My Red Hot Math Teacher – Part II


Hello ISS friends. This is Ballu again. Last time when I wrote the first part – My Red Hot Math Teacher – Part I, I was hoping to get some nice comments from you in person, but alas did not get any. No problems… here is the second part of my story. I sincerely hope that you are going to enjoy it to the fullest and then give me your hot feed backs at my email: Please do write your comments negative or Positive. It certainly feels good to hear positive comments. 

To all those readers who have come to this post for the first time, I request you to read the first part in order to get some background info. Now, let me take you to the real stuff.You may recall that last time due to a sudden interruption; I had to leave my teacher’s residence abruptly for my home. While leaving, I carried a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness in my heart. Happy because I had unexpectedly gained something new; and sad because I wanted more and more of what I had just experienced.

However, when I reached home, it was late in the evening and my over-used cock had begun to show the signs of suffering it had been through. Since it was the first time that my foreskin was pulled up by force while my cock was fully erect, the skin had stretched and split up in many places and now the pain had started to take its toll.My cock was swollen and I was in pain. I just couldn’t touch it without sending a shiver up my spine. With the little knowledge of first aid that I had,

I quietly and gently cleaned my cock with “Dettol” and applied a thick layer of “Borolene”. The thoughts of the day’s events were troubling me and weren’t allowing my cock to settle down properly due to which I had to spend my whole night in pain.Next morning I was eager to rush to the school and was looking forward to meet my new found friend or love i.e. my lovely class teacher. My mind was just not into anything else other than trying to decipher how I should respond on meeting my beautiful Ma’am in the morning.

When I met her next morning in the classroom, my heart was pounding and I couldn’t control my excitement. Just looking at her lovely face, my cock began to wake up. However, she being who she was, a lady always in control, she was as calm and normal in all her actions and dealings throughout the day as she had always been in the past.Nothing exceptional happened and I was treated as usual or as normally by her as ever. Unconsciously I understood that I too should learn to remain calm and behave as normally as I could.

Because of all this aloofness, I now only hoped to meet her the next week so began to wait eagerly for Sunday to arrive, when I would once again be in my dear Madam’s soft arms. It sure was a slow and difficult week for me. Nights were even tougher as my semi injured penis had to suffer again and again in my abusive hands with the visions of the past Sunday’s activities and dreams of the next one 🙂

On Friday, my teacher asked me to inform my parents that I was invited by her to visit her house on Saturday evening for some extra coaching in Math. I was also supposed to tell them that if need be, I may have to stay back over night for some serious study. So I did exactly as instructed, looking forward to this extra class. Remember, that Math was always my weak subject and I always wanted to improve in it.

Come Saturday, and my body was almost on fire. My thoughts were on fire as well and I was waiting eagerly for the school to get over. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what lay ahead. After the school, I reached home, changed, had my meals, rested for a while and in the evening rushed to my teacher’s home. My family members had never seen me so eager to attend math tuition 😉

While going to my teacher’s home, I instinctively purchased a few packs of “Cadbury’s” chocolates as a small gift for her. Reaching her home, I knocked on the door with a thumping heart and shaking hands. After a week’s tough separation, I wanted to see my love on the door and to hug her, squeeze her and begin the play just like the last time, the moment I met her alone but the door was opened by madam’s maid.

I was asked to wait in the drawing room by the maid while the two dogs rushed towards me playfully. I began to play with the dogs, hoping to meet Ma’am soon. Kahan to mai apne beloved ke galey lagna chahta tha, aur kahan mujhey uske kutton ko galey lagana par raha tha. Shayad issi ko kehtey hain “Klpd”, yaani ki “Kharey Lund Par Dhokha”

After a wait of about 15-20 mins, Ma’am finally arrived like a breath of fresh air. Looking at her, I must have stopped breathing. She had taken a bath and her wet hair was left open, framing her face beautifully. She looked like a doll. Once again, she was in a loose “kaftan” and wasn’t wearing any makeup. Even from a distance she smelled heavenly. I was so intensely focused on her that I forgot all about her maid and the dogs.

