Kajal Ka Khoon Nikala


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Kajal was friend of my wife. I had never met her, Kajal, until we ran into each other at the mall. She was wearing a black Shilwar qameez suit, which displayed her feminine charms to good advantage.

I could not take my eyes off her as I realized that she turned me on quite a lot in that first meeting. This realization was both arousing and disturbing. After all, she was not just any other woman, but friend of a wife.

Kajal and my wife spent a lot of their time with each other, going shopping together, to the beauty parlor and to occasional social functions. Kajal was better looking than my wife, if you went by the usual standards of beauty.

I had kept my eye on her from the first day we met. To be in bed with her was my dream, but through all the daydreaming and wishful thinking I was well aware of the fact that it would remain just that – wishful thinking!

She had an unblemished reputation, and it was very obvious that she absolutely adored her husband. But I was still waiting with hope for the right moment. I had masturbated many times thinking of her, and many times I had fanaticized that I was with her even while I was fucking my own wife.

Kajal was a conservative, shy, housewife. She had long black hair, brown eyes and a shapely body. Though Kajal was 35 years old, she still had a youthful figure, especially after birthing three kids. Her body was beautifully sculpted with high, firm breasts, sweetly curved buttocks, and shapely legs.

Over all she was a very attractive woman. I admired her thick, broad hips, which were especially appealing to me. All I could think about was how nice it would be to see her hips in the flesh . . .and those nice full breasts, which fascinated me whenever I saw her.

She was a very attractive woman. One morning after I had showered, I sat sipping coffee and reading the paper when the doorbell rang. I wondered who it could be at this time of the day, so I set down my cup of coffee and paper and headed for the door.

Glancing out the window, I realized that visitor was the friend of my wife, Kajal. I was wondering why she would come to visit my wife, since she knew my wife was visiting her parents, since last week, and she would be there for another two weeks.

“Good morning, Kajal, so good to see you,” I said. Kajal just stood there, not answering. “Can’t you even say hello?” I asked.”Hi,” she said, and I noted that she smiled as she noticed that our home was vacant except for me. “Where is your wife and what’re you doing home at this time?” Kajal asked.

“Didn’t she tell you? She has been visiting her parents since last week. What brings you out so early this morning?” I could hardly keep my eyes off her perfect breasts! I moved my hand to rub my hardening cock.

I complimented her on looking so good so early in the day and joked about how what was going on in my body was making her body even more beautiful. It was bold of me to say this, but Kajal had always been good-natured with me, so I felt a bit adventurous.

She started to leave, but looking at her in a playful way, I said “Oh, I see, your friend is not here so you’re just going to leave an old man at home alone.”She smiled and replied, “You are not an old man.”

I noticed that she was smiling, and felt that it was not her usual smile. I thought, “Could this be the opportunity I have been waiting for?” I shrugged it off as daydreaming.

Kajal walked into the lounge, and she looked me in the eye as I close the door behind us. I realized that this was my first opportunity to get close to her as we sat together on the couch and began talking about our families.

After making some small talk, the conversation got around to my wife. I’d been married 15 years, and things had gone a little downhill. My wife didn’t have much interest in sex, as much as I wanted anyway. We had known each other our entire lives, so there was nothing new to be discovered.

Kajal commented how I kept my family well cared for and comfortable. I told her I appreciated her compliment, but what about her life? “Tell me, Kajal, about your life, I think your husband tries his best to keep you happy, doesn’t he?” I asked.

A sad look came over her, and she replied “I guess one could say we are happy.””Tell me, Kajal is there any problem you are facing?”No, nothing is wrong. Every thing is fine,” she replied. “But you seem rather down. Do you have a problem you would like to tell me about?”

“My problem is that my wife doesn’t take as much interest in me as I would like. Do you understand what I mean? She really should take care of me, but there is almost nothing between us of love and romance. I have been tempted to leave her, but I haven’t the heart to leave her yet. I still hope she will realize my needs some day.”

Kajal listened closely and nodded, and said she understood, adding comments and advice now and then. The conversation became very emotional for me. Kajal laid her hand on my hand and tried to console me. The heat of her hand made my blood boil, and I began to feel an erection building up.

