My first sex wiht my girl friend

Dear readers how are you all i hope u r also fine to ab mn apna taruf karwata hu mra name hadi ha bsc ka studedent hu mn lahre sy hu aur rich family sy taluq ha to ab story py ata hu mri aik nai nai dost bani thee sidra usky chacho ka gar hamary sath tha aur hamara bohat close taluq tha wo udar aksar ati thee to hamary gar b aana jana hogaya aur han dono ki friendship ho gai mn b 21 sal ka yong aur rang gora fit body aur wo b 19 sal ki thee smart si gori rangat aur deekhny mn bohat hobsorat aur sexy thee mri hight 6 feet thee chorra jism aur uski hight 5.6 thee smart aur beautifull thee hamari dosti huey 4 mahiny gzry they aik din usny subha subha call ki 8.30 par aur batya k usky gar waly kahen gay hn sham ko ayengy wo gar par akeli ha usny mujy milny k liye apny gar bulaya uska gar mery gar sy aik km dor tha mn nashta kar k tiar ho kar 9.20 py usky gar phnch gaya wo mujy dekh kar bohat hush hui hamny chay pee aur aik sath sofy par baith kar baten karny lagy achanak pta he ne chala kb aik dosry sy lipat gay aur kissing shuru kar di mny usy uthaya aur bedroom mn ly kar gaya aur bed par lita kis karny lagy pta ne kab ham dono k kapry jism sy alag huey kch dair baad mny usky gory bobs ko hath mn ly kar sehlaya aur chosny laga wo b bht hot ho chuki thee aur siskian ly rahe thee aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh jjjaaaaaaaaaan boooooohhhhhht achhhhhha laggggg raha haaaaa jannnnnnnn i love you mny b usy love u to bola aur ham masti karty rahy mny uski phudi py hath pherna shuru kar di wo aur mast ho gai lagatar aaaaahhhhhh oooooohhhhhh kar rahe thi mny aik ungli uski phudi mn daldi wo tarap uthi aur machlny lagi mny apna lun usko pakraya wo dekhkar dar gai q k mera lun 8 lamba aur boht mota tha kehny lagi mn mar jaugi mn yeh ne ly paongi mny kaha k kch ne hota bs thora dard hoga bd mn maza ayega wo maan gai many apny lun par usky kamry sy lotion lagaya aur uski phudi mn b lagaya uski phudi boht tight thi pink color ki aur gori thee mne uski tangon ko phelaya aur lun uski phudi par rakh kar aik jhatka marauski phudi geeli aur lotion lgany ki waja sy mry lun ka topa usky andar gaya to wo tarap uthi aur kehny lagi plllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz baaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaarrrrrrrr nikal lo mn mar jaugi mny osko kis krna shuru kar di wo phir sy mast hogai mn usky bobs b sehla raha tha mny moqa daikh kar aik aur dhaka lagaya itna zordar dhaka lagya k wo tarpny lagi magr mny ne chora aur kis ki waja sy uski awaz ne nikl saki oski aankho sy aansoo aany lagy mny 2 taqatwar dhaky lagay mra pora lun uski seal tor kar andar ghus chuka tha wo bohat ziyada tarap uthi aur kanpany lagi kch dair mn ruka raha wo b kuch normal hoi to mny pocha kya hua boli ap to mujy mar dalo gy mny kaha kuch ne hoga tumhen mn hu na wo boli bohat dard ho raha ha mny usy kis ki aur dono ny aik dosry ko i love u bola aur phir mainy dhaky lagany shuru kiye pehly to wo thora karahti rahe baad mn mera sath deny lagi aur apni choot ko neechy sy uthany lagi mn b full zor mn dhaky lagany laga wo siskyan bhar rahi thi aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh jjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn mnnnnnnnnnnnnnn marrrrrrrrrrr jauuuuuuuugi aaaaaaahhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhh mny aur usny bohat enjoy kia 15 mnt baad ham dono aik sath farig ho gay mainy uski phudi mn he apna bohat sa cum nikal dia jb mne lun bahir nikala to dekha ki uski phudi phoooli hui ha aur mra lun uski choot bedsheet sb blood sy bhar gay thy wo pareshan ho gai mny usy smjaya k pehli dafa ye sb hota ha mny us din 4 dafa uski chudai ki jb mn gar wapis aany laga to 4 bajny waly thy wo thk sy chal b ne rahi thee usy bohat dard ho raha tha hyr usny hud ko sambhala aur sb kch saaf kar dia mn usy kis kar k gar wapis aa gaya kch din baad usny phone py mujy btaya k wo pregnent ho gai ha mny usy colagge sy sath liya aur mdcn ly kr di aur bacha zaya karwaya usky baad b bohat dafa usy choda to friends kesi lagi mer true story

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this stories is 100%true and we dosn’t change the name and anything in this stories becouse my mom dosnt want to change it she told me tell avery one to our stories it has many part so second part is reconstrut pleas wait for that i and sanjay is writing this stories my mom is a sexey ladies she involve me and make me married with sanjay no he fuck me and my mom two in same bed my mom pregnant many times but she abort. it tha be ready with second part of our storiesnks
Message HARAMI MOM Namaskar i am miss nisha g mom mrs kundan g parakh. It is 100% true stories.first tell me abaut my beautiful mom she 45. But she is 29. she is 5″4′ tall slim figure, she has nice round breasts, broad hips and a beautiful flat belly delightfully centred with a deep dark navel.Speaking about my mom, she is not any ordinary ladie. In our locality men flock around our house just to have a glimpse of her and her sexy body . She used to maintain her body well with gym. Her face was beautiful My mom is just 45 this year but even then u would be surprised looking at her saying that she was just married.Any men would get erection it they saw her in sexey clothes may it be micro mini skirt or jeans or gym trousers. She was just awesome. Her figure was 38c-28-40 which I came to know from her jeans size and bra size.when we go outside market many man teesing us( me and my mom) ” sali randi se bhi mast hai ” “uski gori badan ka kya jawani hai saali chikni” “ek bar bahoon main aa jayee,bas choos choos kar meri raani bana dunga” kya maal hai re Sali dek uski saat ak nukrani bhi hai ” they are tellin to my mom and stuffs like that. Sometimes it makes my blood boil when I hear things like this . They speak about my mom in such a rude way like she is just a sexy piece of hot jawani, but then olso we didn’t want to quarrel with them as some of them are very bad boys like mawali type and gangster never mind of those thing she every time wore sexey dress when she go out with me . ” She is having good size of big booty ass while she walking it swaying like anything every one look at her big swaying ass.when we going for markating my mom and i will go out with bmw car,mom drive the car i sit on back side mr sanjay sit beside mom( here i want to tell u some thing about mr sanjay roy. He is an automobile engg doing job in raputed companey as an dupety general manager,he is 35 year old young man not yet married .He is vey strong and and well build doing gym in club.he is most sexey man ever i have seen, he is 6″9′ tall he he is an drunker and he always go to club with my mom and there they drunk and doing what ever they like , they always come midnight at home .i always admire to mr sanjay when he will love me . I always looking for his love . I came to know that he is having 9″long cock. My mom she is very frank to me when she is sitting in lassure hour she told me everything about her how he make love with my mom so i will tell u everything how sanjay fuck my mom and me also).first i will narrate every thing foot to foot.every day my mom use to come from night with fulley drunk one man is driving the car of my mom she is so drunked that she she is not having no séance that man use to take her in his arm and tell me to her bedroom and make her sleep to bed and then he went to his house at mid night every day .once i went to collage that day it was Friday morning when i reached collage and saw it was holiday so i and my friends went to see movies after return from movies it is around 3.45 p.m. afternoon i saw one ford i can car standing near our bunglow so i am curious about it who has came to our bunglow i went near the main door and sow it was looked from inside all the window is closed but one of the window is slightly open it was my mom’s bedroom window it was open it is back yeard of our garden ther was very bushey area no one gose there so i went there and peep through the window and i was stunned to see nusence is going on inside the bed room mom is fucking with that man they two are full nude in bed room i saw mom is lay flt on bed that man is sucking my mom’s love hole like a dog. Mom turn back her head andshe cluntch her jaw moaning“OO OO OOOOO oooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am cummmmminnnn nnnnggggggg. ”Ooooo oohhhhhhh …… aaaahhhhhhhhhha……. Aaaaaammmmaaaaaaaa.”.ABBAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHDARDDD DDDDD . DDDDD DDDDDDDDDDididididdddddddddddddddd Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no no, you are great pussy sucker.suck me to death Oh hh hhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no no…………. OOO OOO OOOo ooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mom bit her lips to stop her own screaminning but she faild to because sanjy is thrusting so fast and hard mom screaming very loudly that i feel shy how my mom is fucking shamlessly. Mom rub her index figure over her own clit vigorously like she become mad to discharge love juice but she did’nt she rub vigorously and sanjay thrushing very hard this going on abave 45 minits her face become red she is sweating her head hair became here and there she cluntch her jaw tightly and she is moaning ohohohohohoh…………………….! suddenly sanjay push so heavely that i thought bed wit broke down ,mom jurk her head in such a way and fell down over over bed after 45 minits sanjay blasted love liquid into her pussey They where both were exhausted. Without bothering about there nakedness they lied down on bed and slept in each other’s arms. ‘sanjay, I love you!’ Mom whispered in his ears. ‘I too love you kundan!’ sanjay said in mom ears. ‘Mom, can I ask you a personal question?’ ‘Hmmm…yes, ask!’ ‘girish doesn’t love you any more?’ He has lost apatite for sex.i am very hungry sanjay he gave me a permission to carrey on so i thought u are a stallon for me I am interested on your daughter sanjay said to mom . If u satisfy me i am telling u that i will get handed my daughter to u. Then they two get up from bed mom went to attach bathroom she wash her love hole urinate and come bake to bed where sanjay is sitting on sofa with a smoking ciggaret in nude . mom come near to him she snatch his burning ciggarate with his hand and throw it out side window . she told sanjay get up quickly nisha will come from collage any time get ready wear your dress she quickly wear tiny red cocktail dress and sanjay wear silk lungi and banianan suddenly a bell ring by me from out side mom open the door she smile at me like she is having nothing have done just before. I also smile and told mr.sanjay has came ? Yes he is waiting for u because he has brought a low waist jeanse and noodle strap blouse for u. I enter to mom bedroom where i saw sanjay is watching t.v. eating snasks and coffee i sit beside him sanjay smile at me and i i am looking at him and thinking how he fucking my mom freely and now he is so sober that he is a gental man and my mom is sati savitri she don’t know how to fuck sanjay calling mom bhabhi in front of me in my absence he call her by name i here it many times.we are having small win bar that my dad as made for him but now my mom is using that with sanjay some how often mom and sanjay bit tipsy,mom is so tipsy that she is unconsuses what she is doing she dosn’t know what she is doing.She is shouting and behave in such a way that she a call girl i fell same that don’t want to tell that this is my mom. Mom is so tipsy she stand up on floor she snatching her dress to open her normal array of clothes on the floor and make full nude standing in front of sanjay window is open sun ray is coming into room where mom is standing nude Mom was a small blonde with short hair and a sunny disposition. She was terminally cute. She had big but firm tits tiny waist and a She had a huges delectable is so drunk that she cannot stand with her trumbling legs she was compleatly nude.she She placed his hand on her hairy mound and anather hand on her breast and knead it like she is teasing sanjay, sanjay open his lungy WITH HIS 9” long snake type long cock is dangling in front of mom,she smile at him and telling him sala madarchod kya lund hay yea saap hai!.mera bhosada faad do sala kya mota lund hai. She hold his thick cock in her hand began to shake it like she want to pluck it from his abdomen she is doing hand job sanjay is moaning mom cluntch her jaw and bagan to make back and forth in faster and faster Sanjay moand loudly suddenly mom take it into her mouth and began to suck sanjay hol hold his dick with his handand pull it out from her mouth and he gave a spank with his long dick over her two cheeks and then drive it into her mouth force fully up to her throat mom is making oakoak…….. !suddenly mom vomit dick is into her throat sanjay is forching into mom throat suddenly sanjay left her and pull his dick from her deep throat,when he pull his dick from her mouth a drool of sliva coming out from her mouth i feelso bad to see my own mom that she is now looking like a busty ladie I saw that man’s fully ereceted long dick is swayinging between his two legs . what a beautiful long thick black snake.what a pleasent sight i am really astonish to see his dick my panties became wet to see his dick i pat my cunt over my silk panties and eager to see them what they are doing.again i looking through window and i drive my hand into my panties and began to rub my forefingure over clit vigorously and looking through window what they are doing my NYMPH mom is standing in front of sanjay they two embrace eatch other his long cock is touching her flat abdomen her big breast is smatching into his hairy cheast there mouth locked with eatch other suddenly mom drive her hand under her abdomen and slightly lift her right leg up so that she can adjust his long snake into the mouth of her clitories lips . Ghuser do Sanjay give a upward push mom moan……………. “OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am cumm mm minnnnnnnnggggggg.”Ooooooohhhhhhh……aaaahhhhhhhhhha……. Aaaaaammmmaaaaaaaa.” SEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEE EEEEEEEE MARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LANDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD NILAOOOOOOOO OOOOOO OOOOO OOOO OOOOOOOOOOO DARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDD BAHUTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HORAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SANJAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nikaloo oo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff darddddd dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd bahutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmm mm maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii plssssssss sss ssssssssssssssssssssSanjay press her mouth into his mouth so that she cannot moaning or shout because i am in home they know mom hold his neck with two han tightly then suddenly she lift her two leg and wraped his waist with two leg in such a way that now she is hanging sanjay hold her tiny waist with his two hand tightly now sanjay is walking around the room carrying my mom like a small baby and often he gave him a upward push mom is smiling And telling kya lund hai tumhara ! Yea lund to tujhe chaeya ise lund ke lyea to tum mujhe se shaadi karna chate hai aur tumahri larki se bhi chodane cheti ho Maa bati dono ko ek saat bistar pechodna chata hai. They are talking and rooming around the room sanjay hold my mom tightly so that she cannot come down sanjay often giving upword pushing mom screamed aahhh….uhhhhhh….aahhhhhhh…ohhhhh….eyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… Kya hua ? Tumhara lund mera mhu se nikal jayaga lakri mistri se chota karwalo na…………. Itne me chila rahi ho, to tumhari larki kya karagi? Mom smile and give a kiss on her hairy cheast and tell i will ttai a thread on your lund and you have to promise me you will enter your lund upto that tai only and when you fuck me the thread will diappear into my chut mom lough loudly hahaha………. Ok ok permission granted ! Then sanjay push her to the wall gave her a sapport to her back he told mom to hold her tightly with two leg embrace his waist and two hand to be embrace tightly to his neck and sanajy hold the windo rod tightly and began to push upword like a mad dog. Mom shoutSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LANDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD NILAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDD BAHUTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA moand SANJAYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYY YYY nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nikaloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo plsssssssssss sssssssss ss ss ssssssssssssufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff dardddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddbahuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ttttttttttttttthoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiplsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss SANJAY ab nahin bardast ho raha hai, bahar nikalo apna lund. Sanjay is thrusting upword not hearing any word of mom she is continued shouting uyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ank men se pani nikal ra, uuuuuuuuu fffffffffffffffffff ffffffff fffffff ffff ffffffffffff hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn He is going on smaking her like a mad dog she is shaking her head and shouting suddenly mom put her head on his shoulder and she stop shouting moaning then also sanjaysmaking her badly i fell angry with him because if mom will die suddenly sanjay push whole length into her cunt hole and he come toward big sofa he laid her on sofa her half of the body was on sofa and only her head and waist in upper her leg wrapped his waist now sanjay is standing hold mom’s two legs tightly with his two hand and began to smaking in and out mom is now slightly in sencse she is telling please pl ple…se and sanjy is fucking and His hands were on her butts.cheeks and was caressing her ass. Mom was resisting but it was of no use , how a weak woman could stand against a strong man but there was no use to resist mom bit her own lower lips with her teeth because there is no use of shouting but often she is shivering with each push of my fucking her ass she make unusual moaning “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah AAAAAAAHH.” He pushing and pushing in her clit,again sanjay started pushing hard on her Now his shaft was going in and out her cunt at 90 kmph. I thought he was getting discharged. ohhh—-hhm m mmmm—–esssohhhh—–ohhhyesss—–CHODO MUJHE—– PHAD DO—– RAT BHAR PAHAR DO——FUCH———FUCK ME O BASTARD——–PUCH ME–OHHH— mom was urging him to screw. Sanjay was shouting SALI—- ITNI SAALO KA BAAD TUM SE MILA HAI——–din bhar choudunga tujhe——-he was ramming —-her hard in am also rubbing my figure into my own clit to seeing those thing of my own mom. Mom had her third orgasm of the morning. Her requests were coming in broken lines, , ppppllleeeasseee now stop and get offffffff mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee …………………My cunt is contracting after two orgasm I cant take it any more……………My cunt walls have lost conscience …It has become numb due to your plundering………” But he kept on impaling her………………… mom was yelling at the top of her voice, “Oaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…………………Fuck fuck me…make my pussy your slave………..yes yes yes……..I am cummmmmingggggggggggg.” Pppplll eeeasseee now stop and get offffffff mmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee ………………… In few moments her requests changed, “Siiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr, please keep on…….pushing your cock in my cunt…………………Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh……..its so hard…..My cunt is again coming back to life………yes yes yes yes yes yes ……………..Keep on pounding………….” Now i saw sanjay bend forward and he was again drinking her milk and occasionally biting her nipples too. His jerking speed was increasing as moments passed. Sa sasa..ananjay… ab nahin bardast ho raha hai, bahar nikalo apna lund. Y Maine apna adha se jyada lund bahar nikal lia. Main tuhari gori aur chikni chut ko takleef dekar chodna chahta tha is liye wo kuch aur bol pati iske pahle maine apne lund ko wapas uske chut mein ek jordar dhakke ke saath ghusa diya. uuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mennnnnnn nnn nnnn n nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mariiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii man nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ank men se pani nikal ra, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSANJAYY YYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY LANDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD NILAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BAHUTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN WOH HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MERIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT SUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SANJAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, mom bahut zor se chikhi aur phir kuch bol pati ki usne apni puri takat lagakar ek final dhakka laga diya. Ab uska 9’ ka pura lund unki chut mein jad tak ghus chuka tha. MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN HUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NIKALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS NIKALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF HYYYYYYYYYYYYYY RAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MERIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN HAMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, he is going on smaking her like a mad person now mom is holding her own head hair and slowly slowly she moving her hand over her own head hair ,he was at the brink of ejecting love juice some how he cant stop his jurcking but mom discharge four time Suddenly he is about to discharge he moand oh oh oh oh ………………. Kund… Yea yea ………….. He poured his hot hard rock milk into her virgin and hot pussy sanjay surprised that about 1 minute I am pouring lava into her where i also discharge lovejuice into my silk panties sanjay fell down over my mom They hugged each other and kissed and licked and swallowed saliva with each other tounge after some time sanjay and mom fell down on bed near about half an hour like that after that mom push sanjay and get up and tell what is the time now ? Sanjay looking at wall clock and tell 12.10 afternoon mom quickly get up from bed and telling get ready soon nisha will coming from market mom went to bathroom fully nude whe she come back she wore mini skirt and sleevless top’s and her head hair is upto her shoulder so she comb it and they two started smoking ciggrate sit on a sofa so make a knock at the door mom open the door and i get inside and sow mom and sanjay is smoking mom bring three cup of coffee and sit beside me and she put her hand on my back and tell me beta do you want to eat now? Yes ! Mom went to kitchen and serve lunch we eat after that i told them i am going to sleep because i have temendrious headace so i went to next room and sleep on bed and pretented to be sleept but i am waking and seeing what they are doing i saw mom sit beside sanjay on sofa and put her right leg over his thigh and lit one ciggaret and began to smoke then after some time sanjay drive his hand under her micro mini skirt and began to fingering her lovehole mom is smoking ciggarte in a relax mood suddenly mom looking toward sanjay and told abe madarchod ungli kue karraha hai karna hai to lund ghusa and began to smoke. Sanjay take in his arm and tke her to mom bedroom and throwher into dunlopillow bed mom ciggret fell down on ground i am frightening that sanjay is fucking mom without condom so if she will get pregnant i cannot tell her to take protection then i saw sanjay open his silk lungi and through it on ground and his half erect cock is dangling between his two legs mom is now standing on her bed open her camisole tops and through it on ground her big breast spring out in a juggling then mom hold her one breast with her two hand and giving sign to take it. Sanajy ran to climb bed and hold her with two hand and began to kiss her madly and telling when we will married? I will talk with nisha when she will agree and finaly i have to talk with girishi will tlak with him today itself but at first if nisha will agree .mom laugh and tell at morning you fuck me like a bitch and evening also you want to fuck me and in night also what are you thinking yourself. Today onward morning fucking afternoon and night fucking will going on but evening it is really pleasent if you get fucked I am worried about nisha if she will sow in fucking position what will happen can you understand she will never want to married you and i will be loose all the thing so you have to take pasence to married her after married i will manage to be frank to her and we will enjoy in same bed mother and daughter fucked by you. They are embrace eatch other and talking suddenly mom moand ABBAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHD A DDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDD ididididdddddddddddddddd i thaought suddenly mom clunch my two jaw and make his rod in out from her moand out i saw sanjay has already enter his long cock into mom’s ass hole mom is now rubbing her own clit with his own index fingure vigorously shaking her head side by side evening light is coming through open window there was no cartain on window , i am feeling so shy because window mom and sanjay is fucking beside it sanajay is pumping so hard.i saw his rock hard black iron rod is coming out and again and going inside her ass hole mom rubbing her figure over her clitories mom is mad sanjay is ramming her ass very badly suddenly sanjay gave strong push mom choked her voiceand sanjay fell over her back i conferm sanjay discharge juice into her ass hole. After some time sanjay pull out his black showard from her ass and i saw his long cock is coverd with mom’s loves juices. Mom began to shout abe madarchod ka bachaa lound kyhye nikala re ? mera chut maronahi to mari bati ko chodne nahi dangi too mari gand mari chut maro madarchod ka aulad. Mom turnd round and began to lick his cock without touching it with her hand now she is is licking his red head inside into her mouth she moved her head like she want to brush her teeth sanjay want to hold her head with his two hand but she is shaking her head like anything Sanjay now lay mom flat on bed make her two legs up to air he is in between her two legs mom want to hold his cock with her hand but it slip out then sanjay hold his cock in his hand and one hand is under her arm pit and setdick of his big round head into the mouth of her lovehole then he head down and take his head closer to mom’s mouth and began to kiss her and all of a sudden he gave a strong push mom cry out loudly hhhhhhhhhaaaaaa aaaaaaaannnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mennnnnnn nnn nnnn n nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mariiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii man nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ank men se pani nikal ra, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiSANJAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYLANDDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD NILAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BAHUTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT HORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN WOH HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MERIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII BAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT SUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SANJAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY She began to match his stroke for stroke and he speed up the fucking pace. Soon she was saying, “Harder sanjay, fuck me harder,” Which caused him to pump faster until she began to shake ,orgasm, and he began to pump up and down in and out strongly mom began to shake her two legs her milky white thigh began to jurck like a sexey girl.suddenly sanjay gave her great jurck to mom and fell down upon mom flat body. scream ,”Oh my God… It feels so good… My pussy… Fuck me sanjay…Fuck meee.” “Oh yes, Fuck your ku.ku.ku.nad………… Harder… Faster… make me cum on your cock sanjay Make mommy cum all over your cock. Yes.. Yes… Oh… Oh… yes ..I am cumming … Oh… OOH…. Oh…yes….”mom said. “Ohhhhhhh…ughhhhhhh…..yessss, baby. Damn that feels good!”OHHHHHHGODDDDDDDD…..easy baby!” “Yes, yes….I love fucking sanjay! I….would have…..fucked you from …Ohhh…years ago….if….Ohhhh…. I had known…..ughhhhh…that your dick …..ughhh….was so good!” “Ohhhhhhhhhh god! I love your fat long cock!” she screamed! he started pumping hard and fast as she kept moaning. “Yes I love your pussy! It’s so fucking tight and wet!” “That’s it baby….ohh …keep calling me darling!” “I love your pussydaring. Do you feel nasty getting your cunt fucked by other person,darling?” “Yesssssss….I want to fuck… .ohh…your… .fucking cock… .ohh….all night!” The she started shaking. “Oh baby!…..I’m cumming!” she said He started pounding her pussy harder so that he could shoot his wad at the same time! “Me too!” I grunted “Oh yeah baby. That’s it….cum in darling pussy baby …….cum with darling baby!” they both exploded at the same time. It was earth shattering and seemed to last for several minutes. He never pumped so much cum out of my cock. It felt like gallons. They laid there for a few minutes with his cock still in her pussy, both of us breathing hard. Finally,he rolled over and lay on my back next to her. She looked over and smiled at him very tenderly.Her face and chut get red after having a great fucking session. Whole action is non-stop and breath taking for me. I am wondering that how MOM gets sanjay’s full erected 9 inch long and 4 inch thick monster into her tight small chut without a scream. Then she got up on her knees and said,”That was the best fucking anyone has ever given me, I’ve never cum so hard in my life!” “Same here!”he said smiling. “But….” She said as she grabbed my now limp cock, “I need to fuck it again, and again!”She started stroking him and lowered her mouth to his cock.She deep throated his in one quick movement and began sucking me for all she was worth(she FELLATIO)his cock again He had many blowjobs in my life, but this topped them all. It was like a vacuum cleaner on his cock! In no time at all I was rock hard again. She lifted her head and smiled”I really want to taste your cum…..but not yet. First I want you to fuck me with this fat dick again!’ MOM still hold SANJAY’S big monster in his hands. The monster became live again in few minutes. MOM gets up from bed and says naughtily smailey to SANJAY sambhalo apne lode ko ghar ja ke biwi ko nahin chodna kya…… Sanjay replies biwi ko to bahut chod liya ab mera ye land sirf tumhe chodega, Mom enjoys sanajy”s monster wildly and feel the full pleasure of she is pleading sanjay is land par ab sirf tumhara haq hai…….. and with a smile sanjay asked MOM to fuck her ass-hole (gaand). But MOM refuses and says gaand kal marna abhi ghar jaao, mujhe bhi ghar ke kaam niptaane hai….. She lifted her own thongs and hang it on his live monster and smiles naughtily. MOM put on the undergarments and gown and enters in the bathroom for refreshing. And come out from bathroom with har micro mini skirt and order me to make three cup of coffee i make it and brought to dinning room where sanjay and mom is sitting on dinning i brought three cup of cofee and biscut and put it to table after then we have a cup of tea together and then sanjaytold us be ready i am comming soon from bittale shop when he went mom told him to bring one packet ladies ciggarate then sanjay went outside in home only mom and i sit near mom then mom tell me that i have settle your marrage but only thing i have to talk with your dad . Whom did you make me marries ? Our sanjay roy. He is a bengoli boy you know he is an automobile engg.he will stay with us in this bunglow and we will enjoy. What enjoy ? I will tell you later but don’t tell anyone to your friend. Then after an hour sanjay came from bittle shop he bring two packet of ladies ciggarate five pawn etc. He give something to mom she keep it in her skirt pocket then she went to kitchen for cooking food sanjay Told mom that he order dinner in resturent , mom told me will you go to resturent ? No mom i will go with you Now we three are ready for going to resturent mom is wearing micro mini skirt it is too small it is mine mom wear it,Wet Look Plunge Halter Top And Micro Mini Skirt mom wear it she is having so thin waist was holding thin lace of her g-string just below her navel. The front part of her g-string hardly covered her pussy and most part was hidden inside her pussy. She had shaven her pussy nicely today so I could not see her pubic hair outside the g-string Only small change was that I could even see her lower lips eating her g-string completely. Mom is wearing a g string its stripe is so tin that it was not enough to cover her shit hole in upper she wore crop halter top is so small and tight which revalling from crop halter top every one could see that her breasts were hanging nicely, they were very firm and very big in size. Her breasts and asswere large and full and the jiggled and swayed when she walked. “sanjay”, she said. “Shall we go out for dinner?” she asked me lighting one cigarette and throwing the smoke through her nostrils. “It sounds great mom,” I said. “Go and get ready then. I will finish this cigarette by then.” She said and lied on the bed. I went to my room and changed myself. Since it was hot summer day, I wore a loose t-shirt and shorts. After then I went to mom’s room. She was still on the bed puffing her cigarette. One of her hands was inside her g-string, maybe she was fingering. “Let’s go mom.” I said pretending not seeing anything “Two minutes, baby.” She took last puff and threw the remainder of cigarette into the ashtray. She got up and She took her purse and car key. We went to the garage; she sat on the driving seat and drove us to the market Mom parked the car in front of a nice restaurant and entered. We had reserved one table and ordered some meal and told them that we would be back in an hour as it was too early for us to take dinner after that we went to night club. We walked around the club. People were staring at us as we (especially mom) were in western outfits. Many people glazed their eyes on my mom when she lit one cigarette and puffed it up. But she did not care. We walked around, she had some cold drink After around one hour we returned back to the counter and we occupied our table. Mom asked for some wine and I was happy with beer. “Have you smoked nisha?” she asked lighting one more. This was third cigarette that I saw my mom smoking in one day. I had tried smoking many times but was not addicted to this like my mom. In our family only she is a regular smoker, others are not. Please mail me To be continude….

