Corporate Role Play In Chennai


Last weekend it was on both of our minds and no better proof than my rock hard penis which I managed to slide across her arse. I guess we were both planning it, the way it happened. There was no good excuse for us to both be there on the weekend. But I’d made a point of mentioning to her on Friday as we left that I’d be in, and she told me later she didn’t decide for sure until she saw my car alone in the lot. 

Mytas company that’s work for as an Admin Manager on the OMR road paved way for me to drop into office as even facilities was mine. Like an idiot, I was actually crawling under the conference table when she walked in – I’d dropped a pen. So the first I knew she was there was from her laugh, as she stepped in the door and walked to the far end of the long table. She was saying something funny about my undignified posture,

But from beneath the table I was too busy watching her bare short-skirted legs walk by to listen she was a real beauty in a skirt and coat. I was particularly distracted to see her step out of her shoes along the way. Mumbling some excuse, I “innocently” started to wriggle out from underneath at her end of the table, nudging myself out on my back. I’d expected her to step aside – we didn’t know each other well at all – so I was stunned when instead she stepped her left foot across me and onto a chair.

Suddenly I was staring up her breezy little skirt, with nothing between my face and her tight little ass but the sound of her giggle in the empty building.
It knocked the breath right out of me – here? her? my Good! – and I saw her legs tense as I paused for a moment, as she wondered what kind of mistake she’d just made. When my hand traced softly the skin behind her raised knee, she sighed just a bit – relieved that I wanted her too, that I’d take what she gave.

Hearing that sigh, I decided this was going to be the best mistake she’d made all day long.I settled my shoulders in underneath her with a little chuckle of my own – no need to hurry now, I had her pinned with my eyes. My left hand traced up and then down the back of her thigh, relaxing her tension a little. I licked the fingertips of my right hand before lightly drawing them across the back of her right ankle, then circling my fingertips up her calf to the back of the right knee.

She shifted her weight slightly to spread her legs that much more, and to either side of her irrelevant skirt I saw her hands grip the edge of the heavy wood tabletop. When my hands slid up to palm the beautiful cheeks of her ass, she had enough leverage to push back against them a little bit, making it easy for me to draw them apart and look at her, to force her dampening lips open without yet touching her cunt at all.

I squeezed her harder with my left hand, beginning to slowly draw my right forefinger along her slit. Dipping momentarily into her dampness to spread her juices toward the front and back of her. Zeroing in to rub quickening circles against her stiff clit, as my right thumb landed squarely on her puckering asshole.

Her knees bent farther, and her trunk bent forward, and I could hear low moans begin from above the table. Her knuckles whitened from her grip on the table. I somehow kept a light rhythm on her with my right forefinger and now middle finger, as I sat up to get a whiff of this amazing girl. I loudly sucked the tip of my right thumb as my left hand shifted to clench her a little differently. Her musky taste on my thumb tip excited me into a moan of my own as my left thumb pulled her buttocks apart just slightly.

Why not go wild? In one quick motion, I levered my right thumb into her steaming pussy right up to the base, cupping my palm hard against her swollen clit. Her honey dripped as she sucked in air – and my thumb moved from side to side inside her until it found her best spot. (I could tell from the growl.) She began to grind against my whole hand as I watched her from behind, my breath heating her skin.

No way to stop – I thrust my tongue against her asshole, and was rewarded with a yelp as her pussy constricted around my thumb. Still jerking my hand in and out of her in short, hard strokes, I lapped her bottom clean, tongue tangling with her little bud on each stroke.Back of her skirt draped across my head, no air, incredibly humid with her scent. I stiffened my tongue and thrust it into her sphincter, as my hand slammed into her twat, driving my thumb in as far as it could go.

Suddenly my left hand was taking her weight as her legs gave out, and she pitched forward onto the pristine conference table shaking from head to toe. I gasped for breath as she collapsed, all her strength seemingly going into her cunt’s sudden grip on my thumb, clenching and pumping her thick juices out of her onto my hand. The entire room smelled like her orgasm, as she mewed and quivered against my hands.

When the strength began to return to her legs, I finally slid myself out from under that damn table, and scrambled to my feet behind her. My first thought was to flip up her skirt and stare at her fine ass, still thrusting towards me as I gently scratched the base of her spine. It took me some seconds to look up the length of her, to her face.

Cheek pressed to the cool hard table, hair laying in sweaty tangles, flushed and panting – and with her eyes focused on the doorway across the room, and on the empty hallway beyond.As I reached to unbuckle my belt, I wondered whether she’d be happier if the hallway stayed empty, or if she was hoping to be caught by someone but then knew she would have herself taken care of all those nittty gritty things.
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