I realized that it was the time to take some action or I will lose my gifted opportunity. And I said….”Kajal, I hate to admit this, but I have had a crush on you for some time now, ever since I met you that day in the mall, in fact.”

When she heard that comment, she looked up at me, seeming shocked, and said, “You are such a naughty guy! Your wife better not hear you saying something like that to me.””Are you going to tell her?” I asked her jokingly.
“I’m not, but she may come to. . .” She didn’t complete the sentence.

I started rubbing her thigh above her salwar lightly I took my chance. Her face expression changed. And I asked would you mind if I kiss you..
I’m certainly not going to fall for that,” she said with a smile. “Please,” Her perfect white teeth formed a stunning contrast with her blushing face.

And then suddenly she said.”OK, but only one kiss, with a promise that my husband and your wife must not know about it,” she said.Then I placed my lips on her cheek. She did not actually respond, but allowed my lips to touch her cheek, and I was able to pull her closer while holding her with both hands.

She tried very much to keep me from going further, after accepting what was more like the traditional kiss on the cheek, and a warm embrace between friends. Kajal was breathing deeply, and she looked at me intently without saying a word.

I drew her closer and softly kissed her lips as she moved easily into my arms. I was gently caressing her arms and only slightly touching the sides of her breasts.

I continued to softly kiss her cheeks, and moved my lips to her ear as I whispered how much I liked her and thought she was so beautiful. I began rubbing her neck and shoulders and she seemed to resist only for a moment.

When I lifted her qameez and she felt my hands on her breasts she moaned, but said that was enough, and that we should stop it now and not go too far.

But how I could listen to her? I leaned over and kissed her breasts over her bra and told her to relax and enjoy my affection for her. Then I slid her bra up to her neck, and there were her magnificent breasts that I had only dreamed about, displayed to me in their full splendor. Her firm breasts that totally defied gravity even as she leaned back on the couch.

They were perfect, about 36C, if I was any judge of cup sizes. I took a few moments to enjoy what was on display. She tried to hold her arms over her breasts, but not before I got a good glimpse of their loveliness.

What a picture! I couldn’t decide whether to just look at her lovely breasts, to feel them with my fingers, or to kiss them. She leaned toward me with her head on my shoulder.”What if someone should come in and see us? What would happen?”

“Don’t worry, It is still early and nobody will be coming soon. The front door is locked, so any unwelcome guests can simply be ignored.”You’re a very bad man!” she shrieked and leaned herself deliberately against me in an attempt to hide her breasts from my view.

I worked my head down between us and begin kissing and sucking on her nipples, which had hardened into sweet, honey-like nuts. She kept trying to get up, saying “NO, Harshit, NO, Stop.” She would say, “Please stop, Harshit!” and I would whisper “NO! Please let me continue.” She relaxed a bit as I continued my licking and sucking.

I undid her bra completely, and she tried to get up, but I gently held her down and actually kissed her ear and told her to stay put. I almost expected her breasts to bounce a little, but they didn’t.

They were that firm. Her nipples jutted out from the ends of her breasts, and they looked like hard little strawberries to me. They were a pink color. I was holding her breasts and pleaded for only kissing. She did not respond, but allowed me to continue.

At last she sighed and put her hand behind my head, pulling me closer to her neck. I lifted my head slightly and started to nibble on her earlobe. “You are naughty!” she whispered.

In response I leaned forward and kissed her lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth. She was moaning, and I could hear the tempo of her breathing pick up as we kissed passionately.

Seeing the way she had melted, I became emboldened, and shifted my mouth again closing it around her hard nipple. I sucked it into my mouth and felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me into her breast. Her breathing is ragged.

I was not feeling comfortable, so I lifted her and made her sit on the edge of the couch. I knelt on the floor so that her perfect breasts were now level with my face. I took her breasts in my two hands and took turns sucking on her nipples. Again I felt her hands playing in my hair.

