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Hi, Friends i am Banti from Bihar. i am not the regular reader of sexy Stories but Some time whenever i feel to be sexy i used to read the stories from site The reason is that this is one of the best sites in Desi Sexy Stories.

Ok now i am staring my real stories. When I am in 11th stander I
Really like to have a sex but I never get the chance to have a sex. As I always looking for the girl

Who can satisfied my sex. I used to read sexy books like “mastram” stories and also used to see sexy movies when parent are not in home. At last I got the chance, after my complete of 11th class. In my neighbor three Muslim girl Nazia, Salma, Soha used to live with parent ,two sister Nazia(elder) and Soha(older) and a little brother Murad. Salma is also my class mate, she is fare in complex 32-28-30 she looks sexy and her dress up is always showing her body as she always get scold from their parent about that. Her elder sister also Good in figure but her face complex is dark, and her parent searching a boy for married. but because of her dark face no one selecting her. About her older sister soha she too sexy like sweet 16 she always used to wear two piece cloth like school dress that too sexy. Whenever she used to play I always like to see her jumping boob and underground area that really white and soft like milk. Basically we have good friendship between ours family. So they used to come to your home for playing and some time i also used to go, and whenever we used to play I always try to touch soha(older) boob she never appose that one and always smile whenever I touch or press her boob. Her boob is really big, soft and good round shape. salma also used to play with us and I also press her boob too. Her boob is too good. Pressing both of sister boob making me too sexy I always think about then in my fantasy dream’s. I always think to do more with them but I have a little fear that if they say to parent then it’s really trouble for me.

One day because of some problem my father, mother and brother gone to our village home for 10 days, that time my vacation going after our 11th exam. My parent told salma parent to take care of me. I think that I have to go her house to sleep but as there are not too much bed in her house so salma father told nazi to sleep in my house. So Nazi(elder sister) came at night (first day) and sleep in my home. I not used to talk with her to much. but when first day she came to sleep in my house she talking to me .Firstly she is talking about my study then after some time she ask me that do you have a girl friend? I really surprise but as so coolly she asks that I reply to her “NO”. then she ask “AABHI TAK TUMNE MASTI NAHI KI HAI KYA LADKI KE SATH?” I said “kabhi chance nahi mila” ……. then she think for a while and said “chalo sone chalte hai wahi per baate karege” then we go to my room and then she switch on the light music and a night bulb. We both lie down on the bed, she wearing T-Sirt and a Frock and a dupata on T-shirt. When she on the bed she remove the dupata and her T-Shirt neck is really big and loose that show me the full cover of her boob inside the T-Shirt she not wearing bra. Suddenly she turn little right on my side and see my eye I just seeing her boob its really big and fare too. She asks me “kya dhek rahe ho ” I said aapka body to dark nahi hai …
smile and say “yes I know” accha hai na …. I said “Yes”, then she start opening my shirt and say “aab mujthe aapna body dekhwo ye kasa hai ” then she open my shirt and throw it down the bed and she said “aab morning me pahan le na ..”.As winter season is going on so I said “raat ko thanda lag jayega ” she said “ma hu na i will take care of u .. me tumhe garme dungi na “.