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Boyfriend no. 1 saha first sex

Hello friends, Mo na Payal. Mu Bhubaneswar re ruhe. Mo age ebe 30. Aji parjyanta mu 12 jananka saha sex karichi. Aei story mo first sex ra… Mu setebele college re +3 padhu thae.jananku bhala Pau thili. Se b. Ama Vitare Khali kiss, hug au boob pressing Hau pua sabubele mo 36 size ra dudha ku chipu thila . ame sabubele Cafe jau. Gote Dina Ama Vitare romance chali thae. Se mo dudha chipi ki piu thila..hathat mo gandi ku chipila. Mu bahut excited hei Gali. Taku jore hug kali. Setebele mu kichi feel kali jemti ta banda Pura thia heichi. Se mo chadi Vitare hata pureila dhire dhire. Mate vari Vala laguthila. Se ta anguthi dhire dhire pureila mo bia re.. Mo bia ku sala sala Kala.. Ta pare ame dui Jana Pura nangala hei galu. Se mate ta banda ku dhariki patire pureibaku kahila. Mu seiya kali.. Oh… Kana lagu thila.. Se mo dudha ku chipu thae au mu ta banda ku jhiva re chatu thae.. Mo bia setebele Pura lalei jai thae. Ta banda Pura tan hei hei jai thae.. Mate Se kahila je Se mate gehibaku chahuchi. Mu suniki darigali cz mu suni thili je bahut Kate au blood bohe boli. So mu mana kali. Se bahut request Kala ta mu Han kahili. Se mate talaku tk nai padibaku kahila.. Seita doggy style thila. Se ta banda ku mo bia re pureibaku chesta Kala. But helani bahut tight thila. Se bia re chhepa lageila au ta banda re b chhepa lageila.. Gote stroke re bia vitaraku banda pureila.. Mate vari kahila… Se aga pacha Kala. Tk time katila ta pare bahut Maja lagila.. Ta pare se ta banda kadhila bia ru. Au mu chair re basili goda fadiki se puni mate gehila.. Mu Khali ohh ahh ahhh Hau thae.. Je Ta pare jore jore gehila.. Mate lagila mu jemti marijibi Ta pare se banda puni kadhi Dela au mo lip ku kiss Kala bahut time. Mo dudha ku chipi ki pi LA. Ta pare se chair re basila. Mate ta banda Pati re pureibaku kahila. Mu ta banda ku Pati re pureiki aga pacha kali first dhire dhire ta pare jore jore. Se mo chuti ku jore vidiki dhari thae. Ta pare se mate ta upare basibaku kahila.. Mu basili au se ta banda ku mo bia re pureibaku kahila. Mu ta banda ku hata re dhariki mo bia re pureiki ta upare basili ohh kana laguthila.. Mo deha Vitare kana hei gala.. Taku jore hug kariki ta otho ku kamudili. se mo anta ku dhariki mate upara tala Kala.. Emti 5 min pare Tara white discharge heba boli mate thia hebaku kahila au nije kichi time haleila ta banda ku.. Mu tale basiki ta banda ku puni Pati re pureili au suck kali. Ta pare Tara discharge hei gala.. Se mo dudha upare bahara Kala sabu.. Mate kahila chatibaku Mu tk chatili… Sedina mo bia se emti fateila je mu sex ra gote pagala hei Gali.. Ajiku 10 year helani mu 12 jananka saha sex Kari sarilini. Dekha jau aga ku Kan haucha……. Puni veta heba mora au gote story saha…

