Me & My Officemate


Hello this is a true story. I and Rashmi worked in a some firm. She had joined the firm 6 months back. She was about 22 yrs and I was 25. She was dark complexioned but witty. She had a beautiful figure and had the personality that attracted every guys. The guys were moving in and around her. I never gave a look to her, But only assisted her in the daily job. I and she used the same computer. She would leave daily unnamed messages in the new word file as if she has left a letter in half. I marked the same for few days.

But have never courage to ask her about the same. One day I gathered some courage and gave the reply on the short notes. Next day she came and read the short notes but pretended as if nothing has went wrong. In the evening when she left for home I again turned the PC on to read the message if any. To my surprise she had invited me the home next day in the evening.Next day when I was reached the office I was happy to know that Rashmi has called on the boss and said that she would not be coming to work as she was not feeling well.

On knowing this my heart was filled with joy as something great was going to happen in my life. I was winter season and I was dressed in jeans, tshirt and put a leather jacket on the top. I reached rashmis house at 1.30pm. She was very eager to receive me. She asked me to sit the drawing room, which I eagerly accepted. We have been talking to each other during which I discovered his brother have been out for job and would be back by evening, Father was on Government Job so he was out of station and her mother was asleep and would wake up by 4.30 pm.

She was sitting just next to me. I was feeling horny as I had intentions of sleeping with her but she was not giving any chances for invitation. We were just talking this and that. Then suddenly I saw a piece of paper which she intentionally showed me and then pretended to throw it away, I demanded that but with bit of hesitation she handed over the same to me. In the chit she has asked for a kiss. I then kissed her on the chins, she said she was looking for French kisses.

Then I hugged her and my lips explored the lips of her and we exchanged the saliva of each other this continued for 15 mins. In the mean time my hands were exploring her softies that were below her neck.It was a great feeling to rub the velvet sponge where I could feel the stiffness and could feel the heat in the breaths. She then slowly moved the hands over my rock which was fully aroused and at the same time she licked my chest and stomach. I was a great feeling. She gently opened my jip and freed my dick from the prison and massaged it.

Then she slowly bent and kissed my penis and then she started sucking the dick. It was amazing as she has been good sucker. She was giving mind boggling jlobs and making me out of control. I was over charged and I put my had in her panties were I could feel the wetness of the pussy. I finger her smooth and lust pussy. She ultimately sucked my penis and I unloaded the sperms in her mouth. Now I wanted to fuck her but she said it was 4.00 and her mother could be out any time so it would be better if me meet some other day.

She said that her father was having the keys of his uncles house who was out of station and her father was out of station so she would take the keys inn the evening and we would enjoy there in the evening and asked me to carry the condoms with me. It was decided that we meet in the evening by 6.00pm. I was awaiting her at a predetermined place. She has said in her house that she was going to the friends house and would be back in 2 hours.

We reached his uncle’s house and close the door we did not lit any light and without wasting time moved into the Bedroom and jumped into the bed clip into each other like snake and rolled all over the bed. She was so hot that she pressed me show hard that I could feel the hotness of her body with me. I then slowly undressed her and was glad to see the balls which were small but smooth and spongy I rubbed them crushed them which made her moan. I then licked her all body and soon she was so aroused that she undressed me and we were in 69.

I was licking her clean shaved pussy and my raja was in her mouth and we were exploring each other. She was she aroused that she said fuck me I need u inside me. She then dressed my raja with the latex and soon I was above her. I pushed her legs apart and parked my erected Raja in her garage and as I made the way in I could hear the moan of aahhh ouch! but the moan grew louder as

I was going in and out into her the act continued for some time until I flushed into her and then was sleeping on her for some time. We then dressed up and by 9.00Pm we were back to our homes. This was the best fuck I have ever been to. If any horny s wants to have the taste of my 7” / 3” Cock can contact me at with your cell number. I would contact u. At present I am stationed at Coimbatore

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