I used to keep the sexy stories book under the pillow and she found it. she said “Yeh kya hai … ye sab padhte ho… tumhare papa ko bata du ” I get fear and said “nahi please nahi boliye papa ko aap jo bolege i will do” after listing this sentence in her face a little naughty smile came ,it’s like that she is waiting for that sentence. Then she said “ok I will not tell.. tumko maja aata hai padhte me ki nahi ” i said in fear Noooooooo, Yes. ” she said “accha then read one of the stories” she switch on the light and we both sit on the bed side by side and she is closer to me and we put Kambal(hot cloth) on us, While I am reading I start feeling sex and she also. She put her one hand on my back side and one hand touching my leg. As I am wearing Half Pant so when she rubbing my theism that making my Laund(panice) more sexy and strong. After reading some page she told me “ye to bhoot accha hai….. tumhe karne ka maan nahi karta ” I said “karta to hai per kiske sath karu” then she said “to thir kya kerte ho ” I feel shy but i think she is elder then me and if she not feeling shy for asking then why should I feel shy so I said” me aapne laund ko hand se pakar ke up and down kerta hu(mooth marna)…. then she ask “Bhir kya ” i said “bhir thora dher kerne per pani ghir jaata hai” . she said ” accha to abhi tumhe maan nahi ker raha hai ” I said “yes” As i said yes she put the hand on my laund above the paint and start rubbing and saying ” tumhara to mast ho gaya hai laund …. aur big bhi hai… tum essi tarah hi karte ho na ” i said “nahi kewaal laund ko pakarta hu.” she said ” accha ” then she open my half paint and take my laund in her hand and start doing up and down that make my laund strong and more big this is first time any girl take my laund in her hand. After that we both not talk for a while and she continue to rubbing my laund she is just seeing my face and saying “maza aa raha hai … aur maza kerna hai to kisi ko kuch nahi batana aur me bhi tumhare book ke baare me kisi ko kuch nahi batwugi….. bolo aur maza kerna hai ”

She know all about sex …. She know how to do …. so when I get totaly in fucking she ask me like that . I said “YES AUR MAZA KARNA HAI ” she said “mujthe nazia bolo … nazia me tumhe choodna chahata hu…..tumhare jawani ka ras chusna chahta hu…. tumhe langa ker ke tumhare boor me laund dalna hai mujthe” It’s like she is teaching me how to make her sexy so I repeat same line like that she told ” nazia me tumhe choodna chahata hu…..tumhare jawani ka ras chusna chahta hu…. tumhe langa ker ke tumhare boor me laund dalna hai mujthe” the way I am saying the words her hand start moving faster on my laund she came more closer start kissing my neck , she hug me and press boob on my chest. I also start giving kisses and a hard hug to her so that her boob will get totally press to my chess. Her boob is realy big and soft when it touch my chest its really feel great “Maan ker raha tha abhi T-Shirt kolu aur chuchi(boob) ko aapne mouth me le ker suck(chusu) karu aur aapne hand se dabawu.” but I am liking the ways she is doing the sex and now I am sure that she will going to fuck by me, then only she will leave my home. So I am relax and enjoying my first sex. After some time i start trying to put my hand inside her T-Shirt.. Then she stop me and say ” aabhi ruko jaldi kya hai raja puri raat hai …. me tumhe saab maza dugi bas kisi ko nahi batana…nahi batwoge na…” I said “NO” then she said ” tara laund to mast ho gaya … mane to socha nahi tha etna mast hai tare laund…..” I think that she used to think about me and do fantasy about me. Then she leave my laund and said ” boob ke sath maza karoge” i said “yes” then she start kissing my leaps, while Kissing she take my hand and put above her boob and start pressing herself. I got her that she want that I will start enjoying with her boob , I also start pressing her boob harder… when i press her harder …. she make a noise ….AHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM RAJA
AARAM SE ABHI SOFT HAI THORA DER ME HARD HOGAYEGA BHI JOOR SE DABANA……. but i not stop pressing harder …. she start kissing my leaps and in medial she used to make a sound of enjoyment…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa raja tare hand to mast hai …. tumhare liye hi chuchi(boob) ko sabhal ker raki hu…. aaj ke pehale kisi ne esse istemal nahi kiya hai …… “