She smiled welcoming me and offered me some cold drink. Shyly, I gave her the chocolates which she accepted gracefully. We began chatting, but it was all one sided. After about an hour the maid left for the day and that was the moment I was waiting for. The moment my teacher turned around after closing the door, I almost jumped on her from behind, crushing her in my arms and trying to reach for lips and the boobs at the same time. It was as if I had turned into a hungry animal and she was my food.

Stop it now! Came the thundering voice and I was frozen in my tracks. I was back on earth in a fraction of a second. My whole body became limp. I just couldn’t understand what had got into my loving teacher that she had reacted the way she did then after all the moments and experiences we had shared the last week. In my imagination the whole week, I had hugged her, kissed her and done things to her just like the last time, but today she managed shattered all my dreams in just a moment.

“Ballu! Remember you are here to study Math from me, so behave properly.” Oh Good, I was so confused and didn’t know how to respond. After that warning, she asked me to open my books and patiently sat with me taking me through the basics of Mathematics that I had hated so much. After the initial 10 minutes of study period when my brain was all clouded and confused, I began to look at Math in a new light.

How the time flew, I still don’t know, but for the first time in my life, I could understand the hidden meaning of numbers. It was like magic, real magic! And this is another reason why I will never forget my Math teacher. She had made me fall in love with something I had hated all my life and of course… I was madly in love with her.After about 3 hrs of continuous study, the tuition period was finally over. Ma’am invited me for dinner, and after dinner we continued to chat for some more time.

Because of her earlier reaction to my hug, I wasn’t expecting any more play from her so I picked all my notebooks etc and got ready to leave with a heavy heart. She too got up, ready to see me leave. As I was about to open the door she softly called my name, “Ballu.”. I turned around and there she was in a totally different avatar, with her arms wide open, ready to receive me. I was so confused that I simply didn’t know how to respond.

She called, “come here”, and I melted. I was in her arms in just a moment. It was as if a dam had broken. She began to kiss me all over my face. What a feeling it was, but remembering how I was scolded a few hours ago, I did not respond equally well. Then she gently kissed me on my lips. This was my kiss of life, which began to stir my feelings again. I opened my mouth a little and the next moment found her delicious tongue deep inside my mouth, probing each and every corner. This time at least, I was not worried about her getting pregnant from being kissed 🙂

I hugged her tight. Crushing her in my arms as my cock began to come alive. Holding her, I began to rub her back side, feeling her bra straps and the soft, warm skin. Now there was no stopping for me. I gently began to force her to sit down there on the ground itself so that I could feel her better. She continued to kiss me harder and harder with her full tongue inside my mouth. This time I was responding back equally well.

After all these years, I still remember the sweetness of her mouth and the feel of her soft body. My hands began to move down to her full hips, squeezing them, kneading them, spreading them apart slightly once in a while. One of my hands moved up searching for her breasts. This act of foreplay must have continued for over 20 mins as she did not let me do anything else. I had become rock hard by then, ready to burst the moment I got a chance, but my teacher knew how to manage my pressure beautifully.

I don’t remember when we removed our outer clothing and began playing with each other, only in our undergarments. But who cares now? Then she began to get up, pulling me up simultaneously as well. Without leaving each other’s warm body, we moved into her cozy bedroom, and on to her lovely soft bed. Feeling the warmth of her soft bed, we relaxed and automatically began to play with each other more freely.

I squeezed her boobs as she moved her palms to find my stiff cock. Finding it, she held it between her fingers and simultaneously began to roll and squeeze my balls. I had already begun to leak from my dick with pre-cum and my “undy” was getting moist and sticky in patches. Her palm’s pressure on my balls and cock was increasing by moment but I was enjoying it. It was a pain mixed pleasure that I had never experienced before.