I started moving my mouth downward toward her thighs via her belly. I kissed and licked her navel, then my mouth reached her thighs. I parted her legs. I could feel the slit of her bulging pussy through the material of her shilwar. I gently kissed the inside of her thigh. I could feel her body stiffen in anticipation. I dragged my tongue over the inside of her other thigh.

Now I decided to open her shilwar. “NO, you can’t do this, Harshit,” she cried. “What about your wife and my husband?” She again tried to get up.

“It is too late now, and we have gone too far for us to stop. Let us just enjoy it. To stop now would not be easy,” I replied.

My hands trembled slightly as my finger came into contact with the string of her shilwar and I pulled the string, and opened her shilwar. She raised her hips and I took off her shilwar with one swift movement. It was strange that she hadn’t worn any panties.

I spread her legs. What an awesome sight! Her clean pussy was only a few inches from my face, already wet as could be! I couldn’t wait to taste it. I planted kisses on her pussy. She started to squirm and moan. I blew lightly over her pussy lips.

She did not say anything, and her heavy breathing told me she wanted more than that. “Oh, my god!” she was crying, her hands tugging harder on the back of my head. I moved slightly upwards and sucked her clit into my mouth. “Please don’t torture me like this!” she moaned.

My cock felt as if it were going to burst through at any minute! I was extremely excited watching Kajal lie exposed in front of me in a view I had never, ever, expected to see of my friend’s wife. I stood up and removed my shilwar, which was now twisted around my ankles.

My hard cock towered proudly into the air. “Oh! my, I had no idea you were so long!” she exclaimed as she saw how hard it was. Her hand folded around my dick and she started to pump it gently. She leaned up and then lowered her head, and her warm, wet mouth engulfed the head of my penis. I was in heaven! I slowly fucked her mouth while she sucked my cock.

The tingling sensation in my balls told me that this was enough! This was not where I wanted to blow my load! I had to fuck my beautiful dream lady here and now!

I asked her to stop what she was doing, and she did. She lay on couch and I knelt between her legs. What a view! Her pussy. She opened her legs a little to give me better access.

I held her down on the couch and in a fit of passion, I told her I deeply cared about her. She took my hard cock in her hand and guided it to her open, wet cunt. I entered her with my lips kissing her full breasts.

She arched her back and attempted to raise her pussy more to receive me more deeply and fully.

Holding Kajal’s thighs open, I moved forward. I could feel her stretch as I entered, each inch engulfed by the tightness and warmth of her. I felt my cock head penetrate the soft, warm, velvety folds of her tight pussy. “You are so big!” she cried. Her fist continued to pump up and down as I entered her. “yes…!”Aur chodooo mujheee…Hai ram marrrgaiii mainn.. Araam se karo naa!

Slowly her pussy engulfed my cock until her ass pressed against my balls. My dick was buried to the hilt in her hot, wet cave of pleasure. I didn’t move, and could feel the muscles of her vagina gripping and releasing me. Pulling back I watched the shaft of my cock appear until only the head remained. Pushing forward I moved much easier. “Ahhhh… Damn… ”

I kissed her passionately, and then moved further down. I took her one nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled on it. Her arms folded around me as I kissed her breasts passionately. I could feel by her moans that she was enjoying it just as much as I was.

She moaned softly as I started to fuck her slowly. I held her legs in the air to get better access to her pussy. She now wrapped her legs around my waist as I fucked her with long, deep strokes.

After little time we changed positions, and She wrapped her arms around my neck while I fucked her, supporting her weight with my hands on her buttocks. I was digging into the flesh of her hips with my nails while she was scratching my shoulders with her nails. With my hands on her hips I grabbed her firmly and fucked her hard and fast.

My dick was fully buried in her pussy. There was no waiting! My balls were going to explode! I slammed harder and faster into Kajal’s tight pussy, my thumb finding her tight asshole. I exploded!

Slamming my cock to the hilt I felt my load shoot into her depths. My thumb was buried in her tight hole. Holding her firmly after countless hard, deep strokes I shot stream after stream of hot cum into her cunt. My cock was covered with her juices and my cum. The sensation was so intense that I felt as though my legs were going to collapse at any minute.

