and straight went to the kitchen. I easily understood that Laksmi hid behind the rice-drum. I acted like I couldn’t find her and went to the drum, I whispered, “is anyone here,

I can’t understand, let me search”, saying this I inserted my hand behind the drum and I kept my palm on Laksmi ’s shoulder. Again I whispered, “I am not sure, is anyone here or not, let me search carefully”. I slipped my hand forward and soon got her teat, I grabbed it and pressed and whispered, “what is this, soft and round, I think it is a rubber ball”. I again pressed it and pressing for few seconds, Laksmi didn’t obstruct me. I left the kitchen and entered the bedroom.

I easily found Anika hiding there but she didn’t let me shout first. She hugged me and kissed me for few seconds and whispered through my ear, “I love you sir, don’t you?” I just smiled and pressed her boobs. At that moment I saw Monika and soon released Anika and shouted “I got the thief”. I let Anika found me again and at that time Laksmi hid in the bedroom and Monika in the kitchen, Anika hid under the table.

As the previous I straight went inside the bedroom and got Laksmi there. I direct held her out and hugged with my chest and pressed her soft boobs with my two hands, she just whispered, “you are so naughty, I love you”. I said, “don’t love me, you’ll get sorrow”. I didn’t take more time to found and shouted her. Thus I pressed Laksmi’s bare breasts inserting hand through her frock about seven times and Anika’s about four times in the game.

When I left the house I noticed that the front upper portion of my lungi was almost soaked by the pre-cum saliva from my penis. Laksmi stayed for more two days, her father went for an urgent job keeping her there and he returned and took her away. They days were memorable which Laksmi stayed there.

Laksmi’s disappearance brought calmness in the apartment. Continuously Anika kept my knee touching her pussy and I suffered with my tingling penis. I often kneaded her thigh and slightly touch her groin and pussy lips, sometimes I hardly touch her bosom. I was damn sure that if I got chance Anika should lie for me. In the meantime, one day Anika informed me that one of her classmate wanted to meet me.

Because my handwriting dazed her. No doubt my handwriting is so cute. I gladly accepted the proposal and told her to bring her to me in those days when maasi performed her afternoon shift. Two weeks later the week came and Anika fixed the day of meeting me and her classmate Sabrina. I inquired about the pulchritude of Sabrina, Anika informed me she was so cute.

Day before of the particular day Anika informed me the attendance of Sabrina. I was so excited that, the thought ‘what would happen in the next day’ didn’t sleep me in the whole night. I thought many ways and didn’t get any solution of that.In the next day I wore shirt, trouser and shoe that I usually didn’t wore when went to the tuition. I pushed the call bell and Anika opened the door. In other days, when I entered saw Monika sitting by the reading table but that day I didn’t see.

In absence of Monika getting chance Anika hugged me and kissed and whispered, “Sabrina has come”. I sat on my chair then Monika came out from their bedroom and Anika entered. After few minutes Anika came out and informed me that Sabrina felt shy and didn’t agree to meet me in front of the two sisters. Monika told me to go inside the bedroom and meet Sabrina. I watched Anika and went inside the bedroom; saw a beautiful girl sitting on the sofa bending her head downwards.

Anika introduced me with the girl, “sir, this is Sabrina, your handwriting fan.” The girl looked at me and stood up and honored me. I told her to sit; closing the door Anika went away. I sat beside her and chitchatted and bantered with her for half an hour. In that span of time I tamed her and could kiss on her chick. She was so happy and aggressive but I didn’t overact though I could touch her bosom if I wanted.

I told her, “this place is not safe for passing time with you, if you don’t mind please come to my house tomorrow at 10 to 11 am”. I also warned her not to disclose our program to anybody, she gladly accepted my proposal and promised to come, I simply caressed her and went out from the room. After a while she left the apartment with a smile to me.

I am the only son of my parents. My father used to went out for his job at 9:45 am and my two sisters went out for their school at 10 am. Regularly my mom went out to share betel leaves with her nearby betel leaves eater friend and returned at about 11-11:30 am. This was the routine of our house, so 10 to 11 am the house became free. The next day at about 10:15 am my doorbell rang and hurriedly I opened the door,

Sabrina was standing there. Soon I grabbed her hand and dragged her into the room. Closing the door I hugged her tightly with my chest that she was my long ever friend. She just smiled and enjoyed the caressing. I dragged her to the sofa and snuggled her. I didn’t want to pass the time so directly I aggressive and she didn’t refuse. I grabbed her bulky bosoms over the cloth and pressed, she kept her eyes closed.

I got the green signal, so I unzipped her frock and took off, there was a vest inside it. Soon I pulled it out and her upper body was bared. Her fully rounded great boobs were so silky and soft that it bewildered me. Raw turmeric and red mixed color of her body skin and with a large surrounding the stiffed nipples were firmed upwards. I soon took one of it in my mouth and began to suck like a baby. She became groan aahhhhh. I grabbed with my and the other and squeezed. Then I simultaneously interchange the sucking and pressing.

Sabrina began to rolled her body and I didn’t late to took off her lower attire. I lain her on the back on the sofa and parted her two legs. Her pussy was neatly shaved and with the thick lips a vigorous crack was visible. I parted the pussy lips with my old and index fingers, then her puny clit visible. Beneath the clit a puce colored narrow canal went deeper. I descended my head and sniffed the bald pussy, it was so nice and I touched my tongue to the crack.