Please mate comments debe ki kemti lagila….. Rahuchi…. Apana mananka, Payal

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kashmir e kelengkari-part 3

Message Kamon achhen sobai? Amar ebarer golpo tar part 1 ar part 2 atodin e pore felechhen nischoi? Aaj part 3 ta bolbo.Jani na apnader kamon lagchhe. Ektu kosto kore email kore janale khushi hobo. Ludhiana station e train ta anekkhon daray. Pray 30 ghonta train er vitore theke sobai bore hoye gechhi. Ankita ke bollam tumi boso… Ami ektu niche neme haat paa er jong chhariye asi. Ankita bollo cholo ami o ektu nami. Bollam cholo tahole… Aro 5/7 minute darabe train ta. 2 jone platform e neme elam. Aneke dekhlam brush korte kortei neme porechhe. Keu ba bottle e jol vore nichhe. Char dike haka haki… Daka daki. Kashmir ar beshi dure noy… Sobar mon e mone hoy tai furfure. Ami ar ankita alos vabe platform e haatchhi. Hothat pichhon theke ankitar naam dhore keu chitkar kore uthlo. 2jonei pichhone phirlam. Ankitar e boyoshi akta meye… Porone jeans ar golapi t shirt. Darun figure. Dekhle mone hoy bigyaponer kono model. Pashe akjon boyosko lok dariye achhe… Haat e 2to joler bottle. Ankita bodh hoy chinte koyek muhurto shomoy nilo. Tar por 2 haat samne bariye riya tuiiiiiiiiii…… Bole dour dilo. Ami dariye dekhte laglam ankita riya bole meyeta ke joriye dorlo. Kintu chharar naam korhhe na keu. 2jon 2jon ke joriye dhore dule cholechhe. Pashe dariye boyosko vodrolok hashchhen. Sesh porjonto 2to juboti nari shorir bichhinno holo… Tarpor haat dhore koto kothai je cholechhe durotto theke ami poriskar bujhte parlam na. Miloner prathomik utsahe vata porle dekhlam notun meyeta amake dekhiye kichhu bollo… Ankita haat er isharay amake daklo. Ami kachhe gele alap koriye dilo ankita. Tomal Da… E holo riya… Riya bhattacharya. Amar sathe aki college e porto. Ar amra thaki o pasha pashi para te. Amar vison vison close friend. Amra sob kotha share kori ake oporer sathe. Riya haat tule nomoskar korlo… Ankita bollo… Riya e holo tomal da. Aki tuor company er sathe amra kashmir dekhte jachhi. Ar tomal da uni holen meshomosai… Riyar baba. Ami vodrolok ke pronam korlam… Tini o ashirbaad korlen. Riyar baba bollen… Amra o to tour company er sathe kashmir jachhi… “pakhir dana “. Ankita hoi hoi kore uthlo… Se ki meshomosai… Amra o to pakhir danar songe jachhi… Ki re riya… Bolis ni to? Riya bollo… Tui o to bolis ni… Ta chhara amra akdom sesh muhurte book korechhi… Tai bola hoyni re. Oohh tor sathe koto golpo jome achhe re… Valoi holo… Kashmir er soundorjo upovog korte korte golpo gulo kore pet khali kora jabe. Ami bollam.. Golpo pet e jomiye rakhle to khide pabar kotha noy… Roshikotay sobai henshe uthlo. Train er signal hoye gelo… Ankita bollo meshomoshai apnara kon coach e uthechhen? Riyar baba janalo s-5. Riya bollo… Oh amra to s-6 e. Tahole riya ke ami songe niye jachhi… Pore jabe o… Anek golpo achhe. Riyar baba bollen achha jao. Amra train e uthe porlam. Train chhere dilo. Phire ese dekhi sobai jege gechhe. Ami middle berth namiye sobar bosar bebostha kore dilam. ankita bollo maa dekho kake peyechhi. Gayetri mashima bollen.. Are riya… Tomra o kashmir jachho naki? Akkhon to ar bari te aso na. Mashima ke vulei gele maa? Riya lojja peye bollo… Na na ki bolchhen mashima. Asole chakrir chesta korchhi… Tai ektu kom jaoa hoy… Apni valo achhen to? Riya gayetri mashima ke pronam korlo. Ankita amar maa ke dekhiye bollen ini tomal dar ma… Riya maa ke o pronam korlo. Uma boudi atokkhon chup chap dekhchhilo. Ebar bollo… Bah… Dole aro akjon jute gelo dekhchhi. Ami ar ankita mukh chaoa chaoi korlam… Riya kichhu bujhlo na. Ankita uma boudir sathe alap koriye dilo. Amra sobai bose golpo korte laglam. Riya khub furtibaz meye.. Besh jore jore kotha bole ar haat paa narte thake. uma boudi janalar pashe bosechhilo. Ankita ar riya tar pashe boslo… Ami akdom seshe boslam. Ulto dike maa ar mashima bose paan banachhe. Riya ar ankitar onno kono dike kheyal nei… Nijeder niye moshgul. Uma boudi bollo… Tomal bechara kotha bolar lok pachhe na… Ekhane eso vai… Amrai golpo kori. Ankita chot kore takiye bollo… Sorry… Asole riya ke hothat dekhe khub obak ar khushi hoyechhi to… Tai… Kichhu mone koro na tomra. Uma boudi bollo… Nah mone ar ki korbo… Tomra golpo koro… Ar ektu sore bose amader golpo korte dao. Riya ar ankita sore bostei ami uma boudir pashe boslam. Boudi nichu golay bollo… Tomar kolap bote vai… Aro akta sexy maal jutiye felle? Ami hense bollam… Boudi apni na? Paren o bote. Boudi bollo….” Roton e roton chene… Nagor chene magi…”. Tomake bole rakhchhi… Thik moto khelate parle eta ke o vog korte parbe… Miliye dekhe nio. Ami chapa swar e dhomok dilam… Chup! Aste bolun. Dhomok kheye boudi gola aro nichu korlo… Bollo… Maal ta kintu khasa… Tobe ankora… Seal khola hoyni akkhono. Bollam kivabe bujhlen? Bollo… Hu hu… Bolbo kano? Sujog pele miliye dekhe nio thik na vul. Tarpor bollo… Kintu ankitar dik theke monojog abar notun maal er dike beshi dio na… Ankita akta jinis… Vaggo kore paoa jay. 3 te alada group hoye gelo amader. Maa-gayetri mashima….. Ankita-riya… Ami-uma boudi. Mrinal da ke kothao dekhlam na. Toru dar bahini ese shokaler jolkhabar diye gelo. Ar bole gelo maal potro jeno guchhiye thik kore rakhi. Train thik time ei jachhe. 11tar ektu porei jammu dhukbe. Station e gari thakbe… Aaj e srinagar chole jabo amra. Riya bollo.. Toru da ankita jodi amader gari te jay asubidha hobe? kotha ta shune ankita amar dike chailo… Bodh hoy or o ichha nei amar theke alada jabar.. Abar bondhu ke o chharte ichha korchhe na. Toru da bollo… Mushkil e felle… Asole age thekei thik kora achhe ke kon gari te jabe. Keu to aka aseni… Sobar songei keu na keu achhe. Ankita ke tomader gari te dile akjon ke o gari theke ei gari te aste hobe… Dekhi keu raji hoy ki na? Ankita mridu protibaad korlo… Maa aka thakben… Thak na riya… Srinagar giyei nahoy adda deoa jabe. Riya hoi hoi kore uthlo… Na na ami kono kotha shunbo na… Toru da.. Ami jani na… Ankita amader gari te jabe… Bash… Kivabe manage korben apni bujhun… Toru da henshe bollen… Dekhi ki bebostha korte pari. Toru da chole gelo. Amra abar golpo korte thaklam.Uma boudi jigges korlo kaal tahole valoi katlo? Ami bollam darun! Uma boudi bollo… Ki ki holo? Bollam sob… Bathroom er kotha mone koriye debar jonno thnx boudi… U r a genius. Boudi bollo… E to sobe suru… Age age dekho hota hai kya… Tarpor bollo.. Maal ta kamon? Ami bollam… Tight. Ar beshi rokom rosalo. Boudi bollo… Hmm ami o tai dharona korechhilam. Jara beshi hot… Tara beshi rosalo hoy. Ami fosh kore bollam… Apni kamon rosalo boudi? Amake akta chimti katlo uma boudi… Bollo… Khub na? Gachher o khabe… Tolar o kurabe? Bollam bolun na… Apni koto ta rosalo? Boudi akta vru tule bollo… Amar ros khujte gele dube morbi re chhora. Ami bollam dubbo na… Ami valo satar jani. Boudi bollo… tai? Tahole to dekhtei hochhe… Kamon satar jano? Ami bollam se to dekhben e… Apnake charchhi na ami. Boudi kotha ta sune haslo… Bollo ami o tomake chharbo na vai. Golpo korte korte train jammu dhuke gelo. pakhir danar lok jon ese maal potrer dayitto bujhe nitei amra train theke namlam. Abar sobai ke joro kore toru dar boktrita suru holo…. Asol kotha holo ei je.. Station thekei amra srinagar er pothe jatra suru korbo. 45 jon jatri.. Mot 3 te bolero 22 seater gari te vag vag kore jabe. Ar maal potro niye toru dar lok jon akta truck e pichon pichon jabe. Jara boishno-devi jete chan… Tader motamuti aki gari te ar hotel e o pasha pashi thakar bebostha kora hoyechhe. Train e o sevabei ticket kata hoyechhilo… Jate tara nijeder vitor porichiti bariye nite pare. Srinagar jete 10/11 ghonta lagbe. Okhane hotel ready korai achhe… Lunch packet akkhoni diye deoa hobe… Gari tei kheye nite hobe. Sob seshe… Welcome to jammu & kashmir and enjoy the tour bole toru dar boktrita sesh holo. Boishno devi jabar moto acchen mot 14 jon. Amra train e je 6 jon ak sathe chhilam… Tara baad e jara bridge khelchhilo sei row er 4 jon ebong aro 4 jon. Ei 14 joner akta gari te bebostha holo. Riya ra amritsor jabe.. Tai tader onno gari te bebostha hoyechhe. Kintu riya kichhutei ankita ke chharlo na. Take riya tader garite niye jabe bole jid korchhe. Sesh porjonto thik holo ankita riya der gari te jabe ar oder gari theke ak briddho dompoti ke amader gari te pathiye deoa hobe. Gari othar tor-jor jokkhon cholchhe… Ankita amar kachhe ese bollo.. Sorry tomal.. Riya kichhu tei chharchhe na. Amar ichha chhilo na… Kintu o paglami suru korechhe… Kichhu mone koro na plz. Ami bollam its ok… Tumi riyar sathei jao… 10 ghontar to bepar… Srinagar e to abar aksathe hobo. Ar tomra o boishno devi jabe… Tai amader room gulo o pasha pashi e hobe. Mon kharap koro na… Srinagar e giye ei 10 ghontar khoti pusiye debo. Ankitar mukhe swastir hashi futlo… Amake chhotto akta chor mere bollo… Fazil kothakar… tarpor bollo… Maa er dike kheyal rekho. Ami bollam nischinte thako… Tomar maa ar amar maa fevicol er athar moto chipke gechhe… Ora nijerai nijeder kheyal rakhbe… Ar ami to roilam e… Nishchinte jao. Ankita khushi mone riya der gari te chole gelo. Bolero gari gulo valoi… Besh jayga achhe vitore… Ar aramdayok o bote. Amader gari te mot 15 jon jok uthlo… Garir te 22 ta seat achhe… Tai 7 ta seat fakai roilo. Ar akta bepar holo amader gari te sobai pray majh boyosi othoba prouro ba briddho-briddha. Er karon hoyto vromon er sathe sathe ekhane tirtho-jatri sob. Jubok juboti der tirtho korar kono utshaho nei.. Tai young chhele bolte ami aka. Ar royechhe uma boudi. Er akta kharap ar akta valo dik achhe. Kharap dik holo… 10 ghontar journy te adda marar lok kom… Valo dik holo… Garir pichhoner seat ta akdom khali… Ichha moto smoking kora jabe. Ankita na asa te amar maa ar gayetri mashima pasha-pashi bosechhen. Ami prothomei pichhoner seat er janalar dhar ta dokkhol korlam. Komjori komor niye jhakuni sojjho korar risk keu nilo na… Tai pichhoner 5ta seat fakai thaklo. Mrinal da ar uma boudi akta 2 seat e bosechhe majhamajhi jaygay. Gari chhere dilo srinagar er uddesse. Riya ankita der gari ta sobar age… Amader ta sobar pichhone… Tar o pichhone maal-bahi truck. Kashmir e prothomei je jinis ta nojor kare seta holo rasta… Jhokjhoke mosrin rasta…2to gari pasha pashi speed khub na komiye o onayase pass korte pare. Onno hilly area te ato valo rasta khub akta dekha jay na. Ar jommu thekei suru hoye gelo pahar. Atodin anek jaygay tila ba majhari size er pahar dekhechhi. Ei bar bujhlam pahar kake bole. Proti ta chura jeno akash fure beriye jete chay. Buke sobuj pine gachh er chador joriye spordhay jeno matha uchu kore swadomve dariye achhe. Amader gari gulo eke beke akbar ak akta pahar beye uthchhe.. Abar pahar otikrom kore sorpil vongi te neme aschhe. Garir janala diye fele asa ba otikrommo rasta gulo dekha jachhe. Rasta gulo ke dekhe mone hochhe jeno pahar gulo ke keu fite diye joriye rekhechhe. Rasta gulo te asongkho garir anagona o dekha jachhe. Porbot er bisalotto sei bestotay ektu o chonchol noy. Jeno bisalakar kono hati swa-koutuke takiye dekhchhe tar shorir beye piprar sari uthchhe namchhe. Ami akta cigar dhoriye janalar baire dekhte laglam. Ekhane sob bari gulor mathay dheu khelano tin er shade. Borof theke bachar kousol hoyto. Ar proti ta bari vison colourfull. Ato tai jhok-moke tader borno-boichitro mone hoy bisal kono sobuj sari te jholmole nana rong er chumki bosano. Kichhu bari dekhe advut laglo… Segulor beshir vag ta pahar kete vitore dhokano… Shudhu ber hobar poth ta baire beriye achhe tin er tupi mathay diye. Ato uchu te nissongo kichhu bari dekhlam je mone holo ekhane era aka aka thake kivabe? Lunch packet gari te othar agei diye diyechhilo… Tai apatoto darabar dorkar nei. Amader gari katra cross korlo. Jammu theke 40 km moto. Dur theke boishno devi pahar ta dorshon korlam.. Ar mone mone pronam janalam maa-ji ke. Pherar pothe ekhanei amader aste hobe. Tai jayga ta ektu kheyal kore nojor korlam. Katra chhariye gari udhompur er dike chhute cholechhe. Gari joto egiye cholechhe… Pahar er gaye sobuj toto barchhe… Kintu akkhono paharer churay kothao borof dekhlam na. Ar ekhane thanda o temon nei. Kolkatar november er thandar motoi lagchhe. Borof er rajjye esechhi bole akkhono temon kono onuvuti hochhe na. Ghonta 2ek cholar por gari akta dhabar pashe daralo. Keu bathroom korle jete pare.. Ar fanke ektu cha o kheye neoa jabe. Srinar pouchote pray moddho raat hoye jabe. Pahari rastay cholar akta dhokol achhe.. Seta sobar chokhe mukhe klantir chhap eri moddhe fute uthte dekhei bojha jay. Dhaba te bose cha khachhi… Pichhone kokkhon riya ar ankita ese dariyechhe kheyal korini. Riyar gola shune pichhone takalam. Dekh ankita… Khub to tomal da… Tomal da korchhili… tini to besh aka aka cha khachhen toke fele. Ami henshe bollam… Boso. Riya ar ankita samner chair e boslo. Bollam tomra to akkhon onno garir jatri… Tomader khidmot korar souvaggo amar kivabe hobe? Riya bollo… Ichha thaklei upay hoy moshai. Ami bollam tai? Achha boso akkhonoli cha khaoachhi. Aro 2 cup cha er order dilam. Riya khutiye amake dekhchhe.. Tarpor ankita ke bollo… Hmm sotti e handsome re… Ami henshe feltei riya bollo… Ar bolben na mosai… Bondhu ke nijer kachhe tule nilam purano golpo korbo bole.. Ta se to tomal dar golpo bolei sesh korte parchhe na. Ami bollam… Amar golpo bolar moto