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Hi readers I am Yash, i am a good looking guy, any body wanna taste my cock mail me,

Coming to my favorite teacher her name Janaki a whole sum body and stunning structure lady/girl/babe (u can name any thing it fits her) she is very tough in school and easily she use to get nervous and scold almost all students including for minor mistakes as well, we use to think she does so in our interest but later days she specially started targeted me and my friend only and this has become

Even more frequent and my friend is Shankar he has short built body and dark complexion where as am exactly like her hubby in physic and height (not so much but after full growth i may even beat him).She use to travel by car and really takes care of her body, physic and she never used make-up still she looks like Tabu in height and Rekha in Saree. She is 36D-30-39 huge body and love to watch then came the day she called me to principal’s room and

Asked me some questions in maths (which she knows i cannot answer,,, ) then due to my father’s pressure principal asked me go for tuition to Janaki mam it was real shivering for me but very first day was really smooth and she did make me feel home and gave me lectures like how to come up in life and saying if I study properly only any body will offer her daughter for marriage as you have to

Keep wife happy always and all means not just by providing good shelter, good food even she need to be given good biological relaxation also as and when she needs that’s what is good husband. Some ladies are un-lucky like me she said i was shocked and asked her “mam i don’t think you are un-lucky, u look good and sir also is gr8 looking and both are earning and you have posh

House and great furnished fittings as well”. She came close to me & said “you are right i have everything any woman can dream of but the only thing i don’t have is biological need fulfilled”. Then she was in tears (little) i could sense and attempted to wipe her tears and she held my hand and said ” heard that guys at your age will be dreaming more to be with class mates and teachers and aunts

Is that true” and I said “Yes mam” then she shot back saying “did you ever dream me and say honestly i will not be upset with you Ravi dont worry” I though about it and after some time said ” yes mam i did it twice and am sorry for that and will never do it again I promise” and started literally shivering. She held me close pressing me to her chest a little to start with and hard for longer time and

Asked “are you comfortable and how are you feeling” also pushed fingers into my hair and started light massage. I could not control and asked where bath room is she asked me “why” and i said ” mam its urgent please” she was adamant and asked me “its my order Ravi you should tell me why you need to go to wash room so urgently” then i told her “when you held me so close to

Your boobs i came off in my pants” immediately with out any delay she reached between my legs and felt my cock already hard and wet too with cum inside pants she hushed saying “oh my god so big” then she asked me “how big this is Ravi i have never seen such a big cock common tell me and show me too” i said “will go to wash room and come back and show yoy mam and its

Promise” then she told “i will take you to wash room and you will not lock the door and not even shut it i wanna see while you piss and wash it”. I know she is not going to oblige me and leave me so i though my priority will be say yes to what ever she asks for and fish cleaning as usual (for men they cannot wait longer to clean after they Cum). I entered wash room and took my cock out with

Difficulty as it was rock solid (by though & fact of she watching me) held hand shower and started cleaning entire dick and my Johnny got even longer and this time thicker than cold drink bottle base size. My balls were completely drenched with cum juices and i am finding it difficult to wash and clean all the balls mess w/o taking my pants down my hips, meanwhile she made an advancement

And understood my difficulty and asked me “if i have to undress she has no probs But she will watch me” for which i agreed.Further she assisted me taking out my pants and she roughly pulled my T-Shirt also in one shift and said ” I will clean your balls” and by now i know its difficult to say No to her and its not worth arguing with so i said “its your wish mam” she looked at me while she held my dick and started massaging from base to tip and repeated 4-5 times and am coming close to 2nd shoot that too she sat

Before me with licking her own lips that made me cum without warning and this time also it was huge load and splashed her face and hair she was shocked to see large cum dripping her face and she could not open her both eyes but she cleared one eye and told ” are you having man or cum hose with liters of cum in balls” i said “sorry mam i could not hold back and also told her am going

To clean her in return” for this she said “its Ok now let me clean ur balls and you go to living room and relax and I will join you with tea & snacks”.Went back to living room and switched on TV and was surprised to see fashion TV and next channel was some Russian channel that gives all time erotica movies with nice music and the music is not with instruments and all we hear is complete audio of what the actors & actresses talk.

