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Hey everyone, first of all i would like 2 introduce myself,i am Vishal from Punjab, 18 years old,i am regular reader of ISS n love 2 share my true story with u guys. in our neighbor one of my sexy bhabhi is lived when i saw my Bhabhi (kavita) for the first time mine manhood got erect, she was looking damn sexy in that pink saree and from that day i use to fuck her daily in my dreams.

She looks gorgeous and her vital stats are approx. 38-30-38, her butts n boobs can make anyone crazy and that’s the real assets she has. I always stares at her butts whenever she walks and take advantage of being her only devar by touching her here n there but she never objected.i use to sit on her laps, whenever i got chance and try to feel her hot body. I do all these acts intentionally to make her understand that i want her badly but she never taken me n my acts seriously. I use to talk a lot with her on different topics.

One day i wake up in the morning n nd went to her home after getting fresh gone to the kitchen to take a glimpse of her (this is my general routine)but not found her, i headed towards her bedroom and knocked the door but nobody answered, i opened the door n found that no body is there in the room but some voice is coming out of the attached toilet in the room, i tried to concentrate on the voice and got that my bhabhi is taking bath.

Mine 7″ lund got erect just by recognizing that she is taking bath, i started imagining her wet and naked body, i sat there on the bed and waited 4 her to come out of the toilet.she came out of the toilet in a silver nightie and no bra inside and because she has just taken bath her hairs was all wet,some falling on her back and some on her boobs. She was not expecting me at that moment, she asked me angrily what r u doing here? I said i just wanted to see where r u n brother?

She told me your brother is out of town and will come after 3 days, i said ok and ran from there to my room. I locked my room and closed my eyes and start dreaming what i saw right now. My hands was on my cock and started masturbating but before i complete the session i heard some body is knocking on my door. I opened the room and saw it was my bhabhi who was standing in front of me, i tried to hide my erection but she must have seen by that time, she told me come to my room as i have to tell u something that u don’t know.

I obeyed her and started following her towards her room, as I entered in the room she locked the room and hold me from my backside, her hands were on my tummy and her boobs touching my back. I lost my senses and i turn towards her and started french kissing her passionately, my hands exploring her body and her hands was on my back. I took off her nightie in a flash and her big boobs “the melons” come out and i was amazed to see how big they are,

Now she was only in her panties and guys believe me that was one of the best sight for me i have seen ever, i hold her melons and started pressing and our mouths were tasting each others saliva, all this went on for 10 mins. The rhythm broke when she undone my belt and taken off my clothes. She hold my penis and started masturbating and i was feeling like in heaven, i took off her panty and started licking her ass (this is what i use to do in my dreams with her) and she was moaning in pleasure.

I throw her on the bed and sit over her i hold her boobs and star sucking tits by the time she was out of control and begging towards me to fuck her hard, i put two fingers in her already wet cunt and she started moaning loudly, i kept on doing fingering for 5 mins, she had her first orgasm. Now she was feeling little relaxed. We again started french kissing and my hands This time pressing her butts which was my fantasy,

She ask me to fuck now as she was desperate to feel my lund in her choot, i separated her legs and sit between them and put my lund in her choot. She again started moaning and asked me to fuck hard,she was moaning aahhooochod dooh ha pls fuck me hard my pace of fucking her increased rapidly and i was fucking her very hard, it has taken only 4-5 mins when i loaded my cum in her anal, i was tired by that time so i try to sleep near her to relax myself.

She was still playing with my cock, i got erection once again so i ask her to give me some oil as i wanted to fuck her ass, she gave me oil i put a little on her ass hole and some on my penis, i put one of my finger in her gaand as it was very tight and to loosen it i have to do a little hard work, after 5 mins of fingering i guided my lund into her gaand and started giving jerks slowly and steadily.

She was feeling pain but she overcome that pain and asked me to give harder strokes i did the same and now i was fucking her ass in full swing and speed and i was feeling like in heaven, after few mins. I again filled her ass with my cum. Up to now we were very exhaust, i ask her for a bath and she agreed, after that we taken bath together and guys that was the best day of my life.

Now we do it regularly whenever we got chance, i love her a lot and she too loves me. Any girls,aunties, Bhabhis of any age(from Punjab)wanted to enjoy the gr8 fuck please mail me vishal_7590@yahoo.co.in, i assure u that u r not going to be disappointed.pls mail me comments

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