ki achhe? Ami khub e sadharon akta chhele. Riya bollo… Uhu mante parlam na. Ami amar bondhu ke chini… Se faltu kotha bolar meye noy. Kichhu akta achhe apnar vitor… Tobe kise o mugdho holo… Akkhono dhorte parchhi na… But dont worry… Srinagar pouchhanor agei apnar itihas… Vugol… Phylosophy… Psychology… Biology…. Sob jene jabo. Ami bollam sorbonash ! Tumi police er lok naki? Riya bollo… Na… Tobe ankita kichhu lukale ami sojjho korte pari na… Ar ami sure… O kichhu akta lukachhe. Ankita ebar majhpothe badha dilo… Bollo… Tui thamto… Boddo bokis. Dhomok kheye riya chup kore gelo. Sobai abar gari te uthtei gari chhere dilo.ebare bela pore aschhe.. Ar besh thanda lagte suru korechhe. Chador dorkar… Karon dekhlam pahar gulo o tader matha ta kuashar chadore dheke nichhe druto. Maa er hand bag e muffler ar chador agei vore niyechhilam… Chador ta ber kore gaye joriye pichhoner seat e phire elam. Kashmir er lokera advut dekhte akta alkhalla type jama porechhe sobai. Pore jenechhilam seta ke furan bole. Furan er vitore chhotto bet er jhuri te matir patre jolonto koyla rekhe day… Shorir gorom korar jonno. Akgheye chhute chola te sobai klanto hoye porechhe… Dekhlam beshir vag lok e dhulchhe… Karon ondhokar neme aschhe… Janala diye valo kore kichhu dekha jachhe na. Janala khullei thanda hawa mukhe ese jhapta marchhe. dhumpan korar jonno monta ushkhush kore uthtei janala ektu faka kore cigar dhoralam. Garir kach pray sob e bondho… Tai chesta korchhi joto ta dhowa baire chhara jay. Mukhta janala te chhilo… Tai kheyal korini… Uma boudi ese dhopash kore amar gaa ghese bose porlo…. Bollo… besh thanda lagchhe re vai…! Ami mukh phiriye boudi ke dekhe cigar ta fele diye janala bondho kore dilam.. Tarpor bollam asun boudi. Boudi bollo… Ki? Songini hariye biroho-kator naki? Ami bollam songini kothay haralam? Ei to akjon pashei achhe. Boudi bollo… Huh… Cha khaoabar belay onno keu.. Ar akkhon tel mara hochhe? Ami bollam shorbonah ! Sotti meye jaat tai khub hingsute.. Apnake to dekhtei pelam na tokkhon… Kothay chhilen? Boudi bollo… Ektu prokritir dake sara dite gechhilam. Boddo nongra… Tai dure akta jhop er pichhone sere elam. Bollam mrinal da ki ghum naki? Boudi bollo… Han… Chador muri diye dhulchhe…. Bole haat e haat ghoslo boudi…. Bollo… Atokkhone mone hochhe kashmir esechhi… Tai na? Haat 2to jome jachhe. Ami bollam ta korta ke joriye dhore thaklei to parten… Thanda lagto na. Boudi mukh bekiye bollo.. Gaye rokto thakle to gorom hobe? Oi sutko kath joriye bose thakle thanday jome morei jabo… Tai to tomar kachhe elam… Jubok boyos… Rokto togbog kore futchhe. Ami bollam valoi korechhen… Amar o khub sit korchhe.. Pashe amon norom godi thakle thanda lagbe na. Uma boudi bollo tahole godir vitor haat dhukiye dao… Deri korchho kano? Bollam godir malik er permission nite hobe to age? Boudi bollo… Sala ! Sob permission ki mukhe dite hoy? Permission to tomake dekhar por thekei diye rekhechhi. Ekothar por ar deri korar chhele ami noi… Apnara seta valoi janen… Ami boudir chador er niche haat dhukiye dilam… Soja boudir 36 size er mai 2tor upor giye thamlo haat. Sotti e darun gorom… Aram o lagchhe khub. Boudir mukh theke akta mridu sitkar berolo…. Aaaaaaaahhhh tomal…issshhhhhhh. Ami halka kore boudir mai 2to te haat bulate laglam. Aste aste tipchhi. Boudir shorir ta jeno eliye porlo… Sob kichhui jeno amar haat e chhere dilo… Jeno bolte chaichhe… Ja khushi koro tomal… Ami sob tomar haat e tule dilam. Ami boudir blouse er hook gulo khule dilam.. Boudi pichhone haat niye bra ta khule ditei haat er upor jhapta ter pelam. Sluice-gate khule dile jemon probol bege joler tor dhakka mare… Temni boudir 36 size er norom mangsho pindo 2to bra mukhto hoyei amar haat er upor jhapiye porlo.ami shomoy niye khelte suru korlam. Baire andhokar hoye gechhe… Garir vitorer alo nevano… Amader 2joner e gaye chadon… Pichhoner seat e ar keu nei… Ar baki sobai tondracchhonno… Er chaite boro sujog 2to nari purush er jouno khelay mete othar jonno ki dorkar? Ami 2 haat e boudir 2to mai dhore chotkate suru korlam. Prothome aste… Pore moyda thasa korchhi. Boudi dant diye nicher thot ta kamre dhore uposhi shorire porokiya mordon upovog korchhe. Boudir shorir ta akkhono besh tight achhe boyos onupat e. Mai 2to akkhono dhila hoye jhule poreni. Ami mai er botay mochor diye diye tipe cholechhi. Ebar boudi amar barar upor haat rakhlo. Pant er zipper khule bara ta tene ber kore chotkate laglo.ami ektu boudir dike pash phire boudi ke subidha kore dilam. Keu amader dekhchhe na… Tai boudir buker samne theke chador ta soriye dilam. Ondhokar hole o abchha vabe dekhte pelam uma boudir bishal mai 2to. Ami mukh nichu kore dan diker mai er bota ta mukhe dhukiye nilam. Chuste suro korlam. Boudi akta haat diye amar matha ta tar mai er upor chepe dhorlo. Ami kut kore akta alto kamor dilam bota te. Uuuuuhhhh… Ki harami chhele re baba… Betha lage na bujhi? Fisfis kore bollo boudi. Ami ebar pala kore boudir akta mai chuschhi onno ta tipchhi. Boudi amar barar chamra ta akbar namachhe akbar othachhe. Akdom expart der moto korchhe bepar ta. Ektu o betha pachhi na… Borong sara shorire akta pulok chhoriye porchhe. Besh kichhukkhon mai chosar por ami boudir kaner kachhe mukh niye bollam… Boudi samne ta kheyal rekho… Ami akkhon tomar guhay namchhi. Bole seat theke niche neme gelam. Boudi bollo achha. Tarpor nijer paa 2to gutiye seat er upor tule niye 2dike chhoriye dilo. Ami tar 2 payer majhe dhuke gelam. Sari ta gutiye diye garir ondhokar er vitor ondhokarotoro jaygay haat dilam. Boudir mota kola gachh er moto mosrin thigh 2to onuvob korlam. Vison gorom hoye achhe. boudir shorir ta ektu vari… Tai oi obosthay bosar jonno thigh 2to aktar sathe akta chepe achhe. Ami 2 haat diye thigh 2to aro fak korte chesta korlam. Beshi fak holo na. Tokkhon boudi akta paa vaj kora obostha seat er upor suiye dilo… Ebar thigh er vitor theke boudir gud ta beriye elo. Ami gude haat dilam… Issshhhhh ki obostha gud tar. Akta panty pora achhe… Kintu mone hochhe boudi vija panty pore achhe.. Ato tai vije gechhe guder ros e. Ami mukh tule bollam… Puro vije gechhe to… Boudi bollo… Vijbe na? Agei to bolechhilam dube jabe. Akkhon dekhi koto satar katte paro? Ami kichhu na bole panty ta tene kholar chesta korlam. Boudi pachha ta ektu uchu kore help korlo. Puro khulte gele boudi ke uthe darate hoy… Tai jotota pari tene namiye dilam. Khub akta subidha holo na… Tobu o amar mukh boudir guder nagal pelo sesh porjonto. pantyr tola diye mukh ta dhukiye boudir gude mukh dilam. Kopale boudir guder ros e vija panty ta chepe thaklo. Ami jiv diye chatte suru korlam uma boudir ros e veja gud. Jiv er chhoa portei boudi asthir hoye uthlo. Ami guder fatol er vitore jiv dhukiye upor niche lomba kore chatchhi. Boudir clit ta fule uthechhe. Seta ke mukhe niye chuse dichhi. Clit chosar shomoy boudi amar matha ta gude chepe dhorlo… Ar komor nariye amar mukhe gud ta ghoste laglo. Ebare ami jiv ta guder vitor dhukiye dilam. Jotodur dhokano jay dhukiye epash opash narchhi… Ar jiv diye guder vitorer dewal gulo ghose dichhi. Boudi o pagoler moto amar mukhe gud nachiye thap dichhe. Jhajhalo nonta ros gulo chete nichhi boudir… Kintu kichhutei sesh korte parchhi na. Jotoi chati aro ros beriye abar gud ta vijiye dichhe. Anek din er uposhy gud.. Tai akta ugro kam-uttejok ghondho aschhe boudir gud theke. Guder vitor elopathari jiv chalate chalte akta angul diye uma boudir clit er matha ta ghoste suru korlam. Boudi sojjher simana otikrom korlo… Amar matha ta chepe dhore gayer jore amar mukhe gud ghoste ghoste fisfis kore bollo… Uuuufff iissshhh tomal… Ar parlam na vai…. Ami sesh…. Nao nao nao… Themo na… Choso… Choso… Aro jore… Ar ektu jore tomal… Tomar paye pori… Jore choso… Ahh ahh ahhh… Aschhe amar aschhe… Aaaaaaaahhhhh… Uuuuuuuuu…. Ooooookkkkkkk……. Amar matha ta nijer fak kora gude ato jore chepe dhorlo je amar dhom bondho hobar jogar… Sara mukh ta guder ros e makha makhi hoye gelo. Tir tir kore koyek bar gud ta prochondo vabe kepe uthe akdom nithor hoye gelo… 2/3 sec nischol theke aro koyekbar kepe uthlo… Tarpor akdom chup……! Ami aste aste uthe seat e boslam. Puro mukh ta guder ros e amon vije gechhe ar amon gondho aschhe je mone hochhe ami akkhono boudir gudei mukh diye achhi. Dekhlam ak pashe ghar eliye chokh buje achhe uma boudi. Minute 2ek pore ami aste kore thela dilam. Chokh mele chailo se. Ami tar paa 2to niche namiye diye 2 haat e dhore pachha ta amar dike korar chesta korlam. Boudi bujhlo ki korte chaichhi. Amar kane mukh lagiye bollo… Dara na shoytan… Ektu dom nite de… Kotodin pore je ato sukh pelam mone korte parchhi na. Ektu bisram de vai. Ami bollam amar chhoto babur je ar tor soichhe na… Rag e fushchhe. Ar amar mukher ki obostha hoyechhe dekho… E mukh ami lok somaje dekhabo ki kore? Boudi haat diye amar mukh ta chhuiye nijer guder ros e makhamakhi bujhte pere henshe uthlo… Bollo… Thik hoyechhe… Uchit saja hoyechhe… Jao ei mukh ta ankita ke dekhiye eso… Khik khik kore akta gaa jolani hashi dilo boudi. Tarpor bollo… Dao ami poriskar kore di. Vablam hoyto sarir achol diye muchhe debe… Kintu boudi 2 haat e amar mukh ta dhore jiv diye chatte suru korlo… Puro mukh ta boudi nijer khorkhore jiv diye chete cholechhe. Age anek bar anek rokom oviggota hoyechhe meyeder songe. Kintu evabe keu amar mukh chete day ni. Akta advut feelings hochhilo sara gaye.. Bara ta tate aro tete uthlo.. Boudi ke bollam… Boudi ar sojjho hochhe na… Kichhu koro. Boudi bollo… Koi dekhi… Bolei samne jhuke amar bara ta mukhe pure nilo… Ar chuste suru korlo. Bojho thela… Ami morchhi amar jalay… E abar boudi ki natok suru korlo…. Jiv ta barar charpashe ghuriye ghuriye chatchhe uma boudi.. Songe barar chamra ta akta chhonde up down kore cholechhe. Ami ar thakte na pere mukhei thap dite suru korlam. Aste aste amar thap barchhe bujhte pere boudi mukh tullo… Bollo… Nah tomar beriye jabe mone hoy. Tahole amar gud ta uposhy e roye jabe baba… Nao ebar khushi moto koro. Bole boudi tar bishal pachha ta amar dike ghuriye sari tule dilo… Ar seat er upor konui e vor diye adh-soya holo. Ami ektu side hoye bara ta haat e dhore boudir pachhay ghose ghose asol thikana khuje nilam. Guder mukhe bara thektei jore thela dilam… Uuuhhh aste… Anekdin kichhu dhokeni re… Ektu aste kor vai…boudi sona jay na amon swar e bollo. Ami aste aste chap barate laglam. Ektu ektu kore bara ta guder vitor hariye jete laglo. Puro ta dhuke jetei boudi akte raka dom chharlo. Ami boudir pachha ta 2 haat e dhore chhoto chhoto thap dite laglam. Uma boudir guder thot fak kore amar bara ta dhukchhe ar ber hochhe. Garir awaz chhapiy boudir ssshhhh…issshhhh aaaahhhh… Uuuuuuhhhhhh sobdo shunte pachhi. Anekkhon dhore gorom hoye achhi… Tai chodar goti bariye dilam.lomba lomba thap e chude cholechhi boudi ke. Garir vitor beshi dhakka diye thap deoa jabe na… sobai ter peye jabe… Tai lomba thap dichhi. Joto ta pari bara ta tene ber kore ghose dhukiye dichhi. Puro tha dhuke gele pachha ta dhore jore akta kore guto dichhi… Jate barar guto ta boudir jorayur mukhe lage. Savabik obosthay speed e jhotka mere chudle clit e ghosa lege sukh beshi hoy… Kintu ei obosthay boudi ke sukh dite gele jorayu mukhe guto na diye upay nei. Poddhoti ta te je kaj hochhe seta boudir amar haat khamche dhora dekhei bujhte parchhi. Prottek guto se te amar haat khamche dhorchhe. Minute 15 dhore ei vabe chodar por boudi pachha narate suru korlo.bujhlam boudir hoye esechhe… Ami speed olpo ektu bariye dilam.. Ar angul diye or pachhar futo te achor katte suru korlam. Kaaj holo darun… Guder vitorer mangsho gulo amar bara kamrate suru korlo. Amar o tolpet vari hoye aschhe. Nagare chude cholechhi uma boudi ke. Ak shomoy 2jon e pouchhe gelam chorom sukher dor goray. Bara ta puro guder vitor these dhore amar gorom maal dhele dilam boudir gude. Gorom maal porar sathe sathe boudir puro shorir ta thorthor kore kepe uthe guder jol khosiye dilo. Koyek muhurto oi vabei boidir sathe jora lege roilam. Rag mochon er sukh ta tariye tariye upovog korar por.. Boudi uthe bosar chesta korlo. Ami bara ta gud theke tene ber kore nilam. Boudi paa 2to soja kore panty ta chhariye nilo paa theke. Tarpor uthe bose paa fak kore panty ta diye gud ta muchhe nilo. Anek shomoy dhore gud ta poriskar kore sari ta niche namiye dilo. Tarpor bollo… Janala ta ektu kholo to… Ami janala khultei boudi panty ta baire fele dilo. Ondhokare dekhte na pele o bujhlam boudir sara mukhe akta triptir hashi chhoriye porechhe. Tar golar awaz e seta bole dichhe. Amake bollo… Mukhta jevabe muchhechhilam… Ota o sevabe muchhe debo naki? Ami bollam na thak… etuku songei thak… Ami bara ta dhukiye zipper atke dilam. Boudi amar kadhe matha rekhe bose roilo… Anekkhon pore bollo… Tomake dhonnobaad diye chhoto korbo na tomal… Akkhon seat e jai… kamon? Ami boudir thot e akta chumu diye bollam… Han.. Jao. …….. bhu-sorge ak onno rokom sorgo theke soddo ghure asa 2jon pritripto noro-nari ke buke niye ondhokarer buk chire gari srinagar er dike chhute chollo…….! Aaj ei obdi thak… Kamon? Siggiri porer part niye aschhi… Totodin nijeder bara ar gud kheche anondo korte thakun. Ar fake ektu shomoy pele kamon lagchhe golpo… Janaben. Ami opekkha kore achhi sei sob meye ar boudider jonno jara amar sathe sex chat ba phone sex korte chan. Joldi jogajog korun.