I let myself collapse on her. We lay there holding each other tightly, kissing deeply, and confessing our love for each other.”Was that really that bad?” I asked.”I suppose not.” she answered shyly.

“Was this your first time with someone other then your own man?””Yes! I’m not lying. I’ve never done anything like this before.”” Would you believe it? Neither have I.” I lied.

Kajal said that she wanted go to the bathroom and got up saying, “i’ll be out in a minute.” It was a very sexy scene as she was wearing long qameez that fell down to her knees, with nothing beneath it as she went walking into the bathroom.

When she came out of the bathroom I said, “Kajal! I want to see your hips.”
“You have seen the rest of my body, then why not my hips?” she responded.
I asked her to roll over onto her tummy on the carpet. I pulled her qameez up exposing her sweet ass, and there was her butt. It wasn’t as thin as the rest of her, but it wasn’t ‘bubble’ either. It was somewhere in between the two.

She sighed in contentment as I begin to caress her hips. I gently parted Kajal’s precious ass cheeks. Cupping them softly, I ran my fingers between them and played in the moisture there.”Do you think my hips are beautiful?” she asked.

“That is not the proper word. Your hips are the prettiest””More then your wife?””No! Not only than her, but more than thousands of women.”What does it feel like from the back side?””Amazing.””How many times have you done it?”

“Twice.””With you wife?””Yes, but she doesn’t like it.”Kajal bit her lip and thought it over. “Okay, i’ll try it for you.”

I got up, went into the bathroom, and looked all through the medicine cabinet. I found baby oil. I went back to the lounge, where I found her on all fours, anticipating my arrival.

I asked her to put her head down and to move her ass up over her knees, and I lubricated my cock well with the baby oil. Then I spread some oil all over her asshole and into the crack of her ass. I started to work my finger in until it was almost entirely inside.

Then I began to ease my dick in. She clenched her teeth. As I started to push, she turned her head and gave me an exasperated look. The kind that was hard to tell if she was enjoying it, or wishing I would stop.

“How is it?” I asked.It hurts,” she replied.”Just relax, honey. Oh, Kajal, I love you so much. I love you. Please just relax your sphincter muscles and it will be easier.”My soothing words helped, as I eased my cock head in.

“How is it now?” I asked again.It still hurts a little.”I started to pull back, “NO, but in a good way. Keep going.”

I managed to get the head of my cock all the way in, and I watched as her sphincter tightened around my cock. I continued pushing until the remainder of my cock was all the way into her. “That’s it, how does it feel now, Does it hurt, Kajal?” When it could go no farther, I stopped for a moment.

“A little. Just wait a minute.”The pain eased and she nodded. “Okay, Fuck now.”I began pumping my hips into her. I could feel the burning heat of her ass.

I pulled out of her almost completely and then rammed myself back in. She grunted at the force I was using, but I didn’t care, this felt good. I loved the thought of fucking my dream woman’s ass. She was willing to let me experiment. “Oh, yes, Kajal! Oh, I’m fucking you in the ass, the ass of my dreams!”

Yes! Hai raaam marrrgaiii mainn..Araam see karrrroooo naaaa! I continued thrusting my hard cock into the tight little ass of Kajal for which I had been dying for years. “How does it feel?””ohhh! It’s so tight and hot, Kajal!

Squeeze Kajal! Squeeze it for me!” She tightened her ass muscles for me. “Ohh! Kajal I’m going to cum in your ass! I’m going to blow my nut in your hot little ass!” “I’m also coming! Fuck me!””I love you, Kajal!” I yelled, shooting my cum deep into her asshole.

She also came with collapsed forward, onto the floor, and me and I collapsed right on top of her. She rolled over when I moved off of her. We smiled tenderly at each other. “i’ve done all that you wanted me to do. Are you happy now?” she asked.” Happy? I wouldn’t say that was the proper word for my feeling.”

“I have to go now,” she responded. “We have spent more time then I expected.” she said.”I wish you could stay longer, but maybe you’re right.” I replied.After that Kajal met me so many times, and we never missed an opportunity we got to make love.

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