I inserted my tongue through the crack and slight salty taste of pre-cum rejoiced me. I dipped my tongue through the canal. Sometimes she lifted her waist upwards and rubbed her pussy with my face and teeth. I pushed her waist with the sofa and parted her legs widely. My 7” inch penis grew like iron-rod and was tingling and roaring to insert into the canal. I squatted between her legs, my circumcised penis erected so hardy that it bended upwards. So I bent it downward and set the tip of my penis with the pussy hole’s opening.

I advanced my waist and the head of the penis popped in her well lubricated pussy hole, then I thrust my whole length inside her pussy. Sabrina’s flat tummy was so cute and the deep naval was so nice that I licked from it to upward and sucked her two nipples. I kneaded her two vigorous boobs and drove my waist. She just moaned and groaned “aaahhh, uuuhhhhh, iiiiiisshhhh, harder fuck me harder, faster please faster”.

I accelerated my speed and a thap thap sound grew from the collision of her pussy and my pubic. After 10 minutes I rolled her upside down and set her body to kneel down on the sofa. Her pussy blossomed like a lotus at the back within her two thighs. I set my penis to the opening and shoved my penis through the canal. Her two boobs hanged from her chest, I grabbed those with my two hands and pressed.

Then I released her boobs and stood straight, because I didn’t get enough strength to fuck her vigorously. Then I grabbed her waist and began to fuck with my full strength. After more 15 minutes she rolled herself and lain on back and parted her two legs widely and rubbed her pussy. I again pushed my penis through her pussy canal and drove my waist.

Within two minutes she hissed and groaned like a dog and spurted her semen soaking my penis. Meanwhile I came to the point of ejaculation, so I pulled out my penis from her pussy hole and ejected on her tummy. Then we both wiped ourselves with tissues. Before leaving my house I invited her to come when she want. After that she came twice to fucked herself.

I realized that Anika wanted to lay with me and I also wanted to fuck her but didn’t get chance. My house is not so safe; many girls’ appearance should grow doubt to the neighbors. So I had to satisfy by touching her over the cloths. Six months passed. One day I didn’t find Monika at the reading table. As usual maasi was on her duty and Anika was alone in the house.

Taking me to my chair she informed me that Monika got admitted in a knitting course and that was her first day, so she went to the knitting school. She stood behind me and grabbed my neck with her two hands, her bosom crashed with my head. I dragged her to my front and rested on my lap and grabbed her bosoms and pressing those. I wanted to know about Monika’s knitting class, she said, “two classes in each week,

Monday and Thursday.” I pulled her up and set astride face to face on my lap. Slowly I unzipped her frock and bared her shoulder, slipped the bra strap and pulled down. I released her two arms from the attire. Then I unhooked the bra and removed the frock and bra downward. The round and soft blackish boobs came out from the attire. The nipples were darker and stiffed. I took one nipple into my mouth and began to suck it otherwise I kneaded another with my palm.

I alternatively sucked and pressed her two boobs and my penis was tingling. As it was under Anika’s ass it couldn’t stand. As soon as I lifted Anika from my lap than my penis jumped upward and made a tent with my lungi. I sat Anika on the table and lain on her back. Her waist was placed at the edge of the table and legs were on the chair. Soon I untied her salwar string and pulled off from her legs.

Her pussy was covered with thick pubic hair. I bent her legs from knees and lifted those on the table and parted oppositely. Then her pussy cleavage as well as her thick and long black clit was visible. Her pre cum soaked her pubic hair and those were shining. Sitting on the chair I dipped my mouth on her pussy and licked it. I parted her thick pussy lips and licked inside the crack and the hole. The rose colored hole looked very nice. She told me, “you are a genius to fuck.” I said “how do you know?” she giggled, “

Sabrina told me everything what you did”. Her pussy canal danced when she was giggling. I sucked her clit and inserted my tongue through her pussy hole. After some time she began to moan aah aaahuuuu iuiii, rhen she shuddered and spurted her semen on the table.

Then Anika downed her legs and those touched my erected penis, she pressed it with her two feet. She rolled it with her feet. Then she got down and grabbed my lungi, with a great pull she released it from my waits, my penis came out. Seeing the size she astonished, “umma, how long and thick it is!” then she grabbed it with her hand and said, “hard as iron”. I said, “suck it”.

She took it in her mouth and began to suck as a lollipop. Her sucking gave me much pleasure and I just ejected within five minutes. Then she rested herself on my lap and I pressing her boobs as well as chitchatted about Sabrina and Laksmi. I wondered to learn that she knew all what I did with Laksmi and Sabrina. In the meantime we both became hot and I again lain her on the table. Standing on the floor I parted her legs widely and set my penis at her pussy hole.

Slightly increase pressure I could insert one and a half inch of my penis but she got pain. Then I pulled back and poured some saliva at the aperture of the pussy. I again held my penis with my left hand, bended downward and set to the opening of her pussy hole. Then it was well lubricated and slippery with pre-cum and with the stroke I fully inserted my penis and began to fuck her. She was continuously groaning like aaaauuuuuch iiiiiiiisshhhh etc. I ejected before a few minutes so the next ejection took time.

About 30 minutes I crashed the pussy with my penis and kneaded her melons and then we both ejected almost the same time. After this I fucked Anika when Monika went to the knitting class and their mom attended afternoon duty. One day I was fucking her, Anika just ejected and I was near the ejection, the doorbell rang.

I ejected hurriedly, spurted semen in my lungi and released Anika to open the door. I hurriedly sat on the chair and took a book in front of me, it was Monika, she entered and gave an angry look at me. My hairs were amalgamated and the whole body was wet by sweat even my lungi was soaked by semen. Monika told me “is your teaching over? Now depart”, I clearly realized that she understood all.continued to part-2

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