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kashmir e kelengkari-part 4

Hello friends… Kamon achhen sobai? Kashmir e kelengkari part 4 niye hazir holam. Jani na apnader kamon lagchhe.. Ektu onno vabe golpo ta lekhar chesta korchhi. Poriborton ta valo holo na kharap.. Apnader motamot theke janar opekkhay roilam. Ebare golpe phire asi. Raat 11.30 nagad amra srinagar poucholam. Daal lake er parei akta hotel e amader thakar bebostha hoyechhe. Besh boro hotel… Amra sobai gari theke namlam. Satyajit roy er sonar kella cinemar lal mohon babur uut er pithe vromon er por je obostha hoyechhilo.. Amader beshir vag manush er e sei obostha. Sobai bivinno hassokor vongi te kosrot kore haat paa er jot chhariye nichhe. Gari theke namar age uma boudi amar pashe ese chupi chupi bollo.. Aajker ghotona ankita ke akkhoni bolar dorkar nei. Olpo boyoshi meye.. Jealous feel korte pare. Ami ghar nere say dilam. Maa ar gayetri mashima ke akta jaygay dar koriye dilam. Toru da gechhe hotel er sathe kotha bole bebostha korte. Maal potro sob joro kora hoyechhe… Hotel er lokerai ghore pouchhe debe… Amader duschintar kichhu nei. Ami olos vabe hatte hatte baire elam. Samnei daal lake. Anek naam shunechi. asongkho cinemay daal lake e shikara chorte dekhechhi nayok-nayika ke. Aaj chokher samne sei daal lake. Raat er bela tai thik bujhte parchhi na. Kamon akta boro khal er moto lagchhe. Cinema te jemon dekhechhi… Mote o serokom lagchhe na. Amar common sense bolchhe eta asol daal lake noy… Tar e kono akta side channel. Kintu dekhte mondo lagchhe na. Raat anek hoyechhe… Tobu alo jholmol korchhe charidike. Channel tar opor dike line diye ogunti houseboat dariye achhe. Tader glow-signboard gulo alor mala toiri kore akta advut mayabi poribesh sristi korechhe. Prochondo thanda lagchhe akkhon. Chador e kaj hochhe na. Beshikkhon dariye thaka jabe na bujhte parchhi. Akta cigar dhoriye footpath e dariye onno-monoshko vabe tanchhi… Ankita ar riya elo. Ei je moshai… Ki korchhen thanday aka aka? Ami oder dike ghar ghuriye hashlam. Bollam bikkhyato daal lake dekhchhi. Houseboat gulo o dekhte darun lagchhe. Kintu vison thanda lagchhe.. Ar dariye thaka jachhe na. Sorojontro korchhe amon vabe samne jhuke matha heliye nichu golay riya bollo… Khub thanda lagchhe bujhi? Amar bandhobi ke rekhe jabo naki kachhe? Obosso ekhane kono bathroom nei….! Bollei khil khil kore heshe uthlo riya. Ami chomke uthe ankitar dike takalam… Ankita lojja makha chokh e mukh nichu kore achhe. Riya bollo… Or dike takiye lav nei… Peter vitor theke sob kotha tene ber kore niyechhi moshai… Amar naam riya bhattacharya… ! Ami kono uttor na diye bollam cholo phera jak… Train er moto ekhane o room er bebostha pasha-pashi e hoyechhe. Prothome ankita der room.. Tar pashe uma boudi der room… Tarpor amader room.amader room gulo ground-floor e. Riya der bebostha hoyechhe 1st floor e. Hotel er lok ese amader jar jar room e pouchhe diye gelo. Maal potro agei ese gechhe. Ektu pore toru da ese bole gelo… Apnara fresh hoye nin… Ak ghontar vitor dinner ese jabe. Tobe aaj beshi kichhu korte parbo na.. Maff korben sobai. Toru da chole jetei amra maal potro khule guchhiye felte laglam. Srinagar e amader 4 din thakte hobe… Tai bag gulo unpack korte kono asubidha nei. Maa wardrobe e sob kichhu sajiye rakhchhe… Ami bathroom e dhuke porlam fresh hote. Uma boudir ros lege achhe mukhe ar niche.. Segulo dhuye fela dorkar. Geaser chaliye saban mekhe snan kore nilam… saradin er klanti udhao hoye gelo ak nimeshe. Fresh hoye baire beriye elam. Maa bathroom e dhukle ami gelam uma boudi ar ankita der khoj nite. ankita bathroom e dhukechhe. Gayetri mashima paan sajchhen. Ami jigges korlam kono asubidha nei to mashima? Maal potro sob thik moto esechhe to? Mashima bollo.. Han baba.. Sob ese gechhe. Era valoi kheyal rakhchhe. Kintu tomake je ki bole dhonnobaad debo baba… Train e othar age theke tumi jemon kheyal rakhchho… Akdom nijer chheler moto. Ar tomar maa to amar nijer akta didi e hoye gechhen. Ami bollam chhi chhi mashima… Eta ki bolchhen… Bidesh-bivui te bangali bangalir kheyal rakhbe na to ke rakhbe bolun? Ami amon kichhui korini. Oder ghor theke uma boudir ghore elam… Mrinal da kombol er niche asroy niyechhe… Mathay monkey tupi… Uma boudi bodh hoy ei matro bathroom theke ber holo… Bollam kono asubidha nei to mrinal da? Mrinal da bollo… Nah… Sob thik achhe… Boddo thanda ! Uma boudi kono kotha bollo na… Ektu heshe tuk tak kaj korte laglo… Ami ghore chole elam. Dinner er jonno opekkha korchhi… Khide o legechhe khub. Dorjay knock holo… Dinner elo vebe dorja khule dekhi ankita. Ghore dhuke amake kono kotha na bole maa ke bollo.. Mashima maa apnader khabar amader room e niye niyechhe. Maa bollo apnara amader songe aksathe khele valo hoy. Maa bollo.. Valoi to… Cholo jachhi… Ankita amake isharay bole gelo… Eso ! Ankita amader dinner serve korlo. Sob ghorei dining table achhe. Amra khete boslam… Bollam tumi o bose poro.. Nijerai niye nilei hobe. Ankita o bose gelo khete. Dinner sesh kore haat dhuchhi… Shunlam gayetri mashima maa ke bolchhe… Didi apni ei ghorei thakun na? Tomal purush chhele.. Akai thakte parbe. amra 2jon je koydin kashmir thakbo ak sathei thaki na hoy… Ki bolen? Maa o dekhlam raji… Bollo tomal ki bole shuni. Ami bathroom theke beriye bollam… Asubidha kichhu nei… Tobe mashima der asubidha hobe… 3 jon gadagadi kore sute hobe. Mashima bollen… Are ato boro khat… 5 jon ghumano jay… Amra buro hoyechhi baba… Ektu gada gadi kore sule sit kom lage. Ar tomra chhele manush… Tomader sathe ar ki kotha bolbo bolo? Amra 2 buri ektu sukh dukkher kotha bole shanti pai ar ki. Tumi ar apotti koro na baba. Bollam ankitar kosto hote pare. Ankita bollo… Na na… Kiser kosto? Mashima amader ghorei thakben. Bangla serial er sasuri bou er jhogra niye chul chera bisleson to amake diye hoy na… Tai maa sukh pay na… Mashima thakle maa er subidhai hoy. Ar jake niyei kichhu bolo na kano… Bangali maa mashima der bangla serial niye kichhu bolo na… Tahole tara konodin khoma korben na… Bole gechhen swami televisonanondo. 2jonei jhajhiye uthlen… Baje kotha bolbi na… Bes kori serial dekhi… Toder ki? Amra 2jonei heshe uthlam… Bollam khoma koro jononi… Beche thak tomader bangla serial. tarpor 2jon paan sajte boslo… Ami bollam achha ami jai tahole… Tomar bag ki ei ghorei diye jabo? Maa bollen bag dite hobe na… Amar haat bag ta… Osudh er bakso.. Ar paan er bata ta diye ja. Ankita bollo… Cholo ami niye aschhi. Akta kotha swikar kortei hoy…. Vaggo-devi amar upor sob shomoy sodoy thaken… Eta ami bohubar dekhechhi. Tour suru hotei 2 2jon ke jutiye diyechhen. Akkhon abar faka room er o bebostha kore dilen. Eta sotti e ami asha korini. Akta asto room akkhon amar akar dokhole. Ar amar maa jemon kure ar addabaz manush.. Eghorer mukho ar hoben bole mone hoy na. Sutorang ei ghore ami ja khushi korte pari… Keu dekhar nei. Ankita amar pichhon pichhon amar room e elo. Ami maa er jinis potro guchiye nichhi… O bed er ak konay helan diye boslo. Tarpor bollo… Tahole uma boudi ke sukhi korar kaaj aaj thekei suru kore dile? Ami obak hoye or mukher dike takiye thaklam. O bollo… Boudir mukh dekhlei bojha jay… Bisad er chhap ta ar nei… Khushi khushi lagchhe… Sotti bolo… Kichhu korechho? Ami henshe fellam… Bollam ei sob bepare tomader meyeder matha ta computer er chaite druto kaj kore. Kichhutei lukano jay na. Hmm ektu khushi kore dilam. Ankita bollo… Koto ta? Bollam… Aneeeeeek taaaaaaaaaa ! tarpor bollam… Boudi kintu tumi dukkho pabe bole tomake akkhoni bolte nisedh korechhilo. Ankita bollo… Dhur… Ami serokom meye na. Amake kono vabei hingsuti bolte parbe na. Ar ami vison open minded… Tumi ja khushi korte paro… Ami ektu o rag korbo na. Ami egiye ese ankitar mukh ta 2 haat e dhore kopale akta chumu khelam. Tarpor or thot e govir chumu dilam. Ankita chhotfot kore uthlo. Ami or nicher thot ta mukhe niye chuste suru korlam. Ankita amake joriye dhore amar chumu te sara dite suru korlo. 2/3 minute pore ankita jor kore nijeke chhariye nilo. Bollo… Ei… Maa ar mashima opekkha korchhe… Chharo plz. Ami bollam cholo tomake egiye di. Jinis gulo niye 2jone oder ghorer dike chollam. Dorja vejano chhilo… Theltei khule gelo… Dekhi maa ar mashima pasha pashi kombol gaye diye ghumiye porechhe. Lomba journy er dhokol… 2 joner e mridu mridu naak dakchhe. Ami maa ke dakte jetei ankita amar haat ta dhorlo. Tarpor nijer thot e angul rekhe chup thakte ishara korlo. Amar haat ta dhore amake tene niye ak paa ak paa kore pichhiye dorjar dike cholechhe. Dorjar pashe switch board theke ghorer tube light ta off kore dim light jele dilo… Tarpor amake niye baire beriye elo. Baire theke dorja ta lock kore diye amar haat na chherei amar ghorer dike tene niye chollo. Ghore dhuke dorja ta lagiye dilo. Amake bed e bosiye pichon dike thele dilo. Ami chit hoye pore jetei amar upor jhapiye porlo. Tarpor buno-biral er moto amake japte dhore mukh ta chumu te voriye dite laglo. Ami achomka ato kichhu ghote jaoate ektu thomke gechhilam. Ebar form e phire elam. 2to haat ankitar sara shorire bolate bolate or chumu te sara dite laglam. Or norom pachha ta chotke chotke lal kore dichhi. Ankita amar thot theke thot na soriyei haat diye amar trouser ta khule fello. Tarpor tene amar bara ta ber kore chotkate laglo. Ami oke joriye dhore goriye giye or upor uthe porlam. Or buke mukh ghoste laglam. Ankitar gola diye uuuuummm aaaahhh uuuuummm awaz berochhe. Ami or mai 2to pala kore tipte suru korlam. or kamiz ta khulte chesta kortei o bollo… Ai na… Akkhon na… Onno shomoy khulo… Beshi deri kora jabe na. Tarpor amake thele diye amar bara ta dekhte laglo. Koyek bar chamra ta up down kore barar mathay akta chumu khelo. Tarpor bollo… Nao tara tari koro… Anek raat hoye gechhe… Oder ghum venge gele bipod hobe. Ami ankita ke bed er side e tene niye elam. Ankitar 2 paa bed theke jhuliye dilam. Tarpor or salwar er dori ta khule namiye dilam. Akta pink panty pore achhe ankita. Dami panty… Vison patla… Pantyr upor diye guder thot 2to poriskar bojha jachhe. Komla lebur koyar moto fule royechhe guder thot 2to. Majhkhane guder ros e vije lomba akta dag porechhe ektu garo ronger. Mane oi jayga ta vije gechhe guder ros e. train er bathroom e ankitar gud ta valo kore dekhar sujog paini. Akhhon ghorer tube light er ujjol alo te dekhchhi. Bed e chit hoye suye paa niche jhuliye diyechhi bole gud ta thele aro upor dike uthe esechhe. Ami aste aste or panty ta tene namate laglam… Ar ektu ektu kore ankitar rohossomoy gud ta amar chokher samne beriye aschhe. Panty ta puro namiye diye valo kore gud ta dekhlam. Ja vebechhilam tai… Amon vorat gud khub kom e paoa jay. Anek meyer shorirer gothon er karone gud ta fola thake thik e kintu thik guder upore tolpet ta ektu niche dhuke jay. Gud er niche 2pasher haar er karone gud ta uchu hoye thake. Dekhte khub baje lage. Kintu ankitar tolpet ta dhuke jayni. Soman vabe ese hothat dhalu hoye gud toiri kore mota sudol thigh er fak e adrisso hoyechhe. Dekhlei bara dariye jay amon gud. Ar amar bara to agei dariye achhe. Ami alto kore haat rakhlam gude. Ankita kepe uthlo. Guder athalo ros er karone ar tight panty pore thakar jonno guder thot 2to jure achhe akta ar aktar sathe. Jeno keu atha diye jure futo ta bondho kore rekhechhe. Ami 2to angul diye tene fak kortei khub mridu akta sobdo kore guder thot 2to alada holo.. Kinto athalo ros suto toiri kore 2 pashe jure roilo. Guder vitor ta osomvob lal. Ato lal gud anekdin dekhini. Ami mukh ta egiye niye gelam ankitar guder kachhe. Darun akta kam-uttejok gondho aschhe gud theke. Ami bivor hoye sei gondho ta nak diye tene nite thaklam. Nak ta guder beshi kachhe chole jete gorom nissas laglo ankitar gude. Ankita shiure uthe akta haat diye amar matha ta these amar mukh ta chepe dhorlo or gude. Ami or gude mukh ghoste laglam. Ankita 2to thigh uchu kore amar kaner 2pash ta chepe dhorlo… Ar haat dhiye thele amar mukh ta gude dhukiye dite chesta korlo. Ami jiv ber kore chatte suru korlam. Paa 2to uchu korate or pachhar futo ta o upor dike uthe elo. Ami jiv ta pachhar futo theke clit porjonto ghose ghose tulte laglam. Jiv e lege or athalo ros gulo uthe elo mukhe. Ar notun kore ektu kom athalo patla ros berote suru korlo. Chete chuse khete laglam ankitar guder ros. Gud emni tei osomvob sensitive jayga. Tar upor dharalo khoskhose jiv er ghosa… Proti bar pachhar futo ar clit er moto sporshokator jaygay jiv er chhoya… Ankita sukhe pagol hoye gelo. Amar matha gude chepe dhore komor tule gud ta mukhe ghoste laglo ar kul kul kore guder ros berote laglo. Ami jor kore or paa 2to tene 2dike joto ta pari fak kore dilam. Guder thot 2to 2pashe sore giye vitorer futo ta dekha dilo. Ami jiv ta soru kore futotar charpash ta alto kore ghuriye ghuriye chatte suru korlam. Ankitar shorire agun lege gelo. Ami ei khelar purano khelwar… Kintu ankita akebare ankora na hole o beshi kheleni … Tai notun notun kaydate akdom bibosh hoye porlo meyeta. Jorer rugir moto kapchhe. Amon ki ter pelam amar chuler vitor or haat ta o vison vabe kapchhe. Somostp gaye kata diye or lomkup gulo dariye gechhe. Ami jiv ta theke guder vitor dhukiye ditei… Oooooohhhhh shitttttttt tomaaaaalllllllll…… Bole chitkar kore uthlo ankita. Ami se dike kan na diye jiv ta guder vitor dhokate ber korte laglam. Amar akta priyo khela holo meyeder gud chatar shomoy tader pachhar vitor aste aste angul dhukiye nara. Anek meyei prothome seta pochhondo kore na oi bishes futo tar upor tader savabik ghrina-bodh theke. Kintu ektu jor kore dhokate parlei 99% meye anek gun beshi uttejito hoy ar upovog kore eta ami kheyal korechhi. Train e o akbar ankitar pachhay angul dite chesta korechhilam.. Apotti to korei ni.. Ulte or gud ros e vije giyechhilo mone achhe.mone hoy ankita bepar ta enjoy korbe. Tai ami or gud e jiv choda dite dite akta angul diye or pachhay khocha dite laglam. Tight futo te angul ta dhukchhe na. Kintu ankita aaaaaaaaaahhhhh kore shitkar diye paa 2to uchu kore futo ta alga kore dilo jate ami valo kore angul dhokate pari. Ami angul e guder ros makhiye aste aste ordhek ta angul dhukiye dilam ankitar pachhay. Tar por aki chhonde gude jiv ar pachhay angul dhokate ber korte laglam. Ankita ebar riti moto lafate laglo. Sojore pachha tule gud diye amar mukhe bari marchhe… Ak haat diye to amar matha gude chepe dhoreichhilo… Onno haat diye nijer mai 2to mala kore chotkate laglo. Ankitar akta gun holo chot kore orgasm hoy na. Ete anekkhon o khela ta chaliye niye jete pare. Sei sukh ta jemon pay abar multiple orgasm er sukh theke bonchito hoy. Uma boudi thik ulto.. Ghono ghono orgasm pete pare. Ankita ebar jor kore uthe boslo… Ar amar chul dhore mukh ta tene tule bollo… Plz tomal.. Ar parchhi na… Ebar dhokao lokkhiti… Tomar paye pori… Plz dhokao… Chodo amake…! Ami o ar deri korte chailam na. Ektu ghumano dorkar amar o. Oke abar thele chit kore diye or paa 2to kadhe tule nilam. Bara ta ak haat e dhore or rosalo gude set kore chap dilam. Barar matha ta bina badhay gude dhuke gelo. Uuuuuuuuuhhh aaaahhh aaahhhhh iiissshhhhhhhhh…. Sukhe sara dilo ankita. Ami deri na kore baki bara ta ak thelay vore dilam or guder vitor. Paa kadhe nebar jonno gud er poth ta barar sathe aki sorol rekhay chhilo… Bara soja dhuke giye or jorayu te dhakka kheye thamlo… Aaahhhhh… Uuuuufff uuuffff iiissshhhh oooooohhhhhh……. Ankitar mukh diye gongani beriye elo. Uma boudi ke lomba ar slow thap e joaryu te guto diye chudechhilam. Ankitar belay se poth e gelam na. Druto thap suru korlam. Amar bara ta ektu beshi mota. Ankitar tight gude dhoka ar beronor shomoy friction anek beshi hochhe. Ar bar bar or clit ta amar tolpete ghose jachhe. Ami birotihin thap dichhi or gude. Thap er jor ato beshi je or mai 2to chitke lafiye uthchhe ar upor niche dulchhe. Achomka ei rokom gayer jore thap kheye ankitar fusfus batash er ovab bodh korlo… Mukh khule haa kore sansh nichhe.. Ar mukh diye aakk… Oookk.. Oookkk oommggggk… Aak aak… Awaz beriye aschhe. 3/4 minute porei ankita tolthap dite suru korlo. Bollo… Aaahhh.. Chodo tomal… Aro jore chodo… Chhire felo sob kichhu… chhire dao amar sob… Themo na… Aaahh aahhh maaa gooo… Ki sukh… Maro maro… Aro jore gud maro tomal… Iisshhh isshhh ooohhhhh aaaahhhh…. Dhukiye dao tomar bara ta amar peter vitor dhukiye dao… Ooohhhh aaahhhh uuuuffffff…. Hobe amar hobe tomal… Jore…jore… Jore… Jore… Aro jore…. Uuuuuhhhhh khoschhe amar khoschhe… Aaaaaaaaaaa…. Oooooooooooo…. Uuuuuuuuuu….. Oooommmmmggggggkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ankitar shorir ta koyekbar lafiye sunne uthe thopash kore eliye pore kapte laglo. Barar upor ghono ghono guder karor ter peyei bujhlam ankitar guder jol khoslo. Ami speed na komiyei aro minute khanek chude or buke jhuke pore mai e mukh ghoste ghoste bara ta jotodur pari dhukiye diye gorom maal dhele dilam. Tripti te 2jon e ake opor ke joriye kichhukkhon suye thaklam. Kam-uttejonar gorom e srinagar er thanda atokkhon upolobdhi korte parchhilam na. ebar shorir e kashmiri thandar kamor ter pelam. 2jone uthe pore gud ar bara gorom jole dhuye jama kapor pore nilam. Tarpor ankita ke thot e akta chumu diye… Or ghore egiye dilam. Sara kashmir ghum e ocheton amra 2jon baad e. Maa ar mashima ter e pelo na. Jemon dekhe giyechhilam… Temon e ghumer govire. Fisfis kore ankita amake thank you… Good night janiye druto akta chumu diye dorja bondho kore dilo. Ami room e phiye ese bichhanay jhapiye pore kombol tene nilam ar ghumer deshe hariye gelam…..! Part 4 ta ekhanei sesh korchhi. 5 number niye abar asbo bondhura… Apatoto biday. Kamon lagchhe janate vulben na. golpo valo lagle amake mail korun…tahole porer part gulo pathabo. nahole ekhanei sesh kore debo. karon boring golpo bole apnader birokto korar mane hoy na. valo thakben. Jesob meye ba boudi ra amar sathe sex chat ba phone sex korte chat… Joldi jogajog korun.