Whenever she used to say like that I really sexy and I start pressing more harder now her nipple also become harder. Till now she not open her T-Shirt so I can’t able to see her boob properly …… then I said “mara to body dekhleye nazia tum nahi dekawogi….. ” she smile and then she said “aapne hand se ye T-Shirt hata do…” then as first as I can I remove her T-Shirt. Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo WHAT A MAST BOOb i said…. then she said” accha hai na …. kyo … i said yes … then she said ” salma and soha se bhi accha hai na …….. (both sis)” i surprice and not say any think ….. she said” mujthe pata hai khelte samye tum salma aur soha ka chuchi dabate ho” …. i said “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” She said ” aare koyi baat nahi unnhe bhi accha lagta hai ” …. i thought ” chalo aab to free ho ker daba sakte hai …Green Signal Mil Gaya” …. while I am thinking she said” chuchi ko chusoge nahi …. i said yes then i start sucking her boob….. and pressing to …… she said ” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raja maza aaraha hai … pura raas chuso …. ” she again say” aawo late jaate hai bhir aaram se chuso..” then we both lie down on bed and she put half body on me … and put her both boob near my mouth. And said “aaram se maza karo raja…” while i sucking her boob she use her leg and remove my pant also she removes her frock upward and put her leg on my laund and start rubbing my laund by theism. We both enjoying that shape…. we continue it till half an hour then I said “nazia chut(pussy) nahi dekawogi…..” She smile then she remove her frock , painty and throe down to the floor also the T-Shirt. Now we both are bethought cloth, still light is on so she said ” light to baand ker do ” i said “kya hua jale rahne do tumhara body ko dekhu” then i remove the cloth(Kambal) which we both wear from above…..hooooooooooooooooooooooo kya maal hai ….. i said … then she said …” accha to raaja aaja le le maza is maal ka ….. and she hug me and kissing me i also start kissing and touching her body all over….. Some time I used to pinch on her back by this she used to make some sexy noise….. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAJA AARAM SE….. now i really feeling to fuck her , and she also ready now for fucking ….
Then she said ….”aab light baand ker de…..” I said “ok” when she go down the bed .. she is bethought the cloth …. I can see her full body (it’s really a sexy maal)…. when she came back she stand near the bed and ask ” raaja kasa hai ….” i said “mast ….. “ she said ” to bhir chut(pussy) ki payas ko aapne laund se bujawoge na ” then she bring her pussy near my face and said” chuso na raja ” I not sais any think and I put both of my hand back (butt)(gaar) ker and press her pussy toward my mouth … she put one of the leg on the bed and one on the floor … now i can see her virgin pussy clean shaved ….its like that she came with full preparation for fucking… then i first kiss her pussy then i put my tong inside pussy like a French kiss…. she start moving her hip and pussy on my mouth ….. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..raaja
…..chuso raja ….. mera boor payasa hai ……….. ye tumhara hai …… may me happy raja …… i will make u
happy…………………..hooooooooooooooooooooo raaja dhire dhire ……maza aaraha hai….. her movement of hip increse
…….. then suddently remove her pussy from mouth …i said what happen … she said ” boor ko laund ka maza nahi do ge …. ” then i said “thora laund tum bhi chuso …. bhir mera bhi laund tayar ho jayega …..” she said ” aab aur kya tayar karna …. then she take the laund on her hand and said ” aaj maza aayega tare virgin laund ko aapne virgin boor me dalne per……. she give a naught smile and me too …. i again said to suck the laund…. then she take laund on her mouth …
she is sucking the laund like she is having the ice-cream …. nicely …. i am enjoying that …i can see her sucking
clearly then i take my hand and start fingering in her pussy ….. She also start enjoying … while she sucking i said” nazia darling ek din ka maza do gi ki kal bhi do gi ….. ” she said ” raaja tumne aaj bhut maza de rahe ho …. aasa maza to ho ga ” i said ” abhi to main maza mera laund ki chodai ka bacha hai …..” she said ” yes raaja ” i said ” essi tarah aapne sisters ka bhi mera laund ka maza dila do …..kyo!!!!” she not said any think and continue sucking my laund after few minute then stop sucking and tell me come in center of the bed i moved to center of the bed. Then she spread her leg and sit on my leg now her boor(pussy) and my laund touching each other. she take laund on hand and say” aapne chudayi me kud rahugi raaja …. “ i put both my hand on her boob and pressing her she move her boor above the laund and starting pressing my laund inside pussy … its realy start paining for both but she not stop and give a hard press on my laund ..we both make a pain sound…………….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kya aaaaaaaaaaaa laund hai ……………….