On my part, I found hear nipples under the bra and began to squeeze them, roll them between my fingers. She had lovely, pinkish nipples and they were standing taut. I was getting more and more excited with every passing moment. I just wanted to remove hers and mine clothes completely and feel the warmth of her soft body over my whole body, just like the last time.

Though I was a little more experienced this time, but I still had no clue about other uses of my penis with a woman. All I knew that one sucks a cock or the vagina and that results in a lot of pleasure for the partners and this act ultimately leads to ejaculation and heavenly satisfaction.Remembering how I had enjoyed licking her the last time, I moved down getting closer to her genitals. The scent of her genitals was mesmerizing for me this time and this day I simply did not find anything dirty or revolting about the wetness that was making her lovely lacy panty wet.

I gently put my face between her thighs and took in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her freshly cleaned genitals. I felt that the smell was heavenly. The panty appeared pretty wet and I could see some drops of fluid flowing on her inner thighs too. I don’t know why but this time I just licked the fluid from her thighs. Then I opened my mouth and pressed my face on her genitals from above the panty. This action of mine made her shiver and she gasped for a moment, tightening her grip on my cock and with her thighs on my face.

I began to chew her love box with my lips and my teeth and sucked her wet panty tasting the love juice. She was absolutely clean shaven today. At the same time, my hands were playing with her lovely boobs. I must have continued sucking her for almost 10 mins and during this period she continued to play with my cock. She still hadn’t taken it in her mouth and I desperately wanted her to take it in her mouth and suck it really hard. Then she pulled down my “undy” and freed my throbbing cock.

Though I was much younger than what I am today, when fully erect I had an average sized cock of about six and a half inches in length, but that day it appeared to have turned into a giant. To me it appeared as hard as an iron rod and as thick as a cucumber. The tip was all swollen and had turned almost purple. It was also hurting me as hell.

I just wanted to release my load as soon as possible and that too inside her lovely soft mouth. Having freed my tool from my “undy”, she took it in her warm, wet mouth. The moment she began to suck on it, I couldn’t hold myself anymore and lost my control instantly. I ejaculated tons of my thick and sticky cum in her mouth.

Interestingly, this time I simply did not feel dirty about “cumming” in her mouth; rather I enjoyed ejaculating there. Ma’am took the whole load gracefully, drinking every bit of it. May be just a few drops spilled out which I really found funny.My whole body was stiff and absolutely sensitive to her touch. Forcing me away from her cunt, she turned around and kissed me on my mouth, inserting her lovely cum splashed tongue into my mouth. It was so strange to taste my own cum, but at that moment I would have done anything for her.

Having released my cum, the pressure on my cock had vanished and it had begun to settle down, but even then it refused to its normal size. She continued to lick me, kiss me and once again directed my head to her boobs. I started to suck her erect nipples but now I was also feeling lazy and a little sleepy. My body was going limp and I dozed off for a while in her arms enjoying the heat of her body. It was a love induced sleep.

After a few minutes, I woke up with a jerk, feeling some pressure on my body. I saw my sweet, sweet teacher lying half on top of me. Seeing me awake, she smiled her lovely smile and holding my hand, guided it to her panty and made me remove her panty gently. Next she moved up and within a few seconds was sitting on top of my face lightly.

I still remember her beautiful clean shaven cunt spread right over my mouth. The heavenly smell emanating from her love-box was making me go bloody crazy. She forced her leaky cunt on my mouth and I started licking it again. I enjoyed the taste of her juice now. Oh, what a feeling it was and the way she moved on my face, my whole face was covered by her love juice and my own saliva like a face cream.

With time, she began to move faster and faster. She gave out a soft cry, her thighs tightened over my face and then just like the last time she burst out releasing a stream of fluid from her cunt, making me choke in it. Strangely, today I didn’t find anything dirty or repulsive getting wet in this fluid. I think I was fully initiated into this love making ceremony. Then she too slumped over my body like a rag doll, breathing heavily, shaking her whole body.

