That Dark Night


Hello people, this is Rahul from Bangalore I am a great fan of ISS and I am writing my first sex story hope you readers like it ok, let me start this incident happened when I was in 12th std as you people all know 12th the craziest years of anyone’s life tuition’s, college drive you mad I joined a tuition center for Math’s near my place even though I was good at it,

It always used to add me the moral support the tuition’s were normally in the evenings and sometimes starts from 8 and goes till odd times there were just a few teachers there and teachers used to change turns out the teachers there was one young lady teacher named priya, unmarried and around the age of 25, very fair, very good looking, awesome figure in short, angel to say everyone in the tuition had crush on her and always wished to fuck her she used to always

Wear a saree light in color which would clear show her inner garments in light, as everyone I too was crazy about her but didn’t have any bad intention it once happened that she exchanged a class with one male teacher, who had class from 8 to 10 as her portions were in complete that day we all had assembled to class around 7:45 and were waiting for the class to begin but teacher didn’t turn at 8 and we waited a bit longer and finally it was 8:30 when Priya arrived she looked to be in a hurry,

And apologized for being late and the class started the class went on till 10:30 and all left as soon as the class got over as it was late in our tuition’s it was like anyone who has doubts have to stay back after tuition’s and get it cleared as I had a few doubts, n my exams were nearing I stayed back Priya came and sat next to me asked whether I had any doubts. I showed her a few problems and we started solving it together we were sitting very close and our shoulders’ were touching each other’s by the side she

Used to bend and reach out to my book which was in front of me that time her saree used to slip she used to adjust it and this happened many time and this distracted me my eyes used to stare at her melons whenever she rearranges her saree back. I use to feel the hard in my pants as my exams were nearing I told her I need to clear my all doubts today only as I will not be coming for a few days as a reason of preparation so she too agreed to stay back long we kept solving problems until we realized it was 11 it was a

Rainy season and it was raining heavily outside and it was a very chilling weather she suddenly realized that she had to collect the keys from the chemist opposite to the tuition center, which her dad used to leave it in the morning as it was already late and thinking of chemist closing the shop she rushed to the shop without even caring the rain she told me to carry on with my problems and left in a hurry after some 10 minutes she returned back and was completely drenched by that time she was looking very sexy at that time.

Her saree was stuck to her body and I could clearly make out her curved body and her melons were clear outlined this made me really very horny and my tool hardened I controlled myself she came back and sat next me and didn’t worry about her wet body until she realized that droplets from her was falling on my book and it was really getting wet she thought of changing her dresses and coming back she soon rushed to the side room with a other pair of dress which she removed from her bag as she left to the side room soon

Power went off and everything turned dark she left her phone on the table and went which started ringing. I shouted mam u have a phone from your dad she heard it and rushed to the room I was sitting as it was dark and water on the ground due to the rain she slipped and fell and hit her head against the wall thud she fell screaming. I soon rushed, by that time she was lying on the ground unconscious. I really got scared, and sprinkled a few drops of water on her face nothing worked and she lay down on the floor unconscious I

Thought of checking her heart beat to see anything was wrong with her life. I placed my ears on her melons and I heard the heart beat. I felt happy as my face touched her breasts I felt it very soft. Then I place my hand on her breasts so as to feel the beat I couldn’t control myself I stared pressing her boobs and she lay there unconscious there. I slowly stated massaging her boobs I myself felt as if I was in heaven I slowly removed her saree from her

Body now she lay there just with her inner garment I was driven crazy just seeing her semi wet inner garments I removed the blouse and the bra there she lay naked before me wow! I stared pressing her naked boobs and massaging them she moaned a bit and I got scared but she did get up. I realized that she was enjoying it I stared kissing her passionately from the lips to the boobs. I even sucked her boobs but she just kept moaning without

Conscious or maybe she is conscious but enjoying I didn’t know But I was enjoying myself then I realized this is the right time to fuck her it just moved my hands from her upper assets to the lower assets. Within no time my hands we between her legs oh my goodness I felt the maximum pleasure in that now stated removing her lower garments too and finally I was done she lay completely naked before me suddenly the power came and what pleasure to my eyes naked lady in front of me and weather outside so chilling I still

Couldn’t control the hard in my pants just unzipped my pants put my rock hard 6 inch cock in her hole slowly as I went inside I could realize her moaning increase. I didn’t care for them now I went deep inside. Until I was shocked by her scream she woke up goodness what a pathetic state I was in when she opened her eyes my tool in her hole and my hands on her melons enjoying. I thought I am screwed for life she was so shocked to see me and herself in that position but soon unbelievably she stated smiling and

Hugged me tightly there I lay shocked she told me that she too wanted to fuck me. My face lightened then she let my tool go deep inside her body and she enjoyed to the maximum then we had wild sex she started sucking my tool we lay there in such position fucking her many time till the morning till we felt tired of it we slept of naked on the floor until morning and finally she woke up early morning and woke me up too we were so happy at that time

That we couldn’t control yourself and we fucked once again and we finally got dressed each other’s and finally we had to leave as the morning batch of tuition’s was to begin we kissed each other passionately for 5 minutes we felt as if we on the moon at that time full enjoying each other’s company then we left. I reached home and she too reached at place early morning giving the same reason,

That they both were in their friends place near the tuition center due to extra work from there after we fucked many time after tuition’s, in her place when she was alone and there goes the happy story hope you people enjoyed the story will be waiting for your comments leave your comments at or

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