Its one hour am in living room and mam did not came and I went to one of the bedroom she was lying on her back nude and fingering herself and at times she also using some funny toy sort of thing ( i cud not see properly) but its big and dark in color at that point of time she saw me peeping from window and asked me “why did u stand there you have permission to come in with out knocking the door” i went in was in banyan only no shirt and pants my dick is looking at sealing with single eye also leaking a bit she

Asked me ” Ravi come close to my head and held my dick in her hands and suddenly shifted herself to just kiss my bob head and for long time locked with my cock like that and started probing into piss hole hhm aaaaa was sounds coming from corner of her mouth. She felt little jerk in my dick and told me “don’t cum in mouth now” and asked me ” You are not showing any

Interested in me any specific reason” i said “No mam” looking sheepishly asked “then why are you just standing like that do what i say” saying so she pulled me on to bed on to her and started kissing me when am on her top then asked me to lick her tits and go down slowly till i reach her belly and the honey pot. I did it and she has gone out of control when i started licking her belly-button

Looking at her from between her huge boobs and holding them with 2 hands slightly slipped down and there tasted some salty juices flowing over her vertical lips (i saw a pussy so close for the first time) and glistening a bit then she lifted her legs so high that lips got automatically widened so much that pinkish button has popped up and i came to know that’s clitoris size of her small finger long

And even thick slowly after observing the area that has no hair at all except for triangular strip on top leading to naval center started probing my tongue into and tasted her vulva for the first time. (though i had sex with my maid when parents are not at home almost once in 2 months)never saw thing so close till date. Then i decided not to be soft and started my aggression and licked so much that she locked my head with her thunder thighs and due to heaviness

I could not breath properly and she pushed me deep in side her and started thumping up-wards to take me even deeper and after almost 5 minutes she shouted so big saying stupid Ravi where were you all these days when i wasted so much juices with bananas and carrots and fingers and plastic material and when she is calmed she released me and immediately came up and started licking my face and darting her tongue in to my mouth deep and making me dry and also suddenly she held my dick sending its again ready asked me “do you wanna fuck your mam”

I said “yes mam wanna fuck you once only and 2nd time if you allow me”. Asked me to go get a small bottle inside the draw beside bed i reached and found small bottle and was trying to see whats it for she took from me and asked me to sit on her chest and started sucking me and later she told me this is delay spray (DS) i wanna use this so that you wont cum again so soon and also i want you fuck me for longer time”. saying so she put foreskin completely back (was pain a bit) but mean while dick became numb and again she started sucking me again some feelings but not as previous sucking.

Asked me to lick her once again briefly and want me fuck her hard and then i didn’t waste any time and just jumped between her legs widened as much as i can and started licking now again came up and kissed her lips to show her own taste of juice and came down while addressing boobs naval sides and after all the V part and clit and again licked her she liked this game but want me in soon i could gauge her feelings based my experience with maid and i just held my dick and plumped into and started hard thumping and almost it is 20 minutes there is no sense of cumming for me

And told asked what she sprayed on cok head and learn that it takes at least 30-40 minutes for man to cum if DS is used and i told her “mam u need to suck me off and will take on later” for which she was considerate and told me to lye down and she settled between my legs and started sucking and told me if i can cum in her mouth I will get good grade in maths and again i need to take her on every day except for 4-5 days a month.

