18-year-old having queries on masturbation and nightfall


Questions: I am 18 years old and have the following queries.

1) Is semen produced only after masturbation or also during intercourse?

2) Till what point should one’s foreskin comfortably slip back? Mine does until a mushroom-like structure appears on the penis. Is that ok?

3) I have heard that the foreskin must be pulled back before one wears a condom. Why is that?

4) My voice has broken and I have pubic hair, but my facial hair growth is very slow. Is that a problem?

5) I have been experiencing a lot of erotic dreams. On waking up, I find a wet patch on my underwear. Is this semen or urine?

6) Sometimes my urine flow is not unidirectional, but it comes out in different directions and wets my pants. What can I do?


1) Semen is produced in the testes 24 hours a day, all 365 days in a year. Therefore excess semen is thrown out as nightfall.

2) The foreskin slips back up to the base of the head as you have described. At the lower part, it has an attachment. You are okay. Clean the area daily after slipping back the foreskin.

3) It is done because otherwise, there’s a tendency for it to slip off.

4) Why be in a hurry? Nature has its own time.

5) It is semen.

6) The urine can be controlled by using your hand to direct its flow

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