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kashmir e kelengkari-part 2

Bondhu ra kashmir e kelengkari part-2 niye hajir holam. Jara poren ni tara age part 1 ta pore nin plz. Ebar golpo asi. Uma boudir kotha shune ankitar mukh fakashe hoye gelo. Boudi ki tahole sob dekhe felechhe? Sobai ke bole dile to kelengkarir aksesh. Chora chahuni te ankita amar dike chailo… Ami o chokher chahuni te oke aswasto korlam. Karon jani uma boudi o dhowa tulshi pata noy. Ektu khelalei bichhanay tola jabe boudi ke. Jodi begotik bujhi setai korbo jate kichhu jana jani na hoy. Kintu ankitar utkontha boudi e komiye dilo. akkhono mrinal da amar maa ar gayetri mashima ghum theke otheni… Tai amra kotha bolte laglam nishchinte. Boudi nichu golay kotha bolchhe thik e… Kintu amon vabe bolchhe jeno ami shunte pai. Seta ichhakrito vabei korchhe bujhte parlam karon kane kane kotha bolle cholonto train er awaz e amar shonar kotha noy… Kintu ami shunte pachhi. Abar ato jore o bolchhe na je baki ra sunte pabe. Boudi bollo… Are lojja pachho kano? Pashe oi rokom handsome chhele thakle ami o tomar moto kole matha diye sutam. Ar ami hole shudhu sutam na… Aro anek kichhu kortam…. Atokkhone or jontro-patir map ar kaj korar khomotar porikkha neoa hoye jeto amar… Bolei khyak khyak kore aslil hashi dilo. Dekhlam ankitar mukhe lalche ava dekha dilo. Ami mone mone hashlam… Ar vablam boudi tumi ankitar chaite 10 bochhorer purano model… Ankita tomar chaite anek advance… Se jontro-patir map ar kaj korar khomotai sudhu porikkha koreni… Seta diye production o korechhe ar product taste kore o dekhe niyechhe. Boudi tokkhono bole cholechhe… Ish amar jodi tormar boyos thakto ankita… oi hapani rugi ta keshe keshei amar jiboner raat gulo nosto kore dilo. Othocho ki romantic ar khudhartoi na chhilam ami.. Opodartho akta… Sob sesh kore dilo amar… Sob… Kichhu hoy na or dara…. Bole akta dirgho-sansh fello. Ankita kono kotha bollo na… Chup kore thaklo. Shokal 7 ta beje gelo dekhte dekhte. Train kiul junction e dhuklo. Hawker der daka daki ar jatri der sorgol e baki sobar ghum venge gelo. Mrinal da hurmur kore niche namlo… Tarpor kashte kashte bathroom er dike chhutlo. Totokkhone bathroom e lomba line pore gechhe… Akrash birokti niye phire ese chechamechi lagiye dilo mrinal da. Jeno bathroom er virer jonno amra e dayi. Besh bujhte parchhi mrinal da ar chapte parchhen na. Pray beriye jay obostha. Ami bollam cholun dekhi ki kora jay… Choch tay anek jatri e pakhir danar sohojatri… Ami mrinal da ke niye bathroom er kachhe giye dekhi besh koyek jon dariye achhe… Faka hole dhukbe bole. Tader bollam… Dadara ki sobai pakhir danay? Akjon baad e sobai ghar narlo. Bollam akta upokar korben dada ra… Amar ei dadar ektu ye hoyechhe bole chokh tiplam.. Ektu jodi age chhere diten…. Amar mukher vongi dekhe sobai heshe fello… Bollo… Jan jan… Apni agei jan… Aro akdin train ei thakte hobe… Seshe abar na amader e durgondher vitor katate hoy… Mrinal dar mukh rag ar lojjay lal hoye uthlo… Kintu tar chaite o beshi peyechhe onno jinis… Tai apatoto lojja ke patta dilo na. Akjon ber hotei olympic dour-bir er moto sut kore dhuke porlo bathroom e. Ami hashte hashte phire elam. Sobai amake jigges korlo ki holo? Ami bollam manage kore diye elam… Kintu mrinal da amar upor regechhe khub… Ki korbo? Dada to ar dhore rakhtei parchhe na… Tai mithha bolte holo…. Uma boudi dant e dant chepe nichu golay goj goj korlo…” kono kichhui dhore rakhte pare na… Parle to hoyei jeto… Opodartho akta… Kichhui hoy na or dara “. Ankita amar dike ortho-purno dristi binimoy korlo. Train chollo nijer chhonde… Amader row er 6 jon 2to group e vag hoye gechhe. maa ar gayetri mashima paan khete khete paan-sokhi hoye gelo. Tader amon bondhutto hoyechhe je ar keu je achhe se dike tader kheyal e nei. Bichitro mukho-vongi sohojoge gayetri mashima ki jeno bojhachhe maa ke.. Ar maa er mukher ovibyektir o sei songe kaleidoscopic change hochhe. Oder seat ei janalar pashe mrinal da baire takiye bose achhe gomvir mukhe.. Majhe majhe khok khok kore kashchhe. Ami ankita ar uma boudi akta seat e bose golpo kore cholechhi. Kaal raat e amar ar ankitar moddhe je kichhu hoyechhilo… Seta or mukh dekhe bindu matro onuman kora somvob na. Hoy meyeta dhurondor ovinetri… Noyto sex er bepare besh oviggo. Jetai hok… Tate luv boi khoti nei. Oi 2tor je kono akta thaklei kashmir tour ta jome jabe. 3 joner vitore onorgol kotha bole cholechhe uma boudi…. Beshir vag tai adi-rosattok rosikota. Amra 2jon su-srotar moto shunchhi. Ar majhe majhe hashchhi. Uma boudir akgheye bok bokani te birokto hoye uthechhilam. Ankita akkhono sei chador ta joriye achhe gaye. Ami uma boudir kotha mon diye sunchhi van kore ankitar dike jhuke porlam. Amar pashe ankita tar opashe uma boudi. Ami akta haat sobar chokher arale ankitar chadorer tolay niye gelam. Tarpor or pachhay akta chimti katlam. Ankita je ki jinis bujhlam… Kono vabantor holo na or mukhe ba shorire. Nirbikar vabe amar chimti hojom korlo. Kintu se je sudhu hojom korar patri na seta bujhlam ektu porei. gayetri mashima ki akta kotha jigges korlo uma bodi ke… Boudi jobab dichhe.. Sei sujoge ankita amar bara ta dhore khub jore tipe dilo. Shokale fresh hoye akta payjama pore niyechhilam.patla payjamar upor diye ato jore tiplo je ami pray chitkar kore uthchhilam. Anek koste nijeke samle nilam. Kintu ankitar pachha theke haat soralam na. Angul diye or pachhay achor katte laglam. Uma boudi amar golpo phire esechhe. Ankita hothat nijer chul theke clip ta khule haat tule chul thik kore nilo. Clip ta daat e kamre achhe. Hothat mukh theke khose gelo clip.. niche pore gelo. Nichu hoye seta tullo… Jokkhon abar boslo… Tokkhon amar haat er panja ta nijer pachhar niche niye nilo. Sabash ankita… Sabash ! Atokkhone chul thik kora ar clip pore jaoar rohosso bujhte parlam. Amar haat ta or vari norom pachhar niche chapa porechhe. Ami ektu kat hoye achhi ar or dike jhuke achhi tai keu bujhte parchhe na. Kintu haat er angul narachara o korte parchhi na akebarei. Sudhu ankitar pachhar khaj ar gorom onuvob korte parchhi. Ankita ektu por por pachhar mangso songkuchito korchhe. Tar mane se amar haat somporke socheton.. Ar tar monojog o je uma boudir dike noy.. Amar haat er dike… Setai bijhachhe. Ami o angul gulo narabar chesta kore bojhalam… Ami tomar songe achhi… Chaliye jao. Ebar ankita ektu side hoye akta payer upor onno pa ta tule boslo,.. Jevabe amra barite sofay bose tv dekhar shomoy aram kore bosi. Amar haat ta pachha chapa theke mukto holo. Ami ebar or pachhar niche angul chalate laglam. Ankitar gud tar nagal pabar chesta korlam… Kintu kichhutei oi obosthay gude pouchhate parlam na. Angul ta pachhar khaje buliye jeta haat e pelam seta holo or pachhar futo. Ogotta seta kei khochate laglam. Anek kosrot kore ankitar panty ta akta side e sorate parlam. Salwar er niche panty side haoate or pachhar futo ta akkhon anek valo vabe feel korte parchhi. Ami khochate suru korlam. Ake tight futo.. Tar upor salwar thakate angul dhukchhe na. Anekkhon khocha khuchir por salwar er akta ongso ke sathe niye amar angul inch khanek ankitar pachhar vitor dhuklo. Oi obosthay angulta jotota somvob narate laglam. Ektu pore feel korlam guder dik theke salwar ta vije uthchhe. Chotchote athalo ros feel korchhi amar angule. Eta anek ta ja paoa jay tai soi type er bepar. Ami ar ankita akkhon atotai free je faka ghor pele uddam chodachudi hobe kono songshoy nei. Kintu antoto train e seta somvob hochhe na tai jevabe parchhi nijeder jouno khudha ke santona puroskar debar chesta korchhi. Or pachhay angul diye golpo shonar van korte kortei toru da tar bahini niye chole elo shokaler jol-khabar dite. Luchi alur dom.. Ar dim siddho. Songe kola. Sobai nore chore bose vodro holam. Jolojog sesh hobar pore ankita bollo… Boddo ghum pachhe… Boudi ami tomar berth ta te ektu ghumale tomar apotti achhe? Boudi bollo.. Na na apotti kiser… Jao jao ghumiye nao.. Aaj o to raat jagte hobe tomader. Bole chokh tiplo. Amake bollo tumi o ektu ghumiye nao tomal vai. Ami bollam akkhon na… Lunch kore ghumabo. Boudi bollo… Achha.. Tahole tomar sathe golpo kori eso. Ami bollam… Besh to. Ankita boudir upper berth e uthe gelo. Uma boudi amar dike aro ghonisto hoye sore elo. Mrinal da amader 2jon ke akbar dekhe niye abar janalar baire takiye roilo. Kichhukkhon pore uthe kothay jeno chole gelo. Pashei kothao bridge er asor bosechhe… Call shunte pachhi… Sekhanei gelo bodh hoy. Uma boudi kichhukkhon amar chakri songkranto khoj khobor niye soja chole gelo tar priyo bishoye. Jeno amar sathe sorojontro korchhe evabe jhuke ese jigges korlo… Ki vaya… Juboti meye ke kole matha diye soyate kamon lage? Ami bollam… Darun lage boudi.. Dekhchhen na… Sweater porini? Bole hashte laglam. Boudi bollo… Hmmm tai to dekhchhi. Tarpor bollo… Aaj raat e chador pore nio… Aro valo lagbe… Bolei chokh tipuni dilo. Bollam achha… Mone thakbe boudi… Kintu chador ta suitcase er akdom vitore je. Se bollo.. Thik achhe ami debokhon amar akta. Tarpor bollo.. Vabchhi aaj raat e ankita ke bisram diye ami e tomar sathe pahara debo ki na? Becharar olpo boyosh… Ato dhokol ki nite parbe? Obosso ami songe thakle chador lagbe na… Hoyto t shirt ta o khule felte hobe… Abar sei kan gorom kora khik khik hashi joriye bollo boudi. Ami bollam tai naki? Tahole apni songe thakle kashmir er borof e o beshi jama kapor lagbe na bolchhen? Boudi bollo… Hmmmmmmm. Dekhe nio. Tobe train e porikkha dite parbo na. Sokun ta nojor rakhbe… Pore sujog pele proman kore debo. Amar kan gorom hoye uthlo shune. Fisfis kore bollo… Tipechho naki? Ami bollam… Mane? Kiser kotha bolchhen? Boudi bollo… Nyaka… Kichhu bojhena… Kaal raat e ankita ke tipechho naki? Ami 5 sec takiye roilam boudir dike. Tarpor amon vabe hashlam jar mane haan o hoy… Abar naa o hoy. Boudi bollo… Meye kintu toiri… Amar chokh ke faki deoa jabe na. Ami chokh dekhlei bujhte pari. Deri koro na vai…o ready hoyei achhe. Are ja free te pachho ta ushul kore nao… Nahole postabe. Amar sahajjo dorkar hole bolo… Help korbo. Nijer kopale to sukh nei…. Tomader help korte parle ontoto kichhu ta jala jurabe.bole lomba akta dirgho-sansh chharlo uma boudi. Ami jeno haat e sorgo pelam. Bollam sotti help korben boudi? Uma boudi bollo… Obossoi korbo… Shorirer ki jala ami jani… Chinta koro na… Tomader case tar dayitto ami nilam. Kashmir vromon tomader 2joner kachhe shoroniyo kore debar dayitto ami nilam. Ami bollam… Thank you boudi. Ki bole je apnake dhonnobaad debo…. Boudi mukh bekiye bollo… Ke chay dhonnobaad? Ja chai seta to kopale jote na… Shukno dhonnobaad e ar ki hobe vai. Bollam tahole ami o kotha dichhi… Apnar anek kosto bujhte parchhi.. Tobe khashmir vromon jate apnar kosto o ektu hole o komay… Se chesta ami korbo. Advut akta alo khele gelo boudir mukhe… Kichhu na bole o chokh diye anek kotha bole dilo uma boudi. Muhurte amader vitor akta bondhutto hoye gelo. Boudi ke o valo lagte suru korlo amar. Manush joubon e shorir ke aswikar korte pare na. Jara seta theke bonchito.. Tara onno kauke seta pete dekhle irsha kator hoye pore… Badha dite chay.. Kintu boudi chaichhe help korte. Uma boudir monta sotti e valo. train er duluni ar kaal ker raat jagar klanti mishe akta tondra-jaal toiri korlo. Uma boudir sathe kotha bolte bolte kokkhon chokh lege gechhilo kheyal nei. Kokkhon boudi uthe samner berth e chole gechhe maa ar mashimar sathe golpo korte seta o bujhte parini. Hothat ter pelam keu alto haat e amar paa 2to ke ektu soriye debar chesta korchhe. Tarpor norom kichhur sporsho ter pelam hatur kachhe. Chokh mele dekhi ankita neme ese amar pashe boshlo. Ami nijer position ta dekhe o obak holam. Poriskar mone achhe janalar pashe bose bosei dhulchhilam. Akkhon dekhi seat er upor lomba kore paa chhoriye janalay thes diye suye achhi. Gayer upor akta chador chhorano. Bokar moto fal fal kore bojhar chesta korchhi ki holo.. Samner seat theke boudi bollo.. Ghume dhole porchhile tai tomake ektu aram kore suiye dilam. Ar janala khola… Tai amar chador ta gayer upor dilam. Ota tomar kachhei thak… Amar handbag e aro akta achhe. Ami heshe boudi ke thanx bollam. Maa bollo uma tor paa 2to seat e tule diyechhe. Bollo… Chhele ta sara raat amader sobar maal pahara diyechhe… Ektu bisram nik. Khub valo meye uma. Train ta tokkhon buxar station e dariye achhe. Toru dar lok ese bole gelo porer station mughal sarai te lunch asbe. Maa ar gayetri mashima kintu jomiye niye bosechhe. Somvoboto gayetri mashima akta ludo ber korechhen… 2 jon besh jakiye bose ludor dan dichhen. besh khanikta jayga dokkhol kore achhe tader paan er bata. ami lomba hoye suye chhilam bole uma boudi gayetri mashimar pichhone bose oder ludo khela dekhchhilo… Amake jagte dekhe ebar uthe elo. Ankita agei bosechhilo.. Ebar boudi ankita ke bollo… Aro ektu egiye jao to vai… Ami ektu bosi tomader kachhe. Ami tara tari uthte jetei boudi bollo… Na na uthte hobe na… Tumi suye thako… Amra side ei boschhi.. Ki bolo ankita vai? Ankita ghar nere say dilo… Bollo tumi suye thako… Asubidha hobe na. Ami na uthle o ektu side hoye oder jonno aro jayga kore dilam. Ankita ke thele pray amar koler kachhe soriye diye hatur kachhe boslo uma boudi. mrinal da ke kothao dekhte pelam na. Jigges korte mukh bekiye boudi bollo… Kothay abar jabe? Juyari jutechhe juyar asore. Shokal theke okhanei gere bosechhe… Ar emukho hobe bole mone hoy na. Bochhorer ei shomoy ta te bodh hoy train ektu fakai thake. amader row er oposite side berth 2to te uthechhe ak bihari family… Songe chhoto khato akta football team. 4 te bachha… Boro tar e boyos borojor 7/8 bochhor hobe. Tara amon e besto je onno kono dike nojor debar shomoy tader nei. Ankita amon vabe bosechhe je amar bara ta ankitar pachhay chepe achhe. Besh akta darun anuvuti hochhe. Train er duluni te halka ghosa khachhe or pachhay.. Shorire akta darun pulok jagchhe. Uttom-suchitrar akta gaan mone pore vison hashi peye gelo amar…” ei poth jodi na sesh hoy… Tobe kamon hoto tumi boloto…”. Darun hoto sondeho nei. Hothat uma boudi aro sore ese pray ankitar gayer upor porlo. Or kadhe chibuk rekhe bollo… Ami kintu akkhon tomader dole ankita. Tomal er sathe chukti hoye gechhe… Sob rokom sahajjo korbo tomader… Chaliye jao… Khik khik khik. Chomke uthe ankita akbar boudi tarpor amar dike takalo… Chokhe votshona… Jeno jante chay ami boudi ke sob bole diyechhi ki na? Ami kichhu bolar agei boudi nichu golay bollo… Or dike takate hobe na vai… Boyos to kom holo na… Esob bujhe bujhe nicher chule pak dhorechhe meye… Amake lukiye luv nei. Borong dole niye nao… Subidha beshi pabe. Ami chhoto kore chokh mere dilam ankita ke. Ankitar thoter kone o hashi dekha gelo… Boudi ke bollo… Boudi tumi o na…. Pakka khochhor akta. Boudi bollo… Dao dao… Joto khushi gali dao… Pore sude asole ushul kore nebo. Tarpor bollo… Jano ankita… Amar jokkhon tomar moto boyos… Shorir sob shomoy khai khai korto… Chhele dekhlei mone hoto suye pori… Angul e ar kaj hoto na… Shob shomoy vitore vitore joltam… Sei shomoy amake o ak boudi anek help korechhilo. Sei boudir rin shodh korchhi ami… Tomader help kore. Ami bollam boudi akta kotha jigges korbo? Mrinal dar sathe kivabe alap holo tomar? Muhurte boudir mukh sokto hoye gelo. Bollo… Jiboner sob chaite boro durghotona oi ghater morar sathe alap haoa. Tarpor uma boudi tar jiboner ghotona bolte suru korlo….. Boudi sobe bolte suru korechhe… Ankita aram kore amar peter upor helan diye bosechhe shunbe bole… Ei shomoy train mughol sarai dhuklo. Chardike hoi hottogol lege gelo. Hawker er haka-haki… Kichhu lok neme gelo… Kichhu lok uthlo… Amra ar oi rakom asovon vongi te bose thakte parlam na. Sobai paa namiye seat e helan diye boslam. Maa ar mashima o ludo gutiye rakhlo… Ar toru da hajir holo lunch niye. Boudi fut katlo… Nao roser hari te machhi porlo… Dhuttori…..! Vaat… Daal… Begun vaja… Fulkopir torkari ar dim er jhol. Mondo holo na lunch ta. Khudha o peyechhilo… Pet pure khelam. Lunch ditei uma boudi bollo… Tomal vai.. Tomar dada ke ektu deke ano na vai… Nahole tash e bosle onar naoa khaoar hush thake na. Ami dakte giye dekhi ora o tader asor samoyik bondho korechhe.. Mrinal da ke daklam… Mrinal da amar songe uthe aschhilo… Baki ra bollo… Mrinal da joldi sesh kore chole asun… Deri korben na… Ebar bazi double kore khela hobe… Mrinal da khuk khuk kore kashte kashte bollo… 30 mint er vitor aschhi… Tomra sere nao…..!!! Sare sotero minute ei sesh kore fello mrinal da lunch. poune dui minute e haat dhuye dour lagalo juyar asore. Uma boudi bollo… Dekhle? Kar sathe ghurte esechhi? Ami jeno or jibone nei e ! Ki kopal kore esechhilam je…! Gayetri mashima bollo… Aha jak na bechara… Bondhu peyechhe bodh hoy… Purush manush ak jaygay bose thakte pare naki? Jak jak ektu khela dhula koruk. Boudi bollo… Purush manush? Ota purush er kolongko… Kichhui hoy na or dara… Huh ! Ami maa ke bollam… Porer station ta kintu benaras… Mane kashi dham. Biswanath er dham. Maa bollo tai naki? Gayetri mashi maa o dekhlam biswanath er uddesse korojore pronam korlo chokh buje. Khabar pore sobar moddhei akta alosyo ase. Maa ar mashima o dekhlam lomba lomba hai tulchhen. Bollam tomra suye poro na? Aami middle berth ta tule dichhi. Mashima bollo han ektu sobo… Kashi asuk.. Babake akta nomoskar korei suye porbo. Maa o mashimar kothay say dilo. ektu porei train benaras dhuklo… Maa ar mashima vokti-vore pronam janalo biswanath deb er chorone. train kashi chharlei ora 2jone sobar torjor korte laglo.. ami middle berth tule ditei maa sekhane uthe gelo ar mashima lower berth e suye porlo. Kichhukkhoner vitorei 2jone chador muri diye diba-nidra-devir kole asroy nilo. Train er baki jatri ra o vaat-ghum e dhulu dhulu. Jege achhi kebol ami ankita ar uma boudi.. Ar dure kothao sosobde…. One club…three hearts…. double…. Cholchhe! Lunch er age jevabe bosechhilam tate besh sukh hochhilo ankitar pachhay bara ghosa khaoate. Tai ora bosar agei ami aki vongi te adh-soya hoye gelam janalay thes diye. Uma boudi bollo.. Dekho ankita… Tomake kole nebar jonno tomal ready. Ankita boudi ke jore akta chimti katlo.. Uuufff chhuri… Bolei boudi ankita ke akta thela dilo. Ankita pray hurmuriye amar upor pore jachhilo. Taal samle niye jeno boudi ke vul proman kortei ektu ga bachiye boslo. Boudi bollo… Ar nyakmo na kore aram kore boso vai.. Nahole kintu ami e bose porbo okhane. Ankita bollo.. Boso na… Ke nisedh korechhe? Boudi bollo… Kopale sindur niye sobar samne por-purusher kole kivabe bosi vai? Lukiye churiye ektu prosad pelei borte jabo.. Tomar to kopale dhabba poreni… Tumi e boso. Ankita ar kotha na bariye norom pachha ta amar barar dike thele aram kore boslo. Boudi o ankitar gaa ghese boslo. Ebar 3 joner gayei chador jorano. Ankitai mone koriye dilo… Bolo boudi tokkhon jeta bolchhile. uma boudi suru korlo nichu golay… Ak shomoy amader obostha khub kharap chhilo na. Maa babar akmatro shontan… Arthik obostha o motamuti sochhol e chhilo. Hothat ak din babar cancer dhora porlo. Treatment korate puji ja chhilo sob e chole gelo.. Kintu baba ke bachano gelo na. Amar boyos tokkhon 7 ki 8. er 3 bochhor pore maa o chole gelo ajana jor e. Mama der ghare ese uthlam. Mama der obostha valo chhilo na. ar tader bebohar o valo chhilo na. Kothay bole…” mama bari vari moja… Kil chor nai “. Amar mama bari te chhilo thik ulto…” mama bari vari saja.. Kil chor chhara ar kichhu nai “. Nijer mondo kopal mene niye mamader ghare bosei boro hote laglam. Ami o bari… Amar shorir o bare. Kal-boishakhir moto chardik kapiye joubon ese chaplo amar shorire. Oh se je ki osthir vab… Kichhutei shanti pai na… Sudhu mon uru uru kore. Purush dekhlei… Se buro hok ba chhokra… Shorir ta jege othe. Deher tarona soite na perei joriye gelam akdin. Amar mama ra o akta bari te vara thakto. Sei barir onno ongse vara thakto koto gulo chhele.tader vitor akta chhele… Naam ta ar bollam na… Tar sathe joriye porlam. Se primary school e masteri kore. Baba maa keu nei… Amar e moto ovaga… Valobeshe fellam take. Sudhu valobashle onno kotha chhilo… Kintu shorire je tokkhon shorbonash er