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiia kya boor hai …….i put my both hand on her hip and start pressing my laund inside her pussy … now she also start pressing her pussy again we both press each other and this time full my laund inside her pussy i can see that…. she lie down on me and said” hooooooooooooooooooooo raja mast hai tare laund …. ek hi baar me mare boor faar dala ……. ” for a while time she lie down on me then she moving her pussy up and down . i am enjoying it and i also trying to push my laund harder into her boor…… she still lying on me and moving the pussy….for making her more faster i put both of the hand on her back and trying to move faster and start saying” nazia chood mera laund tare chuut me pani dal ker tare payas bhuthayega………” she said ” raaja tujthe bhi marne ka moka dugi …thora boor ko accha se paatne do …. ” till half an hour she just do slowly fucking then she lie down on bed and she said” Raja chalo aab chodo aur faar dalo boor ko …. pani dal mare boor ki aaj ko sant karo ….. ” its like the lion get the food to hunt…. i spread her leg fully then put the pilo on back of her …. then put my laund on the enter of her pussy and i said “Nazia mera laund ka swagat karo …. ” she said “raja aab baate nahi choodo do mujthe raja….tujthse me salma aur soha ka bbhi boor faarwugi …… tare laund ka maza unnehe bhi dhelwagi…… ” then i press my laund harder into her pussy …… she start making noise haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dallllllllllllll boor ko …….. rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aarammmmmmmmmmmmm seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tera launnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddddd mast haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..i start fucking her and doing up and down of laund inside her pussy(boor) she continue used to make sound ….haaaaaaaaaaaaa raaja choodo …… pura laund dal do ……… then her water came out ….. i said “pani gir gaya kya tera kya…..! ” she said ” tera laund mast hai ….. tum choodte raho ….. mera boor tare payasa hai
…..” then i take out the laund , take her tshirt from floor and clean the water from laund and pussy. And again start fucking…. her……. she put her leg on me and i lie down her body and doing up and down of body. i put my leaps on her leaps so that she not much noise , i hug her tight pressing and rubbing her boob by my chest and doing up and down of laund on her pussy….. afer half an hour my sprem cam inside her pussy….. she said “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA rAJAAAAAAAAA tumne mare payas bhujtha di …..” i said abhi raat baaki hai nazia … abhi aur daluga pani…. raat bhir tare choodyi karuga aaj ……” she give a nice lovely smile. i lie down on a bed. then she went to bathroom. i ask why u go to bath room she said ” pani jo dala hai kali kerne …. nahi to kuch ho jayega ” …. i unserstand that one then she bring water and oil from kitchen. She gave water to me and put some oil on my laund. i ask ” kya ker rahe ho..” she said ” abhi boor faara haina aab gar bhi maar do ….. ….. smile” she put some oil on her ass too then after 10 mint my laund again ready fo fuccking her ass. She tell” tum bed uttaro… me bed per jaati hu….. gar tiet hai aaram se karna …. aur pani nahi gerana ….. jab lage pani aa raha hai to bol dena …. bhir laund ko boor me dal dena …… she smile “… i said ” ok nazia … ” then she sit like a dog in bed… now her ass and my laund position are in same hight …. she her ass my one hand and tell me “Gar maro raja ….” then i put the laund on ass and start pressing then laund start going inside of her ass…. she is feeling pain too but not saying to stop… suddenly i press hard and full laund inside her ass…. she feel pain and said” saale kuite aaram se dalne boli thi na……” I also get little angry and catch her hair and press toward myself from one hand and from other hand tietly hold her hip and start fuccking her ass faster….and I said ” saale kutiya aaj gar aasa maruga ki koyi bhi tujthe essa maza nahi dega….. For half an hour I continue fucking her ass while that time then i stop fucking her to take rest then and then start fucking…. I used to give slap to her butt ..By this she used to give bad word that makes me harder to fuck. I think she know about that only she used to do like that. After fucking we both sleep like that hugging each other and from the cloth (kambal) above we and switch on the fan… because we both tied.
This is realy big stories but real Hope u all enjoy. i think u want to know about what happen with salma and soha. Yes i will tell about in my next stories because that is more interestingpart of my life.

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