Now it was time for her to drift off to sleep. Holding each other tight, we pulled a sheet over our perspiring, love-juice drenched bodies and drifted off to sleep. Once again, just like the last time, we must have slept comfortably for a few hours, totally unaware of the world around us.

Feeling the pressure to pee, I woke up a little early the next morning and tiptoed into the toilet. Returning back to the bedroom, I was wide awake, thinking about my good luck. I went back to lie beside my lovely teacher and gently began to play with her scented soft body. Feeling my hands moving all over her body, she woke up and smiled at me and gave me a nice wet, slurpy kiss on my lips.

I was so happy that I responded with a hard kiss on her lips which made her cry a bit with pain. She pushed me aside and left the bed to visit the loo. I waited for her to return to bed but she was taking a little too long that I started to get worried. I rushed to knock on the door of the toilet. Hearing me, she told me that she was perfectly ok and was just enjoying a bath and invited me to join her.

Only a fool would have rejected such an invitation so I just rushed in and found my beautiful angel under the shower, water dripping from all parts of her body. Her nipples were erect and the boobs glistening with moisture. I immediately joined her under the shower.

My friends, I simply cannot describe the feelings of two wet and warm bodies meeting each other under the shower. A shiver ran up my spine as I hugged her gently. I continued to rub her body with soft strokes. The scenario under the shower began to heat up again as I began to kiss her and play with her under the shower. I was getting stiffer and stiffer down there.

Noticing my hard-on ma’am smiled and squeezed my cock and balls lightly, then gave me a soap to apply on her body. I followed my mistress like a dog and did whatever she asked me to. She too rubbed my whole body with the soap and using a soft rag, cleaned it completely. In turn, I did the same for her.

While bathing, for the first time ma’am held my cock gently between her thighs as we hugged. The feeling was strangely beautiful. A cock surrounded by soft thighs of a beautiful woman. My dear friends, I was so naive that I simply did not know that a cock has other uses for a woman other than just getting sucked. I sure had heard the word like sex but didn’t have much idea about the fun acts associated with this word, like an intercourse.

We continued to play with each other for sometime while bathing but then felt like returning to bed. It must have been about four in the morning then. Being an energetic teenager, I was also feeling a little hungry. We dried each other with a soft towel and then moved out of the bath. Ma’am wore her bathrobe and also found another one for me.

Ma’am being who she was must have guessed that I was hungry so went into the kitchen and in a jiffy made some lovely sandwiches for both of us. We carried the sandwiches to the bedroom and as I sat down on the bed, she came and sat leaning over me. My arms were around her from behind. We sat enjoying the sandwiches in this nice and sexy position and at the same time feeling the warmth of each other’s bodies.

Once again I just couldn’t believe my luck that my beautiful teacher who was so popular amongst all male members in my school (teachers and students included) was laying there in my arms, and I was a thing of “her” desire. I felt so happy. We kept chatting with each other, trying to know a little more about each other.

Ma’am, as I had guessed rightly, was a victim of family and societal pressures and that’s why was married at an early age to a rich but an extremely ugly looking man. She belonged to a simple lower middle class family and her husband was the son of well known “zamindar” of West Bengal, and was also holding a decent position in the Forces.

The money and position of the man had overpowered the dreams of a young and beautiful but poor girl. Today I feel that possibly that was the biggest reason why Ma’am had revolted in such a manner against the family and the society. Anyways, one man’s loss was another man’s (well, almost a man) gain 🙂

Talking and continuing to play with each other, things had started to warm up once again. Gently she turned her face towards me and I bent my head to take her lovely lips in my mouth. One of my hands was already playing with her boobs and the other was playing with her clit and the soft vaginal lips, inside her robe.

Now there was no barrier between us. We were just two animals in heat lusting for each other. She turned around and sat on my waist. We were completely nude under our robes and our freshly cleaned skins felt good rubbing each other. I had already become hard and she was now enjoying my hardness by rubbing her genitals softly on it. I just loved the sensations on my cock. I noticed that even though my foreskin had moved up automatically this time, I did not feel any pain.