I said ok” and also told her that “i wish to fuck you in her bung hole” she looked at me with stunned face and smiled immediately and said ” Ravi when i saw your tool being so big i wanted to take you in both holes today but you looks tired so wanna leave you” but i said “actually am not tired but i need some thing to eat and may be some rest of an hour i can do it 2 times again” for which she jumped and told me “just wait i have some rich food for you

And also will make some fruit juices of huge quantity for your fuel preparation inside balls and spraying cannon” we both smiled and hugged her each other and i slipped into sleep and after half an hour or so when i was awake she was not in bed and she was in kitchen and i could hear mix sounds then i recollected of fruit juices and then i went for washroom and came back into kitchen she hugged me and kissed me saying

Ravi you must be ready very fast as i am unable to bear this banana inside and when i lifted her nightie i cud see banana fully stuffed inside and i told her to release it and make me juice of the same she was thrilled and before that she wanted me bite a bit i did and she asked me push it into her mouth again and i sat on floor and ripped her nightee and started licking her twat Slurpee and when more juices came out i did added to juices and asked her to feed me glass

After glass mean while there was an plate full of sweets jamoon, jilebee and she asked me if i can add spice to sweet and i did by fast fisting my cock to juice out and sprayed on sweet bowl she sucked me hard again to make me ready and we did went to bedroom and i told her i am going to dominate her she surprised me by saying “I like it darling boy as my hubby doesn’t” then she told me about her hubby’s weakness this was even more exited me as i concluded that she will be mine for ever.

She has to do what all i say and asked her to lick my ass when am slept on my back and legs up and she asked me if she can add some honey and eat me i said no she need to taste me as is where is basis, she complied and started kissing me first and then licked me and then tried to push her tongue into but after a long time she was successful in dipping large part of twisted tongue that made me feel cumming again in short time. She asked me if am going to cum i said if she continues doing so i may cum

And she wanted me cum in her mouth and fill her that was great idea and told her ok Go ahead and make me cum by rimming my asshole with your tongue and she did it finally with good technique. When I came she took my cock deep and made me fill her splash her back throat and into tummy directly i could feel it going down her belly as i did came so much this time, may be due to juices i had an hour ago and she also told me that she added some infanticide in juice that make men cum more.

Surprisingly i was still rock hard and she did not waste time and started sucking me and made me even hard and she licked my balls too she took 2 balls into mouth i was jumping with fun and i forgot all strain cumming so many times a day.

Finally she gave me another glass off juice with nuts and ice cream then got KY jelly and asked me apply i her bunghole and asked me how i want to fuck her i told her to suck me and then take my dick in her pussy once its wet for me i wanted her to sleep on back and lift her legs very wide apart and lift further so that i can target her asshole she did as i said and i did applied pressure at point of brown hole and applied my weight so that i can go in easily but due to

Resistance i did not get in then i asked her to breath 3-4 times hard while she did during inhaling i did pushed her hard and half of my dick was in her she cried literally and then i did not care and started pushing down holding her bumps that were looking to sealing and almost her pussy was bent to reach her boobs and i pinched one of her boobs and she cried a bit and she smiled a bit then asked me to do it fast and with out wasting any time i did her relax and started ramping her hard.

Then i came out of her and lifted her with support and made her dogie position and went from behind and started humping her with my dick in her choot and then her bunghole she started enjoying this style but she was saying in between “fuck me Ravi fuck me hard i wanna have u in me life long” god made ur dick for me ravi its so big i did feel now u are

So good at it now and know how to use it” bloody ravi who taught you at this age and while telling her one of my experience with maid i started fucking her hard and asked her where dies she need my cum she said inside bowels and also asked me plug her ass so that she keep the juice for long time inside and flush out during evening.

I got on butt plug in draw next to bed and pushed it after i came and filled her but before plugging her i did suck the plug and pushed hard she cried with pain but said she want the remains of my cum and her enema bunghole juices i did get her suck me and left for the day.

It went on for almost 3-4 years and she got her posting in the jr-college where i studied her hubby by now well aware of these things and it looks like he gave clearance saying do not try with elderly people because they may have decides further she told me he likes to cock hold.Her after i fill her pussy and every Saturday and Sunday i do fill her and he cock holds her and 1 or 2 we even met in their house and we both pretended as if nothing happens.

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