agneyogiri jolchhe… Vitore vitore futchhe sorbokkhon. Sorbograshi tar khudha. Olpo koyekdin niramish prem porbo cholar por e seduce korte suru korlam take. Meyeta jodi kuhokini hoy purush palabe kothay? chhele ta o mete uthlo jouno khelay. Oohh ki uddam khela cholte laglo amader. Shudhu ektu faka pelei hoy… Suru hoye jeto amader. Prothom prothom chumu tumu hoto… Tarpor ektu dhora dhori.. Tepa tipi… Kintu tate ki ar rakkhosi thanda hoy? Chhele ta ke shorir diye gile khete laglam ami. Sara din oot pete thaki kokkhon oke aka pabo. Joubon er neshay amon pagol hoye gelam je ovisar gopon rakhar dike beshi nojor di ni. Amon o hoyechhe majh raat e sobai ghumiye porar por chupi chupi or ghore giye shorirer jala mitiye esechhi. Amar mejo mami chhilo khub chotur mohila. se je sondeho korechhe.. Arr amar dike nojor rakhchhe.. Bujhtei parini. Erokom e ak din raat 12 ta nagad chupi chupi dorja khule ber holam. Paa tipe tipe or dorjay knock korlam. Se dorja khule ditei jhapiye porlam tar upor. Dorja bondho korar kotha monei chhilo na. Adim khelay mete uthlam. Ak shomoy amake sompurno ulongo kore dilo se. Tarpor kamre chuse muchriye pagol kore tullo. Jokkhon ami baire ar vitore sompurno vije gelam… Se tar jadu khathi dhukiye dilo amar vitor. Sthan kaal patro vule shudhu sorgo sukh onuvob korchhi ar sitkar korchhi. Mejo mami kokkhon je pichhu niye amader kam-lila dekhe felechhe bujhini. Shudhu dekhlei chinta chhilo na.. Se ghore phire mama ke o deke niye elo. Mama ke swa-chokkhe dekhalo vagnir jouno-krira. Amar mama o bou er prorochonay uchit anuchit vule ghore dhuke porlo. Ami tar vagni… Gaye akta suto o nei.. Mama oi obosthay amar chuler muthi dhore tene tullo… Tarpor mamir haat e tule dilo. Mami amake tante tante ghore niye gelo. Ar mama porlo chhele ta ke niye. Ghore chollo amar upor kil chor lathi… Ar baire sei chhele tar upor. Ak shomoy amar upor akromon thamlo… Kintu chhele take sobai mile mere para chhara korlo. Chhoto shohor.. amon mukhorochok golpo chhorate shomoy nilo na. Mama ra amake ar rakhte chailo na tader songe. Karon chhoto chhoto mamato vai-bon amar songsporshe uchhonne jabe. Amake rekhe elo mashir bari te. Sekhane o uthte boste gonjona shunte hochhilo protiniyoto. seshe mama rai shomondo anlo amar jonno. Shorkari office e kerani… Boyose amar chaite 15 bochhorer boro. Hapani rugi… Chiro rugno.. Naam srijukto mrinal bose. patro dekhe anek kanna kati korlam… Chire vijlo na. Jor kore biye diye dilo amake. Abar vaggo ke mene nilam. Hok boyose buro… Hok hapani rugi… Tobu sami to… Purush to bote? Purush er naki ononto joubon. Vagger sathe aposh korte gele kharap din na vebe valo dik gulo vabte hoy. Ami o tai korlam. Shorire vora joubon… Akta purush to pabo… Jemon e hok.. Jala to mitbe? Esob vebe monta shanto holo… Ar ki aschorjo… Biyer din joto egiye aste laglo… Shorire jouno-somvog er kolponay pulok jagte laglo. Jotha shomoye biye hoye gelo, shosur bari te elam. Raboner gusti… Ak gada lok.. Ar tader hazaro formash. Bujhe gelam bina poysar chakrani hote cholechhi. fulsojjar raat e duru duru buk niye opekkha korchhi. Amar sami ghore dhuklen. Jama kapor chhere bichanay elen… Tarpor bollen raat hoyechhe… Ghumiye poro. Chokh fete jol elo chokhe. Amar shopno venge churmar hoye gelo. Vebechhilam aaj na hok kaal hobe… Ba porshu hobe… Kintu tokkhon o bujhini kono din e hobe na. Tar se khomotai nei. Anek chesta korechhi take jagate. Ghontar por ghonta chesta korechhi ektu kathinno ante. Kintu sob britha. Daktar er kachhe jor kore niye gelam. Tara o bisesh asswas dite parlo na. Akta osudh likhe dilo.. Seta khele ektu sokto hoy… Kintu 2/3 minute ei sob sesh. Abar sei hele sap. Kamrano to durer kotha… Fonsh o kore na. Tarpor thekei ei ghater mora ke sojjho kore cholechhi ami. Boudi sesh korar por amra keu kono kotha bolte parlam na. Erokom jibon o hoy manusher? Ato kosto… Ato bonchona sojjho kore o uma boudi hashe ki kore? Roshikota kore ki kore… Vebe pelam na. Ankita o dekhlam chup hoye gechhe akdom. Amader evabe nirob hote dekhe boudi bollo… Dhur mora… Tomader abar ki holo? Are tomra to serokom na? Jar kopale ja lekha ta to hobei.. Ato mon kharap korar dorkar ki? Amake dekho… Kamon daat keliye hashchhi.. Boudir roshikota te o kaaj hochhe na dekhe boudi asore neme porlo. Bollo… Ki holo? Tomal? Tomar o ki oi sokun tar moto obostha naki? Koi dekhi to….. Chador er nich theke boudi haat chaliye dilo amar baray. 440 volt er shock khele o amon kepe uthtam na. Ankita o bujhlo ki hoyechhe… Karon amar bara ar ankitar patha theke chhilo… Ankita o pachhay boudir haat feel korlo. Se akbar amar akbar boudir mukher dike takate laglo. Boudi daat chepe bir bir kore bollo… Ore pora-mukhi… Chhotfot koris na… Sobai bujhe jabe… Kelengkari badhabi naki? Chup kore thak. Uma boudi ankitar kadhe chibuk rekhe mukh ta hashi hashi kore rakhlo… Jeno kichhui hoyni… Ar amra kono mojar bishoy niye alochona korchhi. Boudir haat tokkhon amar bara chotkate suru korechhe… Ankita ke bollo… Uuufff ki size re… Akkhono khara hoyni tatei ei size… Nite parbi to eta? Ankita lojjay lal holo. Boudi abar bollo… Haat ta pichhone diye dekh na ki jinis peyechhis… Ankita fos kore bole fello… Jani ! Thas kore akta thappor porlo ankitar thigh er upor… Sei sathe hashir foara… Sabash meye… Sabash! Ak raat ei jene niyechho? Hahaha ta akai jenechho? Naki tomal o jenechhe tomar khoni shomporke? Bole amar dike takiye vru nachalo boudi… Ami chokh mere bollam… Akjon gyan arjon korbe ar onno jon oggo thakbe… Seta ki thik hoto? Boudi ebar nissobdo hashir domoke fule fule kapte laglo. Hashi ektu komle boudi bollo dekhi tor size kamon? Bolei chadorer niche ankitar mai e haat dilo. Wow… Darun jinis… Ki jomat… Aktu o jholeni re… Nah toder kopal bote. Boudi ak haat e amar bara ar onno haat e ankitar mai chotkate laglo. 2jone 2jonar bara ar mai chotkano ak jinis… Ar 3rd akjon 2joner ta chotkano onno jinis. Kan matha shorir jhim jhim korte laglo. Erokom cholle thik thakai kothin hoye jabe. Ki hoto jani na… Kintu tokkhoni amar maa nore chore uthlen. Boudi chot kore haat 2to shoriye nilo. Shondhe hoye aschhe. Sultanpur chhere train lucknow er dike chhute cholechhe. Gayetri mashima o jege gelen. Sobai mile cha khaoa holo. Tarpor sadharon golpo cholte laglo. Mrinal da akbar o emukho hon ni. Tash khelar awaz pachhi na. Akkhon bodh hoy break. tobu o mrinal na edike elen na. Nijer okkhomotar jonno se bodh hoy boudir mukhomukhi hotei voy pay. Mrinal dar vitor sob bishoye boudi ke prosroy debar akta vab achhe. Jeno ami parini… Tumi jodi paro… Jogar kore nao. Toru da ese bole gelo bareilly te dinner deoa hobe. Bareilly aste akkhono dher deri. Ami chot kore upper berth e uthe chokh bujlam. Boudi ja gorom kore diyechhe… Aaj raat e voyongkor kichhu hobe ami nischit. Seta ke samal dite gele ektu ghumiye neoa dorkar. Vabte vabte ghumiye porlam. Ghum vanglo boudir dake… Tomal otho… Dinner ese gechhe. Ghori dekhlam pray 2 ghonta ghumiyechhi. Niche neme dekhi ponchanon koley… Orthat panchu da akta chhele ke niye dinner serve korte esechhe. Chhele ta tharmocol er thala ar alluminium foil gulo vag kore dichhe… Ar panchu da go-grash e uma boudi ke gilchhe. Ami namtei amake dekhe dento-hanshi hashlo. Ami patta na diye bathroom e chole gelam. Phire ese dekhi pencha udhao hoyechhe.boudi giye mrinal da ke deke enechhe… Se chup chap ak konay bose dinner korchhe. Amra o tar dole jog dilam nissobde. Durpallar train jatray dinner hoye gele bose thakar manei hoy na. Akta akta kore row gulor light nivte suru korechhe. Mrinal da jothariti tar bunk e uthe porechhe. Ami maa ar mashimar jonno berth ready kore dilam. Uma boudi o upper berth e uthbe bole ready hochhe. Hothat amake bollo… Beshi raat e bathroom fanka thake… Tai na tomal? Ami kotha tar mane bujhte parlam na… Bollam… Ha ta thake bodh hoy… Kano boudi? Boudi muchki heshe bollo… Na.. Kichhu na… Good night. Ankitar dike takiye dekhi akdriste takiye achhe uma boudir dike. Ami ar ankita goto raat er moto lower berth e boslam. Kaal ki hobe jantam na… Kintu aaj ki hobe jani. Vitore vitore 2jon e uttejonay futchhi. 2jonei opekkha korchhi puro train ta ghumiye porar opekkhay. raat joto barchhe train er awaz chhara onno awaz gulo kome aschhe. Tarin moradabad chharlo.. Porer station saharanpur… 3 ghonta baad e. Er vitor train ar kothao darabe na. Ak shomoy manush er ghum boyosko holo ar raat juboti holo. Ami ankita ke bollam… Uma boudir jibon ta khub koster. Ankita bollo… Hmmmm… Tarpor bollo… Tumi oke ektu sukhi kore dio. Ami bollam dekha jabe… Akkhon amar pashe je achhe take sukhi korar chesta kori. Ankita kopot rag er dristi te takalo… Ar heshe fello… Aaj amra 2jon e chador jorano gaye. Ami akta haat ankitar haat er upor rakhtei se haat ta chadorer vitor tene nilo… Tarpor or mai er upor rakhlo. Kon fanke jeno ankita bra khule esechhe. Ami kane kane bollam kokkhon khulle? Bollo bathroom gelam jokkhon. Jigges korlam nicher ta o ki khule esechho? Chotto kore bollo… Hmm. Ami haat er mutho te niye nilam ankitar akta mai. Chap ditei or gola diye awaz beroro… Sssssssshhhhhh….. Ar amar akta thigh khamche dhorlo. Ami or haat ta tene jotha sthane bosiye dilam. Ankita payjamar dorita khule jangiya soriye bara ta ber kore tipte laglo. Ami o tar mai 2to pala kore chotkate laglam. Ami ankita ke bollam…. Akta kotha jigges korbo? Se bollo… Hmm. Bollam tumi age karo sathe korechho? Ankita chup kore roilo? Ami abar jigges korlam aki proshno. Ebar mukh nichu kore uttor dilo… Koyekbar. Bollam kar sathe? Bollo… Amar ex-boy friend er sathe. Ami ar kichhu jigges korlam na. Mai tepay mon dilam. Chador thakate subidha hoyechhe anek. Pasha pashi bosei tepa-tipi korte parchhi. Ami chadorer niche haat niye ankitar pichhon theke ghuriye or bogoler tola theke haat dhukiye mai chotkachhi. Ar ankita amar bara puro ber kore niye chamra ta othachhe namachhe. Majhe majhe akta angul diye barar futo ta ghose dichhe. Barar matha ta ros e vije gelo puro. Ami mai tipte tipte kheyal korlam or mai er bota 2to shokto hoye dariye gechhe. Botar pasher britto ta olpo fule uthechhe. Ar kata kata lagchhe seta. Mane uttejonay or sob gronthi gulo akkhon sposto hoyechhe. Khub ichha korchhe or mai 2to mukhe niye chuste. Dekhte o ichha korchhe khub. Kintu train er vitore somvob noy. Ankita akkhon khub jore jore amar bara ta khechchhe. Ami ba haat e or mai tipte tipte dan haat diye ankitar akta paa amar thigh er upor tule nilam.or thigh 2to alada hoye fak hoye gelo. Guder kachhe haat diyei chomke uthlam. Puro vije gechhe jayga ta. Horhor korchhe ros e. Gud chatte amar borabor e valo lage. Akkhon kar poristhiti te seta o somvob hochhe na bole khub rag hote laglo. Ami ankitar salwar er dori khule gude haat dilam. Meyeta panty khule esechhe… Tai aaj or puro gud ta feel korte parlam valo vabe. Khub halka norom baal royechhe guder upor diktay. Somvoboto asar ager din kamiyechhe. Gud ta khub fola. Guder thot 2to o alada kore feel kora jay amon purusto. Clit ta boro hoye chamrar dhakna chhere beriye esechhe. Ros er kotha agei bolechhi. Kichhu meyer gud e ottodhik ros ber hoy jouno uttejonay… Ankita sei dol e pore. Amar oviggota bole ankitar gud A-1 type er. Jokkhon dekhbo tokkhon miliye nite hobe. Ami ankitar clit niye ghata ghati suru korlam. Kokkhono ghoschhi… Kokkhono tipchhi.. Kokkhono mochor dichhi. Ankitar shorir kepe kepe uthchhe.. Ar gude ros er bonna boichhe. Ami akta angul or gude dhukiye dilam. Mmmmmmm….. Golar vitor theke awaz beriye elo. Ami jore jore angul ta gude dhokate ber korte laglam. Hothat ankita amar haat or mai ar salwar theke soriye dilo. Tarpor salwar er dori ta bedhe nilo. Ami obak hoye bollam… Ki holo? Se bollo… Payjama bedhe nao… Ar cholo. Ami bollam kothay? Se bollo… Bathroom. ….. Beshi raat e bathroom fanka thake….. Uma boudir kotha mone porlo bidyut chomoker moto. Tokkhon kothatar mane bujhini… Kintu ankita thik e bujhechhilo. Bollam… Seta ki thik hobe? Keu jodi dekhe fele? Ankita bollo.. Ja hobar hobe… Ar parchhi na… Cholo plz. payjama bedhe niye ankitar pichhon pichhon bathroom e gelam. 2joner tokkhon amon e obostha je valo mondo vabar moto sochho mostisko ar nei. Bathroom er kachhe giye dekhlam sotti e jayga ta fanka. Jodio je keu ese porte pare. Ami se kotha ankita ke boltei se bollo… Deri korle esei porbe. Akkhono beshikkhon hoyni sobai ghumiyechhe… Akkhon ashar chance kom… Deri korle aste suru korbe. Ankitar kothay jukti achhe. Dhora porar chance achhe jene o risk ta nilam. Ja hobar hobe… Chance neoa jak. Ankita bollo keu knock korle sara debe na. Amra akta bathroom er dorja khule dhuke porlam. Train er bathroom… Norok er ar ak naam. Kintu se sob nojor debar shomoy amader nei. Amra o norok ei namte cholechhi. Vitore dhukei dorja bondho kore dilam. Ar ankita ke joriye dhorlam. 3 diner uposhy manusher moto or nicher thot ta mukhe niye chuste laglam. Ankita o joriye dhore or norom buke amake pishchhe. Ami or thot chuste chuste 2 haat diye mai pachha gud chotke cholechhi. Ankita o payjamar upor diye amar bara tipchhe. Minute 5ek evabe joriye thakar por ankita bollo… Tomal ja korar joldi koro. Shomoy kom. tokkhon amra chador 2to khule tangiye rakhlam. Ami kamiz uchu kore ankitar akta mai ber kore mukhe nilam. tarpor cho cho kore chuste laglam. Uuuhhh… Aaahhh… Ah ah tomal ssssshhhhhh… Ankitar mukh diye gongani beriye elo. Pala kore mai 2to chuse cholechhi. Ankita abar tara dilo… Tomal joldi koro… Pore shomoy pele valo kore chuso… Akkhon joldi koro plz. Ami mai chhere uthe daralam. Payjamar dorita khule jangiya side kore bara ta ber korlam. Size dekhe ankita haa kore takiye thaklo.. Tarpor hothat nichu hoye bara te chumu dilo… Ar mundi ta mukhe niye chuste laglo. Uuuuuhhh ki sukh… Bole bojhate parbo na… Emnitei bara chosar sukh e alada… Tar upor amon lukiye train er bathroom e korar jonno uttejona aro beshi hochhe. Ektu porei ankita uthe daralo. Amar dike pichhon ghure salwar er dori khule seta niche namiye dilo… Ar samne basin er upor jhuke pachha ta pichhon dike thele diye bollo… Nao… Koro. Ami bollam… Ak minute plz… Tomar gud ta ektu dekhte dao… Ankita birokto hoye bollo… Uff… Pore dekho.. Akkhon dhokao plz. Ami bollam plz akbar dekhbo sudhu. Ankita samne ghure paa 2to fak kore gud ta chetiye dilo… Bollo… Dekho… Kintu joldi. Ami nichu hoye or gude chumi khelam. Puro jayga ta ros e vije achhe. Darun jhajhalo gondho. Shorire agun lege gelo amar. Jiv ber korei gud ta chete ditei guder ros er nonta swad pelam. Guder fatol e koyekbar jiv ta chalatei ankita amar chul mutho kore tene tullo… Tomal plz ar na… Akkhon dhokao… Ami o bujhlam boro beshi risk nichhi. Je kono muhurte keu ese porte pare. Ami uthe daratei ankita abar ager position e pachha uchu kore daralo. Ami or pichhone dariye ak haat e pachha tene fak kore onno haat e bara ta dhore guder mukhe set korlam. Gude bara lagtei ankitar shorire jhakuni dilo…. Isssshhhhhh…. Dhokao… Aaaaaahhhhhh. Ami aste aste chap dichhi. Ankitar gud ta besh tight. Amar mota bara ta khub sohoje dhukchhe na. Ami 2 haat diye or 2to mai tipte tipte bara guder vitor thelchhi. Ros e pichhla hoye achhe… Ar ankita virgin noy bole ektu ektu kore bara ta gude dhuke jachhe. Tarpore o ankitar besh kosto hochhe bujhlam amar bara gude nite. Ar ektu chap ditei ordhek bara ankitar gude dhuke gelo. Ankita akta haat diye or mai er upor rakha amar haat khamche dhorlo. Ami jore akta thap diye puro bara ta or gude vore dilam. Uuuuuuuukkkk kore akta awaz berolo ankitar mukh diye. Ami bara ta puro dhukiye theshe dhore roilam koyek muhurto. Foshhhh kore ankita atke rakha dom chharlo. Lomba lomba shansh nichhe. Ami or kane kane jigges korlam tumi thik achho… Ankita bollo… Haa… Aste aste maro… Ami komor narano suru korlam. Bara ta tene ber korchhi.. Abar thele dhukiye dichhi. Koyek minute er vitor ankitar gud dhile hoye gelo. Akkhon sohojei bara ta gude jatayot korchhe. Ankita bollo… Ebar jore maro. Ami sobe jore thap suru korechhi… Amon shomoy dorjay keu knock korlo… 2 jonei chomke uthlam… Ankita thot e angul diye fis fis kore bollo… Sssssssshhhhh…. Akdom chup. Ami ankitar gude puro bara ta these diye or ghare mukh guje sthir hoye roilam. Knock korei cholechhe keu. Amra kono sara sobdo dichhi na. Lokta bodh hoy birokto hoye samner bathroom tay try korlo. Dorja khola… Ebong bondho korar awaz pelam. Ami thap suru korte jetei ankita bollo… Darao… Akkhon na… Jemon achho temon e thako… Lok ta chole jak age. ankitar gude bara dhukiye 2jonei chup chap jora lege opekkha korchhi. Ami ankitar thot e chumu ditei se o amar mukhe tar jiv ta dhukiye dilo. Ami or khoskhose jiv ta chuste chuste ghosa thap dite laglam gude. Ankita o pachha agu-pichhu kore jobab dichhe. Amon shomoy samner bathroom e dorja khola ar loktar kashir awaz pelam. Tarpor e abar sob chupchap. 25/30 sec opekkha kore ankita bollo… Nao.. Suru koro… Jore maro. Ami ebar gayer jore thap dite suru korlam. Abar keu ese porar agei sesh korte hobe. Tai shilpo dekhabar shomoy na eta… Jontur moto gayer jore chudchhi ankita ke. Ankita o nijer pachha thap er tale tale pichhon dike thele diye choda khachhe. Ami speed aro bariye dilam. Aaahh… Aaahhh… Ooohhh tomal… Uuff uufff maro aro jore maro plz… Isshh isshhh aaahhhh…. Dant chepe bir bir korlo ankita. Ami o sevabei bollam… Aahh oohhh ankita tomake chudte ki valo je lagchhe… Uuhh aahhh ooohhhh…. Choda shobdo ta kane jetei kepe uthlo ankita.. Tarpor bollo… Han han… Chodo chodo… Amake chodo tomal… Aro jore jore chodo…. Uuuuuffff ma go…. Ki sukh… Dao dao… Aaaahhhhhh….. Puru ta dhukiye dhukiye chodo tomal amar hobe… Aahhhh … Aahhhh…. I am cumming…. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh……. Amar bara ta gud diye chap dite dite ankita guder jol khosiye dilo. Ami na theme or soddo orgasm haoa gude thap marte laglam. Amar tolpet vari hoye elo. Bollam… Kothay felbo ankita? Bollo… Vitorei felo… Kono asubidha nei… Porshudin e mens sesh hoyechhe…. Ami khushi hoye gayer jore thap dite laglam. Minute khanek porei amar tolpet e kapuni uthlo… Ar chhitke gorom ghono maal ankitar guder akdom vitore porte laglo. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…… Sssssssssshhhhh…. Gorom maal vitore portei ankita sukhe shitkar dilo. Erpor 2jone olpo shomoy 2jon ke joriye roilam. Ankita thela ditei ami aste aste bara ta or gud theke ber kore nilam. Barar pichhu pichhu ghono sada athalo maal or gud diye beriye ese thigh goriye namte laglo. Salwar er paa er vitor adrisso hobar agei ankita haat diye muchhe nilo maal ta. tarpor haat dhuye 2jonei salwar ar payjama bedhe chador joriye nilam. Ankita bollo… Dorja khule dekho to keu achhe ki na. Jodi na thake tumi samner bathroom e dhuke jao. 5 minute opekkha korbe… Ami chole jabar 5 mint pore tumi asbe. Meyetar thanda matha ar uposthit buddhi diye poristhiti samlanor khomota mone mone tarif korlam. Tarpor dorja khule keu nei dekhe samner bathroom e dhuke gelam. Anikater chole jabar awaz pelam. Ami opekkha korte laglam. 5/7 mint pore bathroom theke beriye seat e chole elam. Ese dekhi ankita helam diye ghumiye porechhe. Asomvob sukher pore darun ghum ase. Ami oke disturb korte chailam na. Or paa 2to seat e tule dilam. Tarpor matha ta nijer kole niye boslam. Ankita ghum jorano chokh mele chailo… Tarpor asomvob sundor misti akta hashi diye abar chokh bujhlo… Baki raat ta or matha kole niye adho-ghum… Adho-jogoron e katiye dilam. Pordin shokale ludhiana jn e train daratei uma boudi bunk theke niche neme elo… Ankita o sobe uthe fola fola chokh niye baire ta dekhchhe. Boudi amader 2jon ke good morning wish kore bollo… Raat e bathroom fanka chhilo to? Ami hashlam… Ankita bollo… Ha boudi akdom fanka chhilo… Thank you boudi… Love you. Boudi o muchki hense bollo… Love you too both… Bole bathroom er dike chole gelo……….! Bondhu ra… Kamon lagchhe golpo? Janate vulben na. Aaj 2nd part ta dilam. Aro anek ta baki achhe… Por por peye jaben… Plz songe thakun ar porte thakun. Sudhu je sob meye ba boudi ra amar sathe sex chat ba phone sex korte ichhuk… Tara deri na kore joldi jogajog korun.