I opened madam’s robe and she was sitting completely naked over me. Her face was an angel’s face. She too removed my robe and both of us were completely nude once again. Interestingly, this time the urgency of ejaculating immediately was missing. I wanted to play with her.Ma’am held my cock between her vaginal lips and began rubbing it in a slow manner. Soon her cunt was dripping with her juices. With my thumb, I was already playing with her swollen clitoris now. I was getting harder and harder again and had again begun to drip some “precum” from my cock.

It must have continued for some time and Ma’am began to speak out some words softly which I couldn’t comprehend immediately. She was softly saying “Take me now Ballu… Take me!” I did not know what these words actually meant. Her motions were getting more vigorous by the moment. “Take me… take me… take me…” she continued to repeat.Since I couldn’t understand her request, once again, leaving me completely confused she suddenly got up, and went to her cupboard. She took out something from there which I couldn’t recognize as it was something absolutely new for me.

It was a small square pack with “Durex” written on it. I did not know what was happening. She tore open the pack and took out a ring like thing with a nipple like protrusion sticking out. It was pinkish in color and appeared to have a rubbery texture. Remember guys, I had never seen a condom till then.

Asking me to hold my cock, she bent over and pinching the nipple like tip of the thing, she put the ring over my cock and unrolled it. I didn’t know what she was up to but found it really funny that my cock was being dressed up with some kind of clothing for some special reason or occasion. I asked Ma’am what it was and she replied in one simple word “Nirodh”.

Once the “Nirodh” was completely unrolled on my cock, Ma’am once again took it in her mouth, drenching it completely with her saliva she continued to suck it for a few moments, and then moved up to sit over me exactly the same way that she had done a few moments ago. She continued to rub her heavily lubricated vaginal lips over my penis and then slowly and gently holding the cock with one hand, guided it inside her love hole.

I couldn’t fathom what was happening but for sure was once again in heaven. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, but my cock had completely vanished inside her. Even today I simply cannot describe that feeling of my first intercourse with a woman. It was as if my cock was surrounded by liquid fire that was hot and cold at the same time.

She began to move up and down my shaft. Oh god, I must have died umpteenth deaths in a few minutes with the sensations that I had begun to feel. Her heavenly soft boobs were bouncing over my face and she was jumping over me with a rhythm that appeared as if she was swinging on a swing. In and out… in and out… in and out… it went on and on and on.

My body once again began to get stiff and I knew I was very close to exploding. I started to hold her tightly by her waist. And as if she could sense each and every movement of mine, at that very moment, ma’am slowed down and bent sideways, asking me to change positions with her, positioning her at the bottom, and I at the top.

I tried to turn around and in this struggle, my cock slipped out of her cunt. I got so disappointed and felt that now I was going to get a nice scolding from her. But she smiled and that made me comfortable. This brief pause also helped me control my feeling of cumming.

We changed positions and there she was lying down with her legs spread apart, willing to receive my throbbing tool inside her. She looked interestingly strange with her legs wide open. I brought my cock at the entrance of her soft cunt and tried to push it in, but it just slipped aside. I tried again, but failed once more. I didn’t have the expertise to enter a woman in such an awkward position while being on my knees.

She laughed softly and holding my cock with her fingers, put it at the cunt entrance again, and with another hand put a little pressure on my hips. I leaned forward a bit and at once it went inside. With a little more pressure, my whole cock was inside her cunt completely once again. Whether it was teaching a boring subject like Math or a heavenly subject like love making, I must tell you guys that my darling Ma’am certainly knew, what to do, when to do and how to do all the right things that would produce the desired results.

