Madam Linda


Hi I am Kumar from west Bengal and am 22yrs of age. I am a 5’10’’ tall, well build and have fair complexion.So , I would like to write about my first sex with my English teacher, madam Linda ,which happened about 2yrs back, when I was in 12th standard.

Lets first describe her. She was a very very sexy lady , about 5’8’’ tall, very fair , black hairs up to her shoulder, slim but with big boobs and a tight fat ass. She was 36yrs of age. She had a great looks and even could compete with any actress. She was favorite among boys for her beauty rather than her teachings. She was a divorced lady for 6yrs because she was infertile as it could be heard from people around, and so she used to live with her old parents

Lets come to the topic. So I was in my 12th standard and I was a mediocre student. Though I was well in my English but still I wanted some more guidance to score some good marks in my board examination. So asked her to teach me after our school. So she agreed and told me to come to her coaching class on Monday and Friday at 7p.m. every week. So it started well and from the beginning I worked hard on my studies. She was a jolly person and teaches us well.

During coaching we boys sometimes used to stare at her boobs thighs. Though I worked hard on studies , but I was the naughty boy of that class as I was the one to pass comments and to disturb the girls and often irritated her by talking with friends while teaching. By this time I got addicted to blue films and she used to come in my dreams. I started thinking about making love with her and often imagined her as my porn actress.

I started feeling as if I would get the heaven if I got a chance to fuck her. Due to this my studying level got down and I often couldn’t answer the questions and also got very poor marks in my first class tests. She became very disappointed about me and so told me to come alone at 3in the noon on ever Sundays and would teach till 7 in the evening. So the first Sunday went with lot of scolding.

The next Sunday went as usual. The 3rd Sunday came. So I went to her house. She told me to write a composition and I wrote it with lot of grammatical mistakes. She became disappointed by this and asked me about my problem. I told her that I am trying but I couldn’t set my mind properly on studies. She then told me “I think I need to talk to your parents and asked me for my home phone number.

I became frightened , because I thought that she would tell all about my test marks and my demotion in studies and so I told her we don’t have phone in our house. She understood that I was lying and so got her register where our guardians phone number were written whish we all students gave to her before joining her coaching. She saw my fathers phone no. and got up to call him. I gathered some courage and got hold of her hand and pulled her from behind.

She trembled and gave me a tight slap and very harshly told me first learn to respect and then come to study. I got myself cooled down and asked her to pardon me. I pleaded her not to call my dad. But she didn’t listen and got her mobile to call my dad. This tempered me and I snatched the ph and told her this all for you. She then said for me? Nothing came to my mind I told her the real problem. (still now I think from where I got such power to say all this to my teacher).

By hearing this she was shocked and became dumb for a while. She then politely advised me that this is wrong and told me better to leave her coaching. She wouldn’t mind anything. So I went home quickly no that day and I thought lot about it but nothing changed.I didn’t went to her coaching the next two days and again went on the next Sunday to give her the fees with some more bad intention. She was alone in her house and I gave her the reason of coming.

So she told me to come inside her room and told me that I could take tuition to her as usual and to forget everything. So made my intention easy and asked her to watch a movie with me on her pc. She agreed and she put the disk inside the pc and started the movie. Actually it was a blue film cd. From the first scene only nude kissing and fucking started and told me what have you started and told me to stop the porn film.

Without stopping the movie I rather hold her with my arms and put my lips on her lips. I knew she would be a sex hungry lady for not having sex for 6yrs and a little fire is needed to make her mine. She pleaded to leave her told me it is not correct. Rather hearing her words I tore her shirt open and made her in her black bra and pajama. She was looking tremendously sexy in her black bra.

I couldn’t resist myself and started locking her white belly. It was delicious and by now she was responding me well. I made her sleep on the bed which was at the side of the room and opened her pajama. She was now in black panty and black bra. She was looking great. I then removed my cloths and as I pulled down my jokey down my cock sprang out. It was thicker, longer and harder than before.

Madam Linda became very impressed by seeing the size of the cock. She said ,”oohh. u are a grown up boy”, and she hold my cock with her right hand and put it in her mouth and started to suck it slowly and slowly. It was feeling great, I was feeling as if heaven and within a few minute I ejaculated my cum inside her mouth and she drunked every drop. I was breathing heavily and was feeling bit nervous about handling her properly.

She then opened her bra and the big melons came out. They were more bigger as they were seen with the bra. She had great pair of white boobs with brown nipples. I laid her sleep on the bed on her back and started licking her boobs. She started moaning in pleasure. I was pressing, sucking her spongy boobs. Then I moved to her waist and slowly removed her panty. She had shaved pussy whish was oozing juice.

I was feeling great to see the real pussy for the first time in my life. I couldn’t resist myself and touched her juicy pussy. I then bent down to lick her pussy as I saw before in porn films. She was smelling very strong and this smell regained my energy.I then split open her pussy lips and put my index finger first. She moaned in pleasure and stared to masturbate her clit. She was very hot and oily inside. She told me to stop fingerings and to start fucking by my 9inch cock.

So I got up and slide my cock slowly inside her oily pussy. It was little tight but after few pumps it became free. It was a great feeling inside the pussy. I started to stroke her very hardly and in pleasure she was moaning and was making lots of peculiar sound. I fucked her till I cum deep inside her pussy.

As we became tired I left her and laid there for sometime. Mam told me that she was very satisfied by me, as her x husband didn’t had a big cock like me and he couldn’t made her anydays in her past sex life and also told me to have another in future. We kissed each other for a moment and I left from there at 8.30p.m.

After that I studied well and she became one of my best teacher. She got married a year back and we didn’t get any more opportunity to have sex till now. She is happy with her new husband. Today also I respect her as a teacher and obey her words from that memorable day.

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