Amar email id holo…..

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kashmir e kelengkari- part 1

Nomoskar bondhura… Ami tomal. Abar apnader golpo shonate elam. Jara amar golpo prothom shunchhen tader jonno amar songkhipto porichoy di… Naam: kingsuk majumder. Dak naam tomal. Akta MNC te marketing bivage job kori. Ebare golpo chole jai. Apnader valo lagle amake mail kore janaben. Golper sesh e amar email id deoa achhe. Besh kichhudin dhorei maa ke niye kothao berate jaoa hoy na. Hothat akta sujog ese gelo.

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Must Read

Hi friends, Main apka rahul (Delhi se) phir aapk samne hazir hu aapne ek story ke sath. meri hight 5?6 and dekhne me . bilkul fair color he…. bilkul smart aisa mere dost kahte he…. yakeen na ho to aap mujhe chat me webcam pe dekh sakte he.. me webcam pe chat kar sakta hu….
ye story tab ki he jab me sex se anjan tha.. aur mujhe sex ka anubhav mila…. mujhe sex ki abcd bhi nahi aati thi…. aur mene sex kiya… Continue reading

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Jiju Aur Unke Papa

jiju aur unke papa

writer- raju

hello dosto,,, mene is site par kai kahaniya padhi hain,, unko padhkar meri bhi ichha ho rahi he ki main apni kahani aapko sunau… Continue reading

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My Ex-Lover

Dear ISS Readers,Friends..This is my real love story. If you like, plz write me. Mature lady apna opinion khas likhe. If any mature lady would like to share idea or wants my friendship, Most welcome on chat. Mera email id hai: This my real story. Vaise me proper gujarat ke ek shahar ka rahanavala hu. 20 sal pahle me mumbai 3 sal raha tha. Fir apne shahar vapas chala gaya. Ab 6 sal se mumbai me ake fir basa hu. Lekin me jab 20 sal pahle mumbai me tha tab muje ek ladki se pyar hua tha. Is ka name kavita hai. Behad khubsurat thi aur aaj to 38 ki age me bhi kafi khaubsoorat dikhti hai. Uska waight karib 55kg hoga. Figer bhi achha hai. Continue reading

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