She held me by my waist as I leaned over her and continued to guide my movement gently that made my cock go in and out nicely. At the beginning the rhythm was slow, then instinctively it became faster and faster.For me, at that moment, just reaching my peak and ejaculating with all my force was my objective but she had something more on her mind. She guided me to slow down and with my whole cock deep inside her cunt; she made me put pressure on her clit with my pubis. This way she was able to control both her and my pleasurable sensations.

She was a real master I must tell you. And today I am so grateful to her for making me lose my virginity to her. Being guided by her in this manner, I was able to hold my explosion for almost 45 mins for the first time ever. She continued her controlled movement of the cock moving in and out, in and out.
Once again I began to feel a sensation of tightness coming over her entire body. She grabbed my hips tightly and her cunt’s grip on my cock increased. Her body began to arch and she directed me to go faster and faster.

She was making so many pleasurable noises while I was busy fucking her that my own sense of pleasure was getting multiplied with every passing moment. She continued to make me pump into her cunt faster and faster. I had begun to sweat like a pig with the effort. My pumping was also accompanied by some interesting “fuch, fuch” sounds coming from the cunt as my condom covered cock went in and out again and again. Suddenly, she gave out a cry and grabbed me tightly in her arms. Her arms constrained my movement but as I too was about to explode I continued to move as much as possible.

With a few more thrusts, in the next very moment; I too exploded, but this time I was deep inside her cunt. Wave after wave of pleasurable sensations ran throughout my body. It was as if an electric current was passing through my body.Exhausted, I slumped on her heaving, breathless body and continued to lay there for almost 5-7 mins. Neither of us moved all that while and just continued to catch our breaths. After a few minutes, as my cock began to shrink, Ma’am made me move by her side and hugging me began to kiss me on my mouth again and again. I too responded eagerly. While kissing me, she repeated the words “thank you” many times to me.

Then she helped me remove the condom from my cock. There was a load of my ejaculate inside the condom. It was funny to see the creamy liquid in the balloon. Now I understood the use of a “Nirodh” and also knew that one doesn’t eat “Nirodh” to avoid pregnancy.We once again drifted off to sleep and when we woke up, it was a new day for both of us. I think it was one of the most important days of my life. I had experienced something magical for the first time and I sincerely believe that for the first time in her married life, she too had felt completely satisfied with the act of intercourse.

I am grateful to my teacher for having taught me the pleasures of love making and that she taught it to me to do it in a slow and steady manner so as to gain maximum pleasure out of the act. Ever since I simply do not have the “slam, bam, thank you ma’am” approach to sex i.e. get on top, insert your dick, ejaculate with a few thrusts and game over even now.Because of her training, I have learn ways to satisfy my women while making love. She always taught me the right approach by being in control at all times.

After her, when I grew up, I have had a few more women in my life who have always appreciated my style of love making from the first time I had them. Whenever they have asked me how I knew so much about love making, I just couldn’t reveal to them the name of my teacher. I have always maintained that all my learning came from books, blue films and experimentation.

Ma’am and I continued our relationship of being a teacher-student and simultaneously of lovers for a few more months until she had to leave the school to join her husband. It was an emotional time for both of us but we simply couldn’t do anything publicly about it. After she joined her husband, we completely lost touch with each other. Those were not the days of internet or mobiles so we just couldn’t stay connected.

To some of the readers my teacher may appear to be a wrong kind of person who abused a growing child, but trust me friends, she never ever allowed my academic results to suffer because of what we were indulging in, on the sly. She was a strict disciplinarian and ensured that I continued doing my best in all my subjects in the school. Ultimately, I passed out with very good marks in mathematics and all other subjects.

I still cherish her memories and my special moments with her. After all, she gave me the most beautiful moments of my life as I turned into a man. Someday, when I feel like writing more, I will certainly share more of my special moments with her and may be with some other lovely ladies who came later into my life.Thank you, Ma’am! You are my first love and will always remain so. Wherever you are today, I just want you to know that I love you… still Now friends, if you give me your feedback on, I will continue to share even hotter experiences with you all